How to Boost Conversion of Your Business Blog

Content marketing is a big part of today’s internet marketing landscape. Businesses are sharing valuable content to attract visitors and grow their audience. Content marketing is not just good for boosting traffic to business websites, but also for building a stronger online presence – and for branding in general.

While the main purpose of your articles and content must never be about selling products and services, you can still take active steps towards boosting conversion from a business blog. To help you get started, here are some of the tips to keep in mind.

Add a Call to Action

You don’t want to heavily promote your products and services in articles; this will only scare the audience and decrease the value of your content. However, you can add a subtle – but effective – call to action that will boost conversion.

Simple lines such as “Click here to learn more” and “buy now” are often more than enough to persuade users to take the next step in their purchase decision-making process. Place the call to action at the end of the article or in a relevant part for maximum effectiveness.

Speaking of relevance, you want to direct users to products that are actually relevant to the article. Write tutorials or how-to articles that help users maximize the benefits of your products and you will be able to enjoy a boost in sales from your content marketing efforts.

Make It Interactive

Another great way to boost conversion from a business blog is by adding interactive elements to the blog itself. Instead of directing users to another page, you can facilitate the purchase of your products and services from within the article.

There are several ways to add interactivity to a blog. webloggerz recently listed auction themes for WordPress. You can use one of the themes to auction a special edition of your product and get visitors engaged.

Another great way to add interaction is by asking visitors to share the article on social media to gain access to a special content (i.e. free downloads or a coupon code). Similar to the auction, there are plugins you can use to enable this kind of interaction on your business blog.

Content-First Approach

The last tip to keep in mind is focusing on the content first and sales later. This is the basic principle behind content marketing and it is the approach you should take every time. When you invest in producing high quality, valuable contents for the audience, the return you get on that investment is always positive.

At the very least, your brand – and the products and services you carry – will be at the top of the audience’s mind. You may not get a direct conversion from the articles, but visitors will still remember you whenever they need products and services available on your site. A boost in sales is only a matter of time.

These tips are very easy to implement and they can help you improve the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts. Implement these strategies and you can boost sales using valuable content as your marketing tool.

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