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Why Outsourcing Can Save Your Business

Outsourcing is the process in which a business will hire a third party to complete tasks that they do not want to complete themselves. Within a business it can be expensive to hire specialists in every single field, and for small businesses in particular it can be helpful to instead hire a third party to complete these tasks for them. They won’t need to pay a full time employee, but they will still be able to have a professional, expert service.

If you are wondering why so many companies choose to outsource, look no further.

Low Cost

The first reason that many companies decide to outsourcing is that the operational and labour costs are much cheaper than hiring an employee into the business. If a company is on a budget it can be the difference between falling out of profit and growing in profit.

Mundane Tasks

There are always parts of running a business which are boring and downright mundane. Things such as administration, finance and statistics can be outsourced by a business if they do not want to complete these tasks themselves. Another thing which could be outsourced is answering services– where all phone calls will go to a third party and they will take messages or pass people through. It saves people in the office being disturbed throughout the day with phone calls.

Global Knowledge

By outsourcing or offshoring certain business aspects, a company will be able to learn about the global market, and in time they may even decide to make the move across the globe and open up an office abroad.


By freeing up the time which internal employees will spend on certain time consuming tasks, they will be able to spend more time on their own work and be more productive. They can also look into developing the business in new areas and grow the business from there.


Sometimes outsourcing is the only way a business will gain access to a particular type of service or resource. It might be that internally a company has no one who can complete social media tasks and copywriting, so a lot of the time this will be outsourced to help the business market themselves.

Delegate Complicated Tasks

There are certain elements of a business which can be incredibly confusing and require an expert hand to oversee it. For example you might want to create a company website, but you will need a developer to help you decipher the code and make sure that the website functions correctly, looks good and that the SEO is all in place. Although you can often learn things on google, sometimes it is better to just call an expert and let them handle it all.

What parts of a business can you outsource?

Content Marketing

There are various forms of marketing which you can look to outsource, and a large part of that is content marketing. Whenever you see a social media post, a photograph, an article like this or a tweet- that is known as content. In order to grow your business as much as possible and reach the right people, you need to make sure you are sharing engaging and quality content every single day. This will involve writing up blog posts, writing and scheduling social media posts, creating graphics, taking photographs and a whole lot more. It is a job role in itself and this is why unless you have someone who can dedicate their time to it, you need to outsource it to a professional.


Search engine optimisation is a must for any company who has a website. The purpose of this is to make sure your website and content are seen on the search engine when relevant keywords and searched for. You want to optimise your website so that your content ranks higher on a search engine and has a bigger chance of being seen by those searching for a particular thing. It can get complicated when you start delving into the audit, which is why getting an SEO professional is a better choice.


Payroll is something many people will outsource because it can get complicated with tax codes and overtime, so it is much smarter to let a professional handle it. If you get payroll wrong, you can be facing charges from the employees you underpay or even from the government, so it is better to leave it to an expert.


One of the more time consuming and a little boring tasks in the business is bookkeeping. This involves compiling all data on clients, employees, profit margins, expenditure and sales- then putting it all in once place for your business records. This is a job which will take a huge amount of time, which is why getting someone to do it for you is the best option.


Every company should really have a dedicated financial employee who will deal with all incoming and outgoing cash through the business. However if you don’t, you cannot expect to balance the books and keep an eye on things yourself. The job will involve any expenses and profits being recorded, the ordering of equipment and other items, renewing software licences and lots more. It is a complicated job which needs an expert eye. Make sure you choose an accountant or financial aid who you trust completely with your funds.

Admin Tasks

This can cover everything from scheduling meetings, making sure that there is enough toilet roll in the building, or even answering the phones to clients. These are all tasks which are time consuming and which you don’t want to spend your day completing. Instead, get someone else to do it for a lower price.

Your Weaknesses

There will always be a few elements within a business which you are not confident on or which you do not possess the knowhow and experience. It is a case of identifying these parts of the business and then outsourcing them in order to improve the way your business runs overall.

Why Your Business Shouldn’t Outsource Overseas

Most business owners understand the financial benefits of outsourcing their processes overseas these days. They are much the same as the monetary advantages entrepreneurs encounter when buying from suppliers based in other countries. Still, there are some excellent reasons why you should avoid following that strategy below. Read them carefully!

Outsourcing overseas takes money out of our economy

After the recent US election, the new President committed to bringing as much money back to America as possible. He is fighting a losing battle if entrepreneurs still choose to send their work abroad. Do everyone a favor and make sure you only trade within your home nation.

Outsourcing overseas takes jobs away from your friends

There is an unemployment crisis in most western countries at the moment, and it’s the fault of companies that outsource work overseas. By bringing those jobs home, you could ensure all your friends and family members never have to struggle.

Outsourcing overseas presents many quality control issues

There is no getting away from the fact that it’s often impossible to keep a close eye on quality control when the people performing essential tasks don’t live in the same country. Bear that in mind if you want to build a good reputation for supplying solutions of the highest of standards.

Now you know some of the reasons outsourcing overseas is a bad idea, you can start to alter your strategy and approach. Take a look at the infographic under this post if you still have some confusion.

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StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article

Outsourcing: The Hottest Thing In Business

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article
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When you’re in business, it’s very hard to fall behind. So many new advances, trends, and ways of doing things pop up all of the time – meaning you hear about them pretty much as soon as they land. Some will benefit your business, others will be irrelevant, and then you’ll find the trends that stick. Because some of them will just work for your business. One of these is likely to be outsourcing. It’s nothing all that new, but as trends go, it’s certainly making waves out there in the business world right now. If you want to grow your business, improve your productivity, and generally operate well, here are some of the key areas you could consider outsourcing.


Not everyone is comfortable with the sales process, and that’s okay. When you own your own small business, or you’ve just started out, it’s highly likely that you’ll be tackling the majority of the sales process yourself. And if you’re not a natural, it can be something that you dread. So, instead of suffering, why not look at outsourcing it to an expert? With a sales consultant, their compensation is often results lead, so you’ve got nothing to lose.


Then there’s the actual administering of your business operations. If you manufacture a product, why not look into outsourcing it? Even if it means you have to send cutting services to one expert, R&D to another, and packing to a specialist, if it speeds up your productivity and is cost-effective, it makes sense. Even if you provide a service, you could outsource some areas of the work to free up your time for more important things.


As a small business or startup, do you often find yourself saying that you’ll market more, and never find the time for it? If you’ve answered yes, don’t feel guilty, you’re not the only one. When you wear different hats, and you’re just trying to get your work done, marketing and promotions often get put to the bottom of the priority list. But that’s one of the benefits of outsourcing your marketing – it gets done for you. Plus, it will be experts handling your strategy, meaning they could probably do a better job that you anyway.


If you’re not a natural when it comes to numbers, you probably hate having to deal with them. Looking at budgets and forecasts and even filing your taxes can be a lot of work. So, outsource it. You can hire an accountant to take care of the regulatory stuff and even filing your taxes. And if you really don’t want to deal with anything yourself, get an assistant in to run the day to day stuff for you too.


When you’re really busy and are trying to put all of your efforts into growing your business, you’ll probably find that you just don’t have the time to take on all of the admin that needs to get done. Or, worse, you’re spending your time and efforts on the admin and not growing your business. Either way, you need a VA. A virtual assistant can take on all of the annoying admin that you hate doing, and probably get it done a lot quicker than you could too – because they’re a pro!

4 Services You Need For Your Business To Succeed

4 Services You Need For Your Business To Succeed

4 Services You Need For Your Business To Succeed
It’s nearly 2016 and that could mean a new start for your company. Perhaps this year wasn’t as profitable as you hoped so it’s time to make some changes. If you want your business to be successful, we suggest you invest in the right services. That way you can save on costs as well as making sure your business is run more effectively. These are the services and solutions that we suggest.

Legal Advice

It’s crucial for a modern business to hire the right legal help. There are a number of different ways your business can find itself with a legal issue. It could be related to your employees. This might be to do with human resources, bullying or even an accidental injury. You’ll be thankful that you have employment law consultants at hand, ready to help.

You could find that you have a contractual dispute with a supplier. When dealing with contracts for your business, it’s best to think ahead. You need to make sure that you always have legal help whenever you are making a new deal with business partners. That way you will be completely protected. Of course, legal solutions are just one of the ways you need to protect your company.

IT Support

We imagine that a large majority of your business is dependent on online networking. If that’s the case you need to make sure that it doesn’t break down or falter. It’s difficult to do this without hiring a full IT team for your business. That’s costly so instead you should outsource this job to an IT support service. They’ll keep a check on your computer systems and ensure everything operates smoothly. This is particular beneficial if your business is using cloud-based software.

Using cloud-based software, you might be running your company from outside of an office. In fact it could be a global machine with lots of different parts. But if the server breaks, then you will almost certainly run into issues operating your business.

A Business Consultant

Business consultants come in all different forms and with various charges. You could get a marketing consultant or a customer service consultant. Either way, they are sure to boost the effectiveness of your business, offering you key advice in their specialised area. That said, the cost is troublesome. That’s why we suggest you use a person business advisor instead. These are far more cost friendly and will provide your company with great support.

A Market Agency

Lastly, any successful business owner will tell you just how important marketing is. It’s not just about getting your business noticed. It’s about making sure that your company is remembered by customers and that you are constantly making waves. The best way to do this is to hire a digital marketing agency. They’ll run promotion for your business on all major platforms, ensuring customers find and use your company.

Use these solutions and we guarantee your business will be more effective, and you will maximise your profits in the new year.

Outsource These Tasks For Business Success

Outsource These Tasks For Business Success

Success in the business world relied on many different factors. You need to supply the right products or services at the right price. You also need to place your operation in the best location possible. All company bosses have to seek suitable team members to push their business forward too. However, sometimes it’s better to outsource certain tasks rather than employ more people. We’re going to draw your attention towards some of the most commonly outsourced jobs in this post. With a bit of luck, the information will help to save money and take your business to the next level. We’ll explain the reasoning behind outsourcing each process to set the record straight.

Outsource These Tasks For Business Success
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Customer service

Most savvy business owners outsource the customer service part of their companies these days. That is because it’s much cheaper to let dedicate firms handle the job. You simply have to provide them with lots of information about your operation. You can even hand them a script if you would like their staff to use certain language. The best thing about outsourcing customer service roles is that you can keep your team small. It would cost a fortune to employ ten people just to answer emails, letters, and telephone calls. As you will discover when you research the market, you can get other people to handle that task for much less.


You need lots of spare time to work on the success of your company. That means you might have to attend lots of networking events and such. You might also need a couple of hours each day just to sit thinking about your next moves. It’s impossible to have that much time on your hands if you don’t outsource your marketing efforts. There are hundreds of professional firms out there who would happily deal with the matter one your behalf. Most of the people working for those companies have official qualifications in the subject. So, you just need to trust in their expertise. Again, outsourcing that job is cheaper and more efficient. You could get amazing results in only a couple of days.


The guys at say all company bosses now understand the importance of SEO. While that might be true, many of them are still handling the process in-house. That is a terrible idea because professionals working in that field know more than you. The simplest SEO mistakes could cause a penalty and damage your online reputation. At the same time, Google changes the rules far too frequently for you to keep up. Outsourcing the SEO process should mean you appear at the top of relevant search results very quickly. You’ll have to pay a premium for the service, but anything less makes you look like an amateur.

Web development

Some people decide to employ a web designer directly. That is a great idea if your company is making a decent profit and you can afford the cost. However, outsourcing the job will help you to save money during the early stages. Don’t make the mistake of trying to design your business website without expert help. Those free site building tools advertised on the TV might look good, but they’re not. Any internet user worth their salt can spot an amateur website a mile away. You need to present the right online image, and it’s impossible to do that without a professionally designed domain. Also, most web development firms will offer maintenance deals you should consider.

Content writing

Professional writers will always create better content than other people. For that reason, you should try to find a good and reliable freelancer. The people over at have helped to make that process much easier. Ask them to create the content for your website, and your marketing emails too. In fact, you could ask them to write every letter you ever send. Outsourcing writing tasks should mean you always present the best wording to your customers and clients. Also, some writers will know how to use psychology to get better results. The way in which your text is written can make a huge different to success levels.

So long as you outsource all the processes mentioned on this page, your business should grow and expand quickly. Some company bosses have an issue when it comes to letting go of the reins. However, you must understand that trusting other people with certain parts of your business is essential. The last thing you want to do is build a company that needs thousands of staff members. There is just too much risk involved when you could simply pass work to other professionals.