StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 11 – An Interview with Marshall Goldsmith, author of Succession

StrategyDriven Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques executives and managers can use to improve their organization’s alignment and accountability to ultimately achieve superior results. These podcasts elaborate on the best practice and warning flag posts on the StrategyDriven website.

Special Edition 11 – An Interview with Marshall Goldsmith, author of Succession explores the personal issues that arise during executive succession and how to overcome them; achieving a positive outcome for the departing leader, the successor, and the organization. During our discussion, Marshall Goldsmith, author of Succession: Are You Ready? and co-founder of Marshall Goldsmith Partners, shares with us his insights regarding:

  • characteristics of a successful executive transition
  • reasons executives struggle with the succession process
  • benefits and focus of coaching for the successor and senior leadership team
  • examples of successful executive turnovers

Additional Information

Complimenting the tremendous insights Marshall shares in Succession and this special edition podcast are the additional resources accessible from his website, Marshall Goldsmith Library ( Marshall’s book, Succession, can be purchased by clicking here.

Marshall Goldsmith, author of Succession, is co-founder of Marshall Goldsmith Partners, an executive coaching firm dedicated to developing business leaders. Dr. Goldsmith is recognized as a leading authority in helping leaders achieve positive, lasting behavioral change for themselves, their people, and their teams. He has coached scores of top executives in major corporations and wrote the number one best seller, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. In 2006, Alliant International University recognized Dr. Goldsmith’s achievements by naming its schools of business and organizational psychology the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management. To read Marshall’s full biography, click here.

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