5 Ways To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Company

Content marketing is a great way of creating brand awareness and improving your business’s credibility. This can attract new leads and potentially generate sales. As the name ‘content marketing’ implies, this method of marketing is all about generating content whether that be written or recorded on video. Most people absorb this content online nowadays. Here are just a few examples of content marketing.

Show off your expertise with a business blog

A great way to build credibility as a professional is to start a blog giving advice on various matters related to your business. This could be advice to clients or fellow business owners. The aim of a blog is not to be promotional – people won’t read a blog which is fifty posts about how great your product is. You should instead focus on being informative. It can be a great chance to educate your clients or give your opinion on certain arguments within your field. For example, if you run a estate agent business, you could blog tips about how to get a good mortgage rate, tips on organising moving day and advice on home improvements. It’s a great way of building respect in your field and could convert several customers. There are many advice columns out there on starting a business blog such as this one Should You Start A Business Blog?

Gain credibility with a Youtube channel

Those that prefer public speaking to writing may prefer to start a vlog (you can do both). A vlog is made up of regular video content. As with business blog post, these should be largely non-promotional and informative if you want to get views. Like a business blog, this can gain you credibility. It’s worth investing in a good camera and microphone as this will help to reinforce your professional image.

Try white paper marketing

White paper marketing is a means of offering an informative guide to your business. This can help to get people interested in what you do. Articles such as White Paper Marketing: How To Create Quality Leads Online Consistently offers information on how to create such content. This content shouldn’t be promotional in tone and should read as if you were writing a lengthy magazine article on a product. Similar forms of content include press releases and instructional posts.

Encourage positive online reviews

Positive reviews can help a build good reputation for your business and also help generate sales. These reviews cannot be written by you, although you can encourage others to review you. Lots of sites such as Trip Advisor offer the chance to write user reviews. You can also consider contacting publications and getting professionally reviewed.

Write an e-book

Want to be respected in your field? Being able to claim that you’re a published author could achieve this. Getting a book published is easier than ever before due to the rise of e-books. Such a book could be an autobiographical rise to success or it could discuss a topic within your field. Again, don’t make it promotional. Whilst you can name-drop your business in there, people will be more inclined to read it if it’s informative or entertaining.

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