Struggling with Stress: How to Have More Fun at Work

According to an Everest College Survey, 83% of US workers are suffering from stress at work, which is often related to a low salary, too many tasks, a lack of job security, a poor work-life balance, or a lack of professional developments.

Unfortunately, stress at work can eat into a worker’s personal life, as they may feel defined by their chosen career. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can combat stress in your job. Find out how to have more fun at work.

Go for a Walk

Whenever your job becomes a little stressful, take a walk to clear your mind and distance yourself from the tasks. The small break will not only help to clear your mind, but it can reportedly increase creativity. You’ll return to work with more passion and determination for a project, so you’ll feel happier in the job role.

Play a Game

Games have been proven to alleviate anxiety and stress both inside and outside the workplace. It can, therefore, be a fun and helpful activity during a lunch or coffee break. So, play a video game in the office breakout room, or enjoy a Unibet game to relax your mind and have a little fun. It could potentially lift your mood, which will make the working day seem less of a chore.

Personalize Your Workspace

Do you have your own office, cubicle, or desk? Put your own stamp on it with a little personalization. Create a fun space you are proud to call your own. For example, you can add stress balls, family photographs, decorative accessories, or you can decorate it with postcards or cards. It will be your own mini home away from home, and it’s bound to capture the attention of other colleagues – so it could be a good way to make new friends at work.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun

While it is important to maintain professionalism at work, nothing is stopping you from having a little fun with your colleagues, too. So, stop being afraid to have fun and simply crack a joke, laugh with others, share funny articles, or smile at your colleagues. You will help to create a happier workplace – and you’ll feel happier as a result, too.

Compliment a Colleague

A compliment could potentially make a person’s day, so don’t be afraid to give a colleague some positive feedback each day. For example, genuinely compliment them on their presentation, or ask where they bought their clothing. It will make others feel good, and it will, in turn, make you feel good. They’ll also be more likely to compliment you in the future, too, so you can help to create a more positive working environment for everyone. You’ll be surprised by how something so small can make such a big difference to both yours and another person’s day.

Do you have any helpful tips on how to have more fun at work? Please write a comment below.

Hello, We’re Here To Help You Get On Top Of Live-Chat On Your Website

Given that you’re selling goods online, it’s likely you browse competitor’s sites often. How better to get an idea of what you’re up against? During such research, you’ve probably come across a few websites which offer live chats. You know the ones. You’ve been on the site for a while and a chat pings from the corner, saying ‘Hello, I’m Sam, and I’m here to help.’.

In truth, this is something you’ll now find from most internet based businesses. And, it’s nothing new. This is a 21st-century version of a staff member asking if there’s anything they can help with. It’s a tried and tested method which shows customers you care. As such, it’s worth incorporating this into your online store. But, before you do, ask yourself these questions to make sure you get it right.

Is your internet up to the task?

First, consider whether your internet is up to the job. The only thing worse than not offering online chat is providing one which loses connection. If your internet drops when a customer reaches out, that’s a lost sale. If this happens a few times, you can kiss goodbye to seeing any benefit here. As such, you should consider working with an IT Consultant like eSudo who can help you get a better connection for your money. Plus, such services offer ongoing support if you do run into glitches. As such, your chat should never be out of service for long. Then, you can sit back and start reaping the rewards of this extra mile.

How long should you wait until advertising live chat?

No customer likes to be bombarded the moment they click on your page. They don’t know whether they need help at this stage. As such, an immediate popup will only put people off. Instead, it’s worth delaying your live-chat. But, how long should you wait? Leave it too long and you may lose the sale. Get it too early, and you’ll annoy people. How you work this may be a case of trial and error. Consider, on average, how long people stay on your site, and how long it takes them to find what they want. Often, 30 seconds or so should be long enough. It’s time for visitors to get acquainted with what you do, and whether they might want your services.

How many people should you dedicate to this task?

It’s also worth asking yourself how many staff members you should set to this task. The thing to remember here is that no one person needs to focus solely on this. Live-chat won’t be going off at every moment of the day. As such, this can become a background task. But, you may want to put this in the background of more than one staff members’ workday. That way, there won’t ever be a time when a chat query goes unanswered. As a rule, then, you want to dedicate as many staff members to this as you can without compromising on workload.

Making Life Easier For Your Employees With These Simple Suggestions

Every employer wants happy employees. Not only should you want to care about your employees’ wellbeing, but retaining a loyal, happy workforce will save your business money and increase productivity. While a good salary and benefits are big motivators for your employees, sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make the most difference.

Take a look at some great workplace ideas that will make your employees’ lives easier.

Give them benefits they will actually use

Employee benefits can be a tricky area to navigate, with many possibilities for the types of benefits you could be offering your staff. When it comes to deciding what sort of perks should be available to your employees, why not consult them on what they’d prefer? While you might be trying to offer some cool and contemporary benefit options, you’ll find that better health and dental plans still rank at the top of the list of most desirable employee benefits.

Give them easy access to their pay information

Workers want easy access to their payroll information, so implementing an online system should be a priority for your business. Many simple queries can easily be resolved through an online portal instead of spending time on the phone to an HR or finance worker whose time could be spent doing more important things. Tools like a check stub maker can also benefit your employees – helping them to keep electronic records of their earnings. This can be a useful tool for contractors and freelance employees so that they can manage their tax returns easier.

Update hardware and software regularly

Technology that is ineffective or regularly crashes can be a major source of frustration to an employee. Not only does it waste time, but it could also be costing your business money. Making sure your equipment is updated regularly will help keep your employees happy, avoiding interruptions to their work. One way to cost-effectively benefit from the latest technology is to lease it, something that many businesses do to make sure they always benefit from the latest tech.

Offer flexible working solutions

Flexible working is a something that is becoming more popular within businesses and organizations, particularly those that want to take their example of best working practices from Europe. Flexible working allows workers to plan their working day to suit them, something which can help employees be more productive and ensures they’re more focused when they are in the office. Ideal for parents or those with a lot of other commitments, flexible working can make a great addition to your working conditions policy, while also helping your employees to find a better work/life balance.

Even the smallest changes can make a big difference to your employees, which is why it’s important for you to think about their wishes and the things that will help to motivate them more. Systems and processes that make your employees’ lives easier will motivate them to work hard for your company, leading to positive rewards for all parts of the business.

Business Data Security: It’s No Joke

Being a new business on the block is a daunting experience but being the new kids on the block without a secure and powerful website is being onto a loser before you even get started. A business can never be 100% secure, of course, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do everything possible to make sure that you keep your data and your information locked down. Did you know that data breaches are responsible for the financial losses of several companies per year? No, most people don’t.

The more that companies tighten their security, the more that hackers seem to evolve and concentrate on a new part of a system to hack into. Hackers are not nice and being the victim of a data breach can make you feel vulnerable as a company. Don’t let it knock your confidence if possible, because you need to understand how attacks work so that you can prevent them from happening. It may sound alarming but bringing in a strong IT service to your business to help you manage your security could make a huge difference to your data and your company. We take a look below at how you can prevent your sensitive data from being broken into.

Security Systems. The best IT company that works with you will be the first to recommend to you that you need to have installed a strong firewall. These don’t prevent hackers, of course, but they do go a long way to slowing them down so that you can identify a breach before sensitive information is reached.

Know Your Assets. You need to be aware of the data that is most likely to be stolen. More often than not, these are money and banking related. It also pertains to your competitors and sales info; after all, who wouldn’t want to know how to beat rival strategies?

Review Access. Your staff is going to be a big part of preventing people from breaking into your systems. They need to change their passwords regularly and training should be given with strict consequences for those who hand out company information to outsiders. Each user has to be watched by the internal systems so that any irregularities can be picked up immediately.

Updates Are Life. For any device, an update is an annoyance. We all know that. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a smartphone update when you simply want to use your phone. In business, you need to keep your IT equipment as updated as possible. Cyber criminals are smart, and you have to be smarter than they are to keep your information as protected as possible.

Your systems in your business are private, and the more successful you are, the more at risk your business. There’s no use trying to go it alone: you need help and bringing in an outside company to help is your best bet. Don’t risk your company for the sake of saving some money on a security system.

5 Ways To Minimise Business Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you and your team are constantly making blunders, you may want to consider putting some measures in place to reduce the chance of error. Here are just a few ways that you can minimise mistakes.

Improve your training

If employees haven’t been trained properly, you can expect more mistakes to happen. Make sure that you’re not throwing new employees into the deep end by skimping on training. If you’re unable to train them, delegate the task to a senior employee. You can also adopt e-learning resources that allow employees to train themselves (this shouldn’t be your sole form of training, but could be a useful supplement). On top of this, you can create a handbook that employees can refer to, saving them from having to ask you questions if they’ve forgotten how to do something (although you should be prepared to show people things more than once).

Encourage team communication

If your team aren’t communicating, people may get their wires crosses and complete each other’s tasks or attempt to do things on their own that they shouldn’t be doing. You can encourage team communication by adopting an open plan office and holding regular meetings. You can also use software to record progress, so that everyone knows where they’re up to.

Make tasks simpler with technology

There may be ways to simplify tasks with technology. Programmes such as this oil and gas production software are able to automate tasks and reduce human error. There may also be tools that can add precision to a job such as food thermometers in a kitchen when cooking meat or a laser cutting machine for cutting materials more precisely.

Introduce checks

It’s worth adding checks in place that can help to reduce errors. These may be checks that can be done individually such as a waiter reading back a table order to the customers before processing it. You might also be able to use signs such as a health and safety checklist on a machine, which employees can go through before use. Alternatively, you or another employee could be put in charge of screening tasks before they’re completed such as having someone else read and edit an article or having someone employed to check product quality in a factory.

Limit distractions

Distractions could also be leading people to make mistakes. Whilst an open plan office is great for communication, it might not be so great for jobs that require intense concentration. Having a separate space for these tasks could be beneficial – employees could take it turn to use this space. You should also refrain from asking employees to run too many errands – unless they are of utmost importance, keep a note of them and set them as a task at the beginning of the next day so that employees can schedule them in. Be wary that you may even be able to outsource some distractions such as outsourcing a company to take phonecalls for you and filter the important ones through.