What stops business professionals from acquiring new clients?

When business professionals don’t have the ability to bring in new clients, they have to rely on others to cultivate leads. While this model can be effective, it is obviously in your best interest to be skilled at bringing in new business on your own.

The Problem:

But the path to successful selling is blocked for many by one primary obstacle: the fear of humiliation. It is based on the misconception that selling requires that you be pushy or manipulative, and by doing so, you’re faced with the humiliation of being flatly rejected. This thought process is based on our own experiences and reactions to pushy and manipulative salespeople trying to sell us things. It reinforces our own discomfort of being rejected. Faced with the apparent obligation to engage in distasteful, aggressive sales behavior, it’s hard to imagine even giving it a try. The good news is there is a way of eliminating these undesirable sales outcomes and thus avoid the risk of uncomfortable rejection.

The Solution:

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Larry KohnLarry Kohn has been helping professionals with their business development since 1983. He has conducted over 33,000 coaching consultations with professionals in real estate, law, accounting, financial planning, architecture, engineering, consulting and a myriad of other professions. He has coached professionals in over 1,000 firms – all designed to make their marketing efforts more targeted, successful and enjoyable. He is the developer of the newly release BizDevCoach web app, www.bizdevcoach.com. Reach him at larry@kohncommunications.com.

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