Behind StrategyDriven’s experienced insight and professional quality is a dedicated team of highly experienced business professionals. These individuals advise executives and managers at dozens of Fortune 500, government, and mid-sized companies; helping them define organizational needs and develop and manage the complex, mission critical projects needed to improve operational effectiveness and lower costs.

StrategyDriven Advisors possess hands-on business management experience complimented by sound academic training. Our clients receive insightful advice tailored to their unique situation from lead client advisors whose superior performance and commitment to excellence has been demonstrated through several of the following:

  • Personally achieved leading results while serving as an executive or senior manager1
  • Supported other executives and senior managers in achieving similar, superior results
  • Hold relevant advanced licenses, degrees, and certifications
  • Received industry and peer recognition by:
    • Contributed substantially to the development of industry-wide performance standards
    • Invited speaker at industry or discipline specific events
    • Featured author in respected, broadly circulated publications
    • Interviewed expert by domestic and international news agencies
    • Published a highly popular, immediately implementable how-to book

In order to maximize the lead advisor’s effectiveness in providing direct client consultation, our teams are further supported by knowledgeable professionals who provide project related administrative support.

StrategyDriven Advisor Experience

StrategyDriven Advisors possess ‘stood the watch’ experience at for-profit and not-for-profit organizations:

  • facilitating strategic business and resource planning,
  • managing projects and project management offices,
  • leading day-to-day facility operations,
  • directing Information Technology organizations and cyber security functions,
  • supervising refueling and maintenance activities,
  • overseeing infrequently performed tests and evolutions,
  • serving as Chief Risk officer and Chief Audit Executive, and
  • conducting operational inspections worldwide

Our Advisors

Headquartered in Acworth, Georgia, StrategyDriven is a business consulting firm providing clients with affordable business consultants in Atlanta, the Southeast, throughout the United States, and around the World. Our world class advisors are recognized leaders in their chosen fields. Learn more about each of our advisors by visiting their individual biography pages via the links provided below.

StrategyDriven Principal and Director

Nathan Ives, StrategyDriven PrincipalNathan Ives   MBA, PMP, SRO

(678) 313-0150

Click here to read Nathan’s complete biography.

Nancy Booth, StrategyDriven DirectorNancy Booth   MBA

(678) 478-8866

Click here to read Nancy’s complete biography.

StrategyDriven Executive Advisor

Amy Hutchens, StrategyDriven Executive Corporate Compliance & Ethics AdvisorAmy Hutchens   JD
Executive Corporate Compliance & Ethics Advisor

(210) 632-6077

Click here to read Amy’s complete biography.

StrategyDriven Senior Advisors and Trainers

Mark Cira, CPA, PMP, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorMark Cira   CPA, PMP
Senior Advisor

(773) 875-0640

Click here to read Mark’s complete biography.

Greg Gaskey, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorGreg Gaskey
Senior Advisor

(770) 765-3692

Click here to read Greg’s complete biography.

Gary Lavey, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorGary Lavey   CPA, CGMA, CITP
Senior Advisor

(702) 465-2756

Click here to read Gary’s complete biography.

Claire Pringle, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorClaire Pringle
Senior Advisor

(404) 229-6661

Click here to read Claire’s complete biography.

Niese Robinson, PMP, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorNiese Robinson   PMP
Senior Advisor

(770) 765-3692

Click here to read Niese’s complete biography.

Bruce Toline, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorBruce Toline
Senior Advisor

(402) 510-8087

Click here to read Bruce’s complete biography.

Grant Colaiacovo, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorGrant Colaiacovo   PE
Senior Advisor

(416) 786-8436

Click here to read Grant’s complete biography.

Jim Grady DMD, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorJim Grady   DMD
Senior Advisor

(703) 577-2741

Click here to read Jim’s complete biography.

Robert McMaster PE, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorRobert McMaster   PE
Senior Advisor

(678) 907-6640

Click here to read Robert’s complete biography.

Mike Purcell PE, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorMike Purcell   PE
Senior Advisor

(423) 635-2146

Click here to read Mike’s complete biography.

Rob Sandstrom, MBA. SRO, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorRob Sandstrom   MBA. SRO
Senior Advisor

(760) 672-2081

Click here to read Rob’s complete biography.

John Fornicola, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorJohn Fornicola
Senior Advisor

(423) 310-3331

Click here to read John’s complete biography.

Victoria Grady PhD, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorVictoria Grady   PhD
Senior Advisor

(703) 577-2741

Click here to read Victoria’s complete biography.

David Powell, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorDavid Powell
Senior Advisor

(540) 447-0539

Click here to read David’s complete biography.

Peter Reichmeider, PhD, PMP, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorPeter Reichmeider   PhD, PMP
Senior Advisor

(678) 810-0892

Click here to read Peter’s complete biography.

Ruth Todd, PhD, StrategyDriven Senior AdvisorRuth Todd   PhD
Senior Advisor

(404) 434-9232

Click here to read Ruth’s complete biography.

1. All StrategyDriven lead advisors possess this attribute. Those whose experience is limited to being a professional consultant are not considered to meet this requirement.