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How GDPR Could Affect Your Business Strategy: A Guide

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleYou may have heard recently about the introduction of the GDPR, but perhaps you are wondering how it affects you and your business.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and it is a change in the data protection laws that affect the countries in Europe. All businesses and websites that collect the personal data of outside parties must comply. Otherwise, they could face hefty fines. If you are wondering how GDPR could affect your business strategy, read on to learn more about the information you need.


The biggest effect that GDPR will have on any business is the way it conducts its marketing strategy. In order to have someone’s details recorded and kept for marketing purposes, the person has to state that they agree that the company does so explicitly. Just having a box to tick if they want to opt out is no longer adequate. You must now also state how you intend to use the data that you collect from individuals. The other part of the new GDPR rules is that information can be removed from a database if the person requests it. The possible implications should a business not comply with GDPR rules can be heavy, with fines of around 4% of annual turnover.

One way to ensure your business complies with GDPR is to create a new opt-in form for your website that has a box to tick to confirm that a person is happy for you to collect their information, and a statement as to how you will be using their data. You should also go through your mailing list and remove any irrelevant addresses because if you don’t, your reasons for keeping them is unclear.

Collecting Fresh Consent

One aspect of GDPR that is confusing marketers is whether fresh consent needs to be obtained from people who you already have the details for. As you can imagine, for a website with thousands of subscribers that has taken time to build, it can seem a daunting process to ask them all if they still want to subscribe, especially if they don’t check or answer the email. A business could face losing a large proportion of its email list. The good news is that consent does not have to be re-obtained, provided that it was collected in a transparent way.

GDPR Services

For businesses, it is not always straightforward to implement procedures to comply with GDPR. That is when an expert GDPR IT service can take the hassle out of doing so. Torix, for example, is one such IT service company that can help, ensuring your company is GDPR ready and actioning any changes which need to be made.

GDPR will make the collection of personal details safer for the individuals who opt-in, as they will know exactly what a company is using their data for. For businesses, it will also help create a good relationship with those individuals, as the reasons for collecting that data are transparent and freely given. GDPR rules are in effect now, so if you haven’t done so, you need to take action to get your business strategies in place to reflect the new laws. GDPR doesn’t have to be a daunting process, just a few simple changes to how you collect information should be enough to see most types of business comply.

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Leadership Inspirations – Advertising

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Quote“When business is good it pays to advertise, when it is bad you have got to advertise.”

Red Auerbach (1917 – 2006)
Hall of Fame Basketball Coach of the Washington Capitols, Tri-Cities Blackhawks and Boston Celtics

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How to Encourage Teens to Get Jobs and Save Their Own Money

StrategyDriven Professional Development ArticleInstead of allowing your kiddo to laze around the house this summer, encourage your teen to get a job and save their own money instead. How so? Here are a few methods for talking your teen into taking on responsibilities and making their own cash this summer.

Encourage Your Kids to Search for Local Part-Time Jobs

Older teens, around 15 and older, can apply for part-time jobs. Check bulletin boards, encourage them to look at reputable online resources for hiring positions, and take them to fill out applications at local grocery stores, fast food restaurants, or retail shops. There are plenty of places that would be happy to hire a teen for the duration of the summer, on a part-time basis.

Or, for Younger Teens, Set Up a Chores and Rewards System Around the House

If your teen can’t apply for a job outside of the home yet, set up a list of daily chores and offer a rewards system for around-the-house help. Sure, they have the average chores that they should be doing anyways, such as cleaning their room, making their own breakfast, and doing their laundry.

Make it a Rule to Set Back 30-Percent of Each Paycheck

When your kiddo gets a job, even if it’s doing chores at home, you should implement a 30/70 rule. They should put 30-percent of their paycheck into savings, like a lock box or bank account, and then they can keep 70-percent for whatever they need, want, etc.

Help Older Teens with Resume, Job Prospects, and Goals

Older teens need to get a little more serious about job prospects and cash management in general, so help them make a resume for their part-time applications. Then, help them pinpoint both short-term and long-term job goals. For example, where would they like to work as a starter job? But where would they like to end up, career-wise, in the long run? You could even suggest recruitment agencies Boston for start-up opportunities in a plethora of niche markets.

Yes, your teen probably works hard in school, but a part-time summertime job will ensure their summer is productive. AND they still get some summertime downtime when they get home.

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Why a Company Blog Should be Incorporated into Your Marketing Strategy

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleAs a business owner, you’re open to any and all tips to aid in the growth of your business. But, if you haven’t started your company blog yet, you may want to reevaluate your marketing strategy.

A company blog has influential benefits, such as improving your website authority and raising awareness of your brand, which in turn produces loyal readers which translate into customers. A major component in the success of your business is the marketing plan that you’ve implemented. Optimize it by introducing well-written, professional, informational, and engaging content that’s sure to take your company to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization and Traffic

Regularly publishing fresh, updated content containing your relevant keywords will boost your SEO and help you rank higher for those keywords in Google. In addition to rankings, your engaging and informational content will attract new readers and land them directly on your page. If you utilize you call-to-action properly and effectively, those visitors will be converted to leads, hopefully generating loyal and happy customers.

Establish Authority and Grow Your Backlink Profile

A blog gives you the chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field. For example, I create the blog content for a cubicle manufacturer and office furniture supplier, Skutchi Designs. “Cubicle specialist” is how I refer to myself in the blog. I am building my credibility for related topics in this field. People will begin to trust my blog and writing and specifically search for our site when they have a question or are looking for a product related to office spaces.

As your blog gains traction and becomes a more popular, reliable source, you’ll find yourself gaining natural backlinks from sites in related industries as well. This will only increase your site’s authority more and help you rank higher, driving even more visitors to your site.

Spread Brand Awareness to Reach a Larger Potential Audience and Customers

As you continue to publish content of exceptional quality to your blog (hosted on your primary domain), you’re spreading awareness of your brand. Using Skutchi Designs as an example again; someone who has never heard the name “Skutchi” before may be searching for tips on cubicle organization. They come across the blog post, “25 Office Cubicle Organization Ideas,” and click on one of our cubicle organizers I suggested in the post, then decide to buy. The blog content just converted a stranger looking for a solution into a customer. If they’re happy with the product, they’ll become a loyal user of our blog, website, and products.

The trick is to create content that people are genuinely interested in. Through some keyword research, you’ll discover what topics in your industry people are searching for. If you can develop great content, your blog and website will expand and gain popularity through likes and shares and backlinks from other sites or industry leaders. Your goal is to develop trust and relationships with your customers and influencers through the use of your company blog.

Ultimately, a blog just makes sense. It’s a free and effective way to grow your business, spread brand awareness, establish authority, and acquire new customers. Give yourself a boost above your competitors by establishing yourself as the most credible and trusted source in your industry and grow your search traffic naturally.

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Best eCommerce Marketing Tips

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleAre you currently dissatisfied with your ecommerce business venture thus far?

Maybe you haven’t achieved the levels of success that you know you can reach. Or maybe your little ecommerce shop is bursting with customers and you’re ready to take things to the next level.

Whatever your reasoning may be, just know that there are powerful marketing tips that make it more than possible to grow your e-commerce site by leaps and bounds.

Let’s take a look at our best recommendations for 2017 and beyond.

Create a Powerful Content Marketing Plan

Whether you realize it or not, content marketing is one of the best ways to gain additional exposure for your ecommerce business.

But coming up with a plan might not be that easy.

As you will learn, or even already know, there are a few different ways to approach content marketing. The most effective way that I’ve personally come across is through blogger outreach.

Putting a customized blogger outreach plan into effect will be time-consuming and you’ll have a lot of moving parts.

Instead of leaving things to chance, and potentially creating a system that fails, I recommend using time-tracking software like Clockspot to track everyone working to help implement your plan. This includes tracking the projects of staff writers, freelance writers, project managers, virtual assistants, and anyone else involved in your content marketing strategy. Also, you might want to check some the best live chat software to help your team stay organized.

Why content marketing?

For starters, this is an excellent way to build backlinks to help improve search engine optimization. And once you start ranking in the search engines for your most valuable keywords, customers will find your products a lot easier.

Second, content marketing helps you become an authority in your niche.

By putting out high value content all over the Internet, potential customers will see that you and your company know what you’re talking about. This will help make you an expert in your industry.

Do yourself and your ecommerce site a favor and harness the power of content marketing through blogger outreach sooner rather than later.

Create an Automated Email Marketing Campaign

If you ever want to have an effective e-commerce business, you need to begin incorporating powerful strategies for your ecommerce business.

For many successful ecommerce owners, they look at email marketing as the bedrock of their strategy because it’s a great way to influence your customers to buy the product that they recommend.

Through email marketing, your customers will receive regular marketing messages from you. If you automate this system, they will be in regular contact, hear about excellent products that you recommend, and if you write your emails persuasively, you can convince them that your recommendations are worthy of their time and attention.

Consumers like opening emails. That’s the bottom line and it’s never going to change. They look forward to getting emails in their inbox.

So do not hesitate to build up a big mailing list.

Make sure your emails contain helpful information about your products. Answer questions and concerns that your customers might have. And always remember to recommend and sell your products.

To automate your email marketing campaign, make sure you have access to a top email autoresponder. It costs a little bit of money, but it’s a worthy investment that will pay for itself tenfold over the long run.

Diversify Your Social Media Platforms

Right now, you may have a strong presence on one or two social media platforms. And that’s perfectly okay for the moment.

What happens if one of those platforms falls out of favor? You’re going to lose access to a major part of your customer base.

Instead of leaving yourself vulnerable, diversify the social media platforms you post on. By building a strong presence on multiple platforms, you’ll be insulated in case one or more eventually falls out of favor.

Keep Track of Your Productivity Time with Helpful Software

It’s also important to mention the in order to get things organized, you would also need to check out what are the best tools out there that will help you maintain things tidy. Whilst there’s so many apps out there, it’s very hard to suggest a specific software generally, as every business is subjective. Aside from time monitoring, website running and data organizing, there are also packages that will be useful especially to developers, applications that test quality and errors of your app, which basically points out red barriers you need to keep in mind in order for things to run smoothly. See more in this source:

Needless to say, if your project runs about application development, these kinds of apps built from devs to devs, are something you, as a developer, definitely must have.


Building an ecommerce business is hard and it takes time and dedication. But if you use these tips, you’ll be on the right path to success for many years to come.