6 Ways to Optimise a Website

Are you unsure how to successfully optimize your website? You will be happy to discover we have all the top tips you need to transform your site for the better. Find out where to focus your efforts by reading the six ways to optimize your website.

1. Replace Flash with jQuery

It is time to say goodbye to flash once and for all. On top of a slow load time, flash can also not be viewed on various mobile devices, so it can tarnish the user experience. We therefore strongly recommend removing it from your website and replacing it with jQuery, as it offers the benefits of flash that can be viewed on every mobile device with a faster load time.

2. Upgrade Your Website Hosting

Does your website often struggle with a downtime or slow load time? The fault might lie with your web hosting service. We therefore recommending upgrading your hosting by turning to a more reliable host. For instance, Certa Hosting make it is easy to switch your web hosting for free, and they can customize a hosting plan to ensure it compatible with a WordPress, Magento or Drupal site.

3. Utilize Your Title Tags

Transform your website as soon as today with title tag optimization, which can improve your site’s organic ranking in the search engine result pages. That’s because title tags will indicate to Google what a page is about, so it can improve your results in the search engines, which can drive considerable traffic to a website.

4. Optimize Your Content

In addition to optimizing your title tags, you should also optimize your new and existing content. For instance, include anchor text to link one web page to another, and use header tags and subheadings throughout the content. It’s also advisable to write custom meta descriptions for every web page, which will appear in the search engine results pages and could improve your rank.

5. Incorporate Your Contact Information

Customers can become easily frustrated if they need to turn into a detective to find your company’s contact details – and they will not want to fill in a form to find it. Ensure they can easily connect with your business by visibly display your business address, telephone and email addresses onto your website. Adding your contact information can also aid a local search marketing campaign, too.

6. Update Your Website’s Design

Did you know you have between 3 to five seconds to impress a visitor? If they don’t like what they see, they will quickly click away from your site and visitor an industry rival. If you have an unappealing web design with poor content and a slow load time, you can guarantee you will experience a high bounce rate – and many visitors might never return to your site again. Don’t disappoint visitors and create a clean, aesthetically-pleasing and easy-to-use website that reflects your brand.

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