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Tough TruthsTough Truths: The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About
by Deirdre Maloney

About the Book

Tough Truths by Deirdre Maloney is a collection of ten (plus one) uncomfortable to acknowledge and even more difficult to practice lessons embodied by great leaders. Within her book, Deirdre covers topics from personal Politics, Fear, and Energy to Reputation, Stories, and Hunger. Each examines the often unspoken realities of each topic, how the most successful leaders deal with the challenge, and actions readers can take to improve their leadership skills.

Benefits of Using this Book

StrategyDriven Contributors like Tough Truths for the simple, direct way in which Deirdre deals with the several personal challenges each leader faces. We appreciated both the real-world examples and immediately implementable actions provided for each area of discussion. This book could easily be used in daily reflection by new and seasoned business leaders and/or as a tool to mentor others.

As a seasoned leader, I did not find Tough Truths to be particularly revealing. But perhaps I’ve simply attended the same school of hard knocks Deirdre did. Regardless, her book was a sound reminder of what should be important to a leader and reflective of those I’ve most admired and aspired to emulate throughout my career.

As leaders, we need to remind ourselves of the character and practices we need to embody in order to motivate and inspire others. Tough Truths serves as a excellent reminder of those important aspects of leadership we, through complacency, may otherwise forget. For actionably addressing the difficult challenges of leadership, Tough Truths is a StrategyDriven recommended read.

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