How to Ensure Your Employees Have an Easy Website Management Experience

If you’re a growing business and your employees help manage the website from time to time, it’s crucial their experience is as easy as possible to keep productivity at its highest. You may well have the experience and knowledge to manage the website, but your employees may struggle if they don’t have any prior website management experience. If you’re looking to ensure your employees have an easy ride, try to implement the following tips.

Consider Changing the Platform

All CMS’s (Content Management Systems) are there to do the job of making website management easy, but some of them are better at doing it than others. You only have to look as far as WordPress to see why it’s so popular, and that’s because it provides a simple experience for experienced and newbie website managers. If your platform is a bit too complex, consider making a change to improve efficiency. Granted, it’s a drastic measure to take to make website management easier, but it’s a measure your employees will appreciate. The WordPress CMS won’t only make management easy but it also comes with many plugins that could improve the experience for your customers.

Create a Training Program

If completely changing the platform isn’t a viable option, creating a training program for your employees to learn from is an effective way to help them learn the platform you already have in place. It’ll take a lot of time and patience to implement, but it will pay dividends in the future when you have a solid training program in place that your employees will thrive from. You could, for example, have five stages of training and for each one that an employee passes, reward them with a small salary increase.

Change Web Hosts

Web hosting providers offer different features and packages for those who’re less experienced at managing websites. This might not benefit you as such, but it could benefit your employees. For example, if employees need to create new email accounts or MySQL databases for whatever reason, many web hosts will have many resources on their own websites that they can use to help them. The processes might be simple for us, but someone who doesn’t have any web development experience might struggle. If you’re looking for a top web host, consider researching them by using

Point them in the Right Direction

One of the most effective ways of helping your employees learn the system is to simply sit down with them and show them what’s what. You don’t need a training program for this; you just need to be able to spare some time until they’re confident enough to do things on their own.

Whichever method you choose to implement to help your employees, you can ensure it’s going to be a long learning curve. However, if you’re willing to implement one of the above methods, your employees will thrive from the learning experience and you’ll have one more person who can handle website affairs without taking up any of your time.

4 ways the online world can help you optimize the performance of your business

In this digital age, it is vital that you are using technology to your advantage. This is the best way for you to make sure that you have the edge over your competitors. Online advancements have made it much easier for businesses to run effectively and efficiently. If you are determined not to be left behind, you will need to read on. Below are four ways that the online world can help you to optimize the performance of your business.

It can drive people towards your business

If you are hoping to reach a wide range of clients, you will need to invest heavily in the online profile of your business. In order to see a return on this investment, you should also think about the benefits of online marketing and secure the services of experienced webmasters. They will be able to design you a successful website and can help to drive people towards your digital platform. Instead of waiting for clients to come to you, a proactive approach will help you to achieve success.

It can allow your business to operate remotely

If you are spending a huge amount of money on your company premises, you should consider moving your operation online. With the help of the cloud, you could run your business remotely. This could save you both time and money. It could also help the different areas of your business to communicate with one another. Say you are taking orders through your website. If this information is entered manually, it may take a few hours before it connects with your stock list. However, a fully-optimized digital system will ensure that the two areas are working as one. This kind of approach will prevent you from making costly mistakes.

It can provide you with the essential tools for communicating with your staff

In the world of business, communication is key. It is vital that all of your staff are on board with your vision. That is why you should use the online world to interact with your workers. One option is to create an online schedule that all of your staff have access to. This will allow them to stay up to date with important events. Another option is to create a digital learning environment for your workers and fill it with resources that will help them to succeed in their roles.

It can save you time on your business meetings

Instead of traveling long distances for your business meetings, the online world provides you with a sensible alternative. Why not conduct your meetings via video chat or Skype? This is a fantastic way for you to save precious time and to focus your attention elsewhere. It will also help you to speed up the process of completing a project. Instead of waiting days, or even weeks, for an important meeting, you will have more freedom when it comes to arranging a suitable time.

Why Your Business Shouldn’t Outsource Overseas

Most business owners understand the financial benefits of outsourcing their processes overseas these days. They are much the same as the monetary advantages entrepreneurs encounter when buying from suppliers based in other countries. Still, there are some excellent reasons why you should avoid following that strategy below. Read them carefully!

Outsourcing overseas takes money out of our economy

After the recent US election, the new President committed to bringing as much money back to America as possible. He is fighting a losing battle if entrepreneurs still choose to send their work abroad. Do everyone a favor and make sure you only trade within your home nation.

Outsourcing overseas takes jobs away from your friends

There is an unemployment crisis in most western countries at the moment, and it’s the fault of companies that outsource work overseas. By bringing those jobs home, you could ensure all your friends and family members never have to struggle.

Outsourcing overseas presents many quality control issues

There is no getting away from the fact that it’s often impossible to keep a close eye on quality control when the people performing essential tasks don’t live in the same country. Bear that in mind if you want to build a good reputation for supplying solutions of the highest of standards.

Now you know some of the reasons outsourcing overseas is a bad idea, you can start to alter your strategy and approach. Take a look at the infographic under this post if you still have some confusion.

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5 Things That Can Actually Make You More Money

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article
Photo courtesy of Pexels

It’s easy to think that you need to spend as little as possible in business in order to make money. But that’s not always the case. Of course, in an ideal world, your income will always be more than your outgoings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cut back. In your business plan, you’re going to want to ensure that you cover off ways to make money, but over time, things are likely to change. Whether you account for this, or it comes as a surprise, there are things you can do to ensure that you continue to make money.

Hiring Staff

The very first thing that may surprise you, but should definitely be apart of your business plan at some point down the line, is the hiring of staff. Because hiring yourself a member of staff or two can actually ensure that you’re able to make as much money as possible going forwards. In reality, doing everything yourself is just not going to work. So, instead, you need to think about hiring your first member of staff as soon as you can afford it. With employees, you can then start to grow your operations in-line with your projections.

Working With Experts

Next, you should think about turning your attention to the experts. Because not only are staff essential to helping you grow, talented teams are too. Whether you need a marketing guru or bookkeeping services, you should definitely be thinking about hiring these as and when you need them. Because when you have professionals taking care of their set area, they’re more likely to do a good job, and you can, gain, focus on business growth and not just the day to day operations.

Shifting Responsibility

At the same time, you may also want to look a little more closely at your workload. If you’re going anything and everything, then you need to take a step back. Even when you’ve hired staff and are working with teams, you need to learn to unload more and more responsibility. If you want to make more money, you have to be able to trust others to do a good job to keep driving your business forwards.

Investing More

Then, you could think about investing. Investing in your business is often an essential way to ensure that you can grow on track. Whether you need more man power, a bigger business space, or even to expand into new markets, you may need to invest more capital. And if it’s going to better your business and make you more money in the future, it’s always worth the expense.

Upgrading Operations

And finally, you may also want to look at upgrading the way you currently do things to see an increase in profits. A fine example of this is making your website better. You may not be necessarily changing anything you do, but with a more refined site that is efficient and just better all round, you could see a huge uplift in profits.

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Running a Smooth Operation: Tips for a More Organized Warehouse

StrategyDriven Tactical Execution Article
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Warehouses play a vital role in the supply chain and can, therefore, have a dramatic impact on your business’ bottom line. If your warehouse is an efficient, organized and well-oiled machine, your business will run more smoothly, and you’ll be able to make more money than it is a bit of a disorganized shambles. Unfortunately, it can be a lot harder to maintain a smooth running warehouse than you might think. If you’re struggling with this, check out these simple tips for a more organized warehouse:

Keep it Clean

Perhaps, the most important thing you can do to ensure that your warehouse is better organized and that it runs more smoothly, is to ensure that it is always clean. Ideally, you should do this by hiring a cleaner to come in for an hour or two each day to clear the clutter and mess and ensure that your employees have an easier time of locating items and moving around the space, unobstructed.

Install Warehouse Aisle Markers

Warehouse aisle marker signs are the first line in warehouse identification. Use them to mark where each of your products is located and it will speedup the process of your employees finding what they are looking for fast, and make the process of unloading simpler, faster and more efficient too.

Cut Down on Clutter

Reducing the amount of unnecessary clutter you have in your warehouse day to day will do more than almost anything else to help you maintain an organized space. Most warehouses have more bins, panels, inserts, and accessories than they actually need to get the job done, just lying around doing nothing, so remove them into a separate storage area for an instant organizational boost.

Adopt Slender inventory Practices

Maintaining a slender inventory means that you only ever stock exactly what you need to get the job done with no excess. Many businesses worry about doing this in case they get a sudden run on a certain product, but if you properly plan for demand and foster good relationships with your suppliers, this should not be a problem. Of course, having a small amount of safety stock is always sensible, but you should reduce this to the bare minimum if you want to run a really smooth operation.

Make Safety a Priority

A safe warehouse is a more organized warehouse, and of course, you don’t want to do anything that would put your warehouse workers at risk, so when you’re trying to make your space more streamlined, do so by placing containers, shelves, and products in the safest place possible. You should also aim to change the layout so that traffic patterns flow easily and that every inch of space is utilized effectively to make things easier on your staff and increase efficiency, which usually means that things are organized so that every member of staff has to walk the shortest amount of steps to complete their assigned task.

Monitor Inventory Error Rates

StrategyDriven Tactical Execution Article
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

It doesn’t matter how organized and efficient your warehouse is, you are always going to experience errors in picking and packing now and again, and if you want your operation to be as smooth as it can be, monitoring your error rates can give you the insights you need to implement better strategies for error reduction.

Invest in Stackable Shelf Bins

Stackable shelf bins are great for increasing efficiency and improving organization when you’re dealing with small parts because your pickers can use them to quickly store and access parts that are in demand so that they can get to them faster for greater efficiency allover and fewer stressful moments.

Place Like Items Together

This should be a no-brainer, but so many warehouse operatives have like items scattered all over the place. This makes little sense because, having, say, all of your office chairs close by, means that your employees know, at least, the area they should be looking at to find that product, and because customers often buy several like product, which means it’s easier to fulfill an order when like products are stored side by side.

Implement Regular Training

Last, but by no means least, if you want to be as organized and efficient in your warehouse operations as possible, you should implement regular staff training days to ensure not only that  new employees know what they’re doing, but so that regular staff are kept up-to-date with latest practices and refreshed on old ones. You’d be surprised how much this can help.

Maintaining a smooth operation takes time, but if you implement these practices and stay up-to-date on the latest developments, you should have no trouble keeping your warehouse expertly organized.