30 Dec 2012

Complimentary Resource – The Paper Free Office – Dream or Reality?

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The Paper Free Office - Dream or Reality?
by IBM Corporation

This report looks at the success of paper-elimination projects, where and why paper is still leaking into the business, the features and success of scanning and capture investments, forward plans for Document Process Outsourcing (DPO), and the potential impact of mobile devices.

The best way to remove paper from business processes is to head it off before it gets into the building. A digital mailroom - in-house or outsourced - transforms incoming mail into electronic format and routes it automatically to the correct process department. At the same time, recognition software can capture data from the form and link it to the enterprise processing system. Communications from customers, citizens, suppliers and partners can arrive at the business through other channels - email, fax, web or social. This needs to be fed in a uniform way through the capture system and then routed to the appropriate process alongside the scanned paper documents. Capturing content before it gets into the building makes it immediately accessible, kicks off the process early, minimizes hand data-entry, and provides complete flexibility for who does the processing, and where. And if we can directly capture data via web forms, or with mobile devices, we can finally eliminate the paper form completely.

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