StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – America’s Oil Addiction

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective podcasts examine the unnecessary marketplace uncertainty created by today’s headline events and the actions business leaders should take to ensure their organizations succeed under these circumstances.

In America’s Oil Addiction, we are joined by Lewis Reynolds, author of America the Prisoner: The Implications of Foreign Oil Addiction and a Realistic Plan to End It. Lewis shares his thoughts on America’s seemingly endless need for foreign oil and the actions business leaders should take to strengthen their organizations while helping to end our addiction, including:

  • the significant issues America’s oil addiction brings with it
  • actions that should be taken to end America’s addiction to foreign oil from a national perspective
  • actions business leaders should take that will serve to both end America’s oil addiction and help improve their organization’s bottom line
  • specific business sectors and offerings representing business opportunities that leaders should consider pursuing in light of America’s effort to reduce its oil consumption

Additional Information

In addition to the invaluable insights Lewis shares in America the Prisoner and this StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective podcast are the resources accessible from his website,   Lewis’s book, America the Prisoner, can be purchased by clicking here.

Information related to America’s oil addition as discussed during our conversation are available from the following sources:

“The term Peak Oil refers to the maximum rate of the production of oil in any area under consideration, recognizing that it is a finite natural resource, subject to depletion.”

Colin Campbell, PhD
Founder and Honorary Chairman
Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas

Energy Sources and Consumption

  • Annual Energy Outlook, 2010 by the U.S. Energy Information Agency (released May 11, 2010)
  • Annual Energy Review, 2009 by the U.S. Energy Information Agency (published August 2010)

Peak Oil Projections

An impressive representation of the peak oil concept has been captured by The Oil Age Poster.

About the Author

Lewis Reynolds is author of America the Prisoner: The Implications of Foreign Oil Addiction and a Realistic Plan to End It. Lewis has spent years as a financial advisor and consultant to a wide range of companies, particularly in the energy industry. His billions of dollars worth of transaction and advisory experience, background in economics, and passionate desire to help renew America’s promise provide unique perspective on our energy dilemma. Working with pioneer energy companies, he has gained inside knowledge of the technologies that can change our world. To read Lewis’s full biography, click here.

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