How Top-Tier Consulting Became Available to Small and Midsize Business Leaders

Need expert advice but don’t think you can afford high quality consultants to support your initiative?

StrategyDriven is launching a Personal Business Advisor Program; uniquely providing affordable cutting edge tools and expert advice that until now was typically available to only large company executives and senior managers.

StrategyDriven was founded on the principle of making top-tier consulting services affordably available to the leaders of small and midsized businesses and the mid-level managers and professionals of larger companies. Over time, we learned it wasn’t enough to simply deliver a traditional consulting program economically. Our clients wanted focused advice at very specific times during their projects and possibly a few analytical tools to use along the way – nothing more, nothing less. A radical departure from the traditional consulting model that would further lower costs.

And why not? Today, business coaches commonly advise their clients via phone or video conference and legal advice and forms are available from LegalZoom. All delivered affordably. So why can’t top-tier consulting advice be available virtually and turnkey processes, best practices, and analytical tools online? They can. And now they are.

StrategyDriven’s Personal Business Advisor program provides the experts and tools needed when and where they are needed with no long-term consulting contract. Our employment of true experts, use of modern technologies and streamlined business operations ensures clients receive exceptional advisory services at an affordable price regardless of their budget. Here’s how we do it:

  • Select the Advisor – Chemistry is everything. Client success depends not only on finding the advisor possessing the experience, education, and training needed, but in connecting with someone they can relate to and trust. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation. It’s an opportunity for the client to get to know their advisor and assess how he/she can help them succeed.
  • Identify the Support Needed… No More, No Less – Why pay for a small army of consultants when all that is needed is periodic, focused advice? Our plans ensure clients have access to the experts needed in the amount wanted with no requirement to include costly staff personnel. Want a just few hours per month or full time? No problem. The client decides.
  • Select the Tools Wanted – Don’t want a lot of bells and whistles? Really don’t want to pay for the development of your consultant’s thoughtware? Purchase only the tools wanted, fully developed and maintained on our dime.
  • Determine How We Should Engage – We’re flexible and technology savvy. We employ modern communications technologies; interacting via video and teleconference whenever possible thereby eliminating the need for expensive travel and client office space. (But we will always be there when we are needed!)
  • Choose the Engagement Duration Without Being Locked-in – Business circumstances change. Clients don’t want to be locked into long-term consulting contracts. StrategyDriven’s plans renew on a monthly basis. Clients can cancel at any time.

StrategyDriven Advisors possess decades of experience helping leaders of small to Fortune 500 companies define and implement the complex, mission-critical projects needed to improve operational effectiveness and reduce costs. Isn’t it about time these people were working for you?

Click here for more information and to schedule your free consultation.

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