Ensuring your business’s data integrity empowers profitable business decisions

A business’s life source is its data, and with the recent data breaches and cyber attacks, the state of a business’s data has become a top concern. Organizations rely on their data in order to make critical operational, tactical, and transactional business decisions that significantly affect the survival and livelihood of their company. The data with which is used to make decisions must be accurate, consistent, and reliable. Breaches of data integrity, or BDIs, can damage a company’s reputation, demographic, product or service, or what’s worse, and often the outcome, finances. Data integrity can become compromised intentionally, via cyber thievery, or as a result of system changes, human error, or natural causes. Fortunately, companies are becoming more aware that a data integrity insurance system is a necessity and are implementing new technologies into their business processes in order to safeguard against a data breach.

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About the Author

Richard MilamRichard Milam is the Founder and CEO of EnableSoft Incorporated (www.enablesoft.com). EnableSoft, is engaged in offering game changing software products and services to the business and financial services industry, healthcare and a dozen other markets. EnableSoft serves over 500 corporate clients worldwide. Prior to founding EnableSoft in 1995, Richard was a partner and served as Senior Vice President of FiTech PLUSmark, Inc. Richard designed and implemented a business plan to offer bank merger data conversion services which resulted in the successful merger of over 50 financial institutions.


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