3, 2, 1… StrategyDriven Podcast Coming Tuesday, November 27

Less than three days remain until the StrategyDriven Podcast launch! In our first episode, Nathan and Howard explore the question: “What makes an organization strategy driven?”

The StrategyDriven Podcast series elaborates on the best practice and warning flag postings on the StrategyDriven website; offering rich examples and additional insights. We believe this podcast series offers tremendous value for executives and managers at all levels of the organization.

The StrategyDriven Podcast will be available for download to your favorite mp3 service, such as iTunes, Yahoo! Podcasts, PodcastAlley, and BluBrry, or can be listened to directly from the StrategyDriven website. Why not schedule time today to subscribe to the StrategyDriven Podcast on Tuesday, November 27?!

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