The importance of news in a student’s life

It is very important for you to instil the habit of following the news in children from a very young age. There was a time when people used to wait for newspapers in order to catch the previous day’s happenings. Thanks to the internet, every latest information now is available with a click of a button. There are a lot of benefits of following the news, especially for growing children. Few common ones are listed below.


So many top news media have experts working on their content. Every article is filled with new words and complex sentence formations that help students a great deal. Once the child is used to noting down difficult words and finding out their meaning, his/her vocabulary improves drastically and this will help in future assignments and essays.

Reading skills

Unfortunately now, the skill of reading is becoming a thing of the past. Kids are moving away from books to computer games and social media. When you can get them to start reading news online or offline, their brain is triggered to take up reading as an active hobby.

Writing skills

You might be surprised to hear that the more a person reads, the better his writing skills become. When you keep reading through content written by good editors, your brain maps the flow of sentences and the format. It then automatically recreates the style when needed.

World’s happenings

Kids are the future of the world. When they grow up without any idea of what is happening around the globe, their survival is at stake. Encourage your child to choose good news media and to follow it religiously every day. Smart media like the trinity newspaper come in online formats to help youngsters connect with them easily. If you kid is fond of the traditional reading style, then you can also subscribe to any good newspaper to be delivered to your home.


Ask any expert the requirements of being successful and confidence is something everybody will talk about. When your children grow up to be confident, they take better decisions, they shoulder bigger risks and have a better chance of being successful and popular. Being updated with the world’s happenings and being informative is a great confidence booster. The child will take part in discussions more frequently and will participate in events and competitions with ease.

Present better essays

Good essays can always be the difference between picking great colleges and ending up in mediocre ones. With all the information gathered for years together, a student can put together detailed and well-thought out essays for college applications. If you have great dreams for your children and want them to have top careers, then the news becomes inevitable in their lives.

With children, the art of instilling good habits takes just a little push from your side. Help your children enjoy the news and to logically analyze information and they will grow up to be responsible citizens.

How to Bag the Best Acting Projects

Just like any other profession, gaining the required experience to perfect your art is required. In order to do this, apart from being committed and passionate about acting, you have to be willing to work hard at improving your craft. While it is easier said than done, where there is a will there is a way! Assume that you are a budding actor, the toughest thing to do would be to find a starting point. It may seem that there are several opportunities presented to you but they all seem to fall through the cracks. What is then required is a deep introspection about the snags in your craft. Identify the problems and work at it.

Acting is an On-going process: There is not a single profession in this world where you can feel confident that the knowledge you have is going to sustain you forever. While it may be easy to stay in the same position for a bit, you will soon be replaced by someone who is more clued on to what is happening currently in the industry. The same holds true for acting as well. Unless you are updated with the current trends and seem to constantly try to improve yourself and your acting skills, you will not be the first choice for plum assignments. So, if you want your acting career to begin on the right note, an education in acting is extremely important. This may be in the form of an acting school, college courses, art classes, or local gigs.

Consider working Part-Time: The bottom line for any career to take off on the right note is your ability to sustain the same energy. It is tough to sustain the same energy if the money does not keep coming in. If you are in it for the long-haul, it is critical that you survive emotionally and physically. So, think about taking up a part-time job that can help you sustain your budding acting career.

Networking is key: Networking and meeting people is what is going to get in that door. So, getting the right opportunities and breaks will really depend on you meeting and mixing with the right people. If this means that you need to get into a “set” as an extra, then you must take it because that will mean a chance to meet people who matter. It is true that it may not give you the best feeling considering it is the least glamorous of all the acting gigs you will ever hope to get but who said it was easy to get to the top! Further, while you are at it, ensure that you talk to people find out they did differently and whether it would work for you. You may just get a different perspective on things.

Eventually, it all about understanding how you can increase your presence and exposure amongst those who matter and before you know it you have landed your first acting gig!

How to Succeed in a Retail Career

Are you thinking of starting a career in retail?  Many people find that working in retail is rewarding and there are many opportunities out there.  The retail industry has a lot to offer someone that is willing to work hard and keep their nose to the grindstone.  If you are looking to get into retail, you should pay close attention to the information below.  Today, we are going to learn what it takes to succeed in the world of retail.

Starting Out at The Bottom

If you have no retail experience, then you will probably have to start out at the bottom.  By taking a job as a cashier or stock clerk, you will be getting your foot in the door.  Many people who start out at the bottom end up giving up because of the lower pay rates.  But, those willing to work hard and stick around are often rewarded with positions in management.  In fact, many large retail companies are willing to train those who are good workers.  This will give you a great opportunity to make some serious money.  So, to get started in retail, apply for jobs at places like Dollar General and other retail establishments. Make sure to put in your Dollar General application and get the process started.

Take A Course in Business Management

A great way to gain a position in retail management is to go to back school for business management.  A degree in business management will help you move up in the company that you are currently working for. But, this degree alone will not make up for relevant experience.  So, make sure that while going back to college, you keep working your retail job.  Once you finish your degree, you will be able to combine it with your experience, which will give you a good chance at landing a management position.

Be Willing to Work Long Hours

Once you have gotten into a lower management position, you will now have more responsibility.  With an increase in pay will come some additional duties that you might not be used to, so make sure that you put in the hard work and learn your new position as quickly as possible.  Fast learners often do well in retail management.  Additionally, you will need to put in long hours to prove your worth to the company.  By doing so, you will gain the attention of upper management, who in the future just might offer you a job higher up on the ladder.  Learning how to cope with long hours will certainly help you become successful in the retail industry.

These are a few tips that will help you succeed in the demanding world of retail.  Remember that you will need to start from the bottom and work your way to the top.  The harder you work and the more you learn will help you gain higher positions, which will give you more rewards.  Keep in mind that earning good money in retail requires dedication and hard work.

Gear up for the Holidays: Get a Head Start on your New Year Resolution Today!

It is that time of the year when you start thinking about the holidays. Finding just the right clothes for all those year-end do’s. Buying presents. Binging and letting yourself go. And of course then comes the inevitable New Year resolution to lose those post-holiday bulges and welcome a fitter you. This year why not try something new? Advance your New Year resolution and get that gym membership now! Without the pressure of living up to a New Year’s promise and competing with all those fabulous Instagram gym updates from friends, you might actually make use of that membership. Besides, you end up looking fabulous for the parties and might even skip piling on the pounds during the holidays! We at consolidate times have compiled a handy checklist that will help you get started and stay motivated right into the New Year!

1. Do the research

You know all those times when you started on a mission to get fit and it did not work out? This time don’t allow that to happen. Load up on the information before you start so that you won’t get dispirited by minor bumps and plateaus. First you need to understand your body type and what routines will work best for you. A certified trainer can help you with that. Secondly, don’t fall for the fad diet craze. What works best for a health regimen is a nutritious, balanced diet that is designed keeping your body and your tastes in mind. Get all the information you can and then talk to your trainer about customising the diet that you know you can stick to. And be sure to include some basic life style changes that will help you on the journey to fitness.

2. Indulge in some shopping

Nothing perks you up quite like a good-intentioned round of shopping for yourself! You are getting ready for a new you – be sure you have the right outfit for it! A fitness routine can greatly benefit from proper tracking. Go ahead and buy that latest fitness tracker you have been lusting after! And while you are at it, invest in some brand new training apparel and shoes too. There is nothing like being fully equipped when you start off on a mission! Now you can guilt – read motivate – yourself to get out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning without hitting snooze.

3. Set clear goals

You know this is just a beginning. So don’t think about dropping two dress sizes by Christmas. Discuss with your trainer what is do-able by New Year and stick to it. And then discuss the plan for after the New Year bashes. Setting realistic expectations and practical timelines will give you greater chances of sticking to the routine. Also, the small successes you encounter on the way will fuel you up for the longer ride ahead!

4. Find a partner in crime

If you have a like-minded partner to join you in this endeavour you have greater chances of sticking it out! Don’t try to enlist your entire friends’ circle – that could end up counterproductive. Find that one person who is as motivated as you and you can make sure neither suffers a slump as you take it one day at a time all the way to New Year’s!

5. Push yourself

Now that you have made a commitment, make sure you stick to it! Reminders on your phone, Post-Its on the fridge, public pledges in a family group, a couple of supporters who call up to enquire if you have worked out today – do everything it takes to prod you to go forward! Once you move past the initial phase, you will need less reminders and you can begin to take pride in yourself and your body.

Get started now and when everyone else is still thinking about New Year resolutions, you will find yourself miles ahead! Happy holidays!

Effective ways to prevent muscle injuries

You never know when a muscle injury may occur while working out. It may start as a discomfort, but if ignore – it can lead to extreme pain with a torn muscle. To ensure that you do not pull your muscle, it is prudent that you strengthen them and make sure you are prepared for any physical activity coming your way.

Here are some tips for helping you avoid most muscle injuries:

Practice eccentric training workouts

Muscle tears and hamstring injuries are common problems occurring during sports and other vigorous physical trainings. Recent studies have shown that practicing exercises such as Nordic-style Hamstring curls can help in prevention of uncertain muscle injuries. Such workouts help in training you muscles to regulate the tension and strength of the muscles while they are forced to elongate. This way any injury related to the muscles is avoided when the muscles are lengthened.

Keep track of your Vitamin D constituency in the body

Almost 70% of the popular around the world have shown cases of low vitamin D in the body. This can lead to extensive train your muscles. It has been seen that vitamin D helps in supporting the functioning of the muscles, for instance in protein synthesis and balancing electrolytes. Any person with unbalanced electrolytes can lead to muscle fatigue and premature injuries. And, without proper synthesizing of protein in the body, there is little chance of muscle tissue recovery. In addition, lack of vitamin D also deteriorates performance and strength. Therefore, it is prudent to maintain vitamin D in the body by keeping track of it.

Do not overstretch

Stretching the muscles of your body is a great warm-up that helps in improving one’s performance. However, extensive stretching leads to decrease in performance and overall muscle damage. Fitness coaches and instructors usually advice athletes not to stretch before a sports event as this could lead to uncertain muscle injuries. Sudden force on the muscles can lead to overexertion and eventually tear the muscle tissue if one is not careful. It would be prudent to perform light warm ups without over stretching the muscles.

Go for a screening that tests your functional movement

Modern methods of testing your movement in physical movement and muscle strength have welcomed a new screening strategy known as Functional Movement test where the fitness levels of athletes are monitored using a streamlined system. This screening activity helps in detecting states of fatigue in the body. The test also gives a score, which keeps track of the mobility of the person and indicate any possible weaknesses. When one takes such a screening for functional movement, it will show the way body uses muscles during a particular workout. Any discomfort will indicate chances of muscle injury.

While these methods can help in avoiding muscle injuries, there may still be an inevitable situation where athletes are unable to get past such injuries. In such cases, relax the tension of your muscle using a psoas stretch foam roller to relax the soreness.