Pull Money Out of Thin Air: Print Money at Work by Doing Your Own Job Better

If you’re feeling daunted by the idea of creating proposals to increase profits and of seeking others’ approval, then this article is for you. You can contribute financially to your company simply by regulating yourself. By improving your own job performance – that is, the quantity or quality of your work—you add value to your company.

Stay on Task

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About the Author

Larry Myler is CEO of By Monday, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in profit enhancement through employee engagement. Previously, Larry was president of VitalSmarts, serving from 1992-2001. Larry is a serial entrepreneur with six startups under his belt. Over the course of his thirty-year career, he has helped others improve their businesses by consulting and training for leadership teams and employees in the areas of interpersonal communication, profit enhancement, organizational efficiency, survey research, and more. Past clients include companies such as AT&T, Shell Oil, Lockheed Martin, and Ford Motor Company.

This column is excerpted from Larry Myler’s best-selling book, Indispensable By Monday: Learn the Profit-Producing Behaviors that will Help Your Company and Yourself, available from Amazon.com and bookstores nationwide. Readers can find Larry Myler’s free online tool, the Profit Proposal Generator, at www.bymonday.com.

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