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Clients often ask me for advice on a method, concept, or technique to guarantee growth for their revenue-generating site. The truth is, there is no guaranteed tactic to making money online. But after twenty years in the consulting business, and over 200 websites under my belt, I’ve figured out how to come close to guaranteeing growth on the Internet.

The one thing we do when we go into business with a website is to extract two vital pieces of information:

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Ken CourtrightKen Courtright, speaker and author of multiple best-selling Internet marketing titles, is the founder of Today’s Growth Consultant (TGC) – a two-time Inc. 5000 designee – that launched TGC/Income Store partners with individuals, companies and private equity firms/fund managers procure, develop and manage revenue-generating websites at two times earnings. The company’s portfolio currently boasts over 400 websites that are seen approximately 100 million times each year. Ken may be reached online at

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