How to Draw Traffic to Your Website

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales ArticleAs crucial as it is to have a website in the twenty-first century, there’s little benefit to be reaped from owning a corner of the world wide web if you’re not enjoying any traffic. Whether your website is an online store, a promotional vehicle for your business, or simply a self-styled blog, this article will direct you to new ways in which you can increase traffic to your site. In turn, this traffic will increase your brand’s exposure, your number of sales, and your profits.


One of the crucial elements in any website is the way it looks, the way visitors are able to navigate through the site’s pages, and the way in which you use standard coding features to ensure your website runs efficiently and features high up on Google search results. All this is controlled by the quality of web design you employ. Whether you use an independent freelancer or a web design company, the architecture of your site translates in important ways into both its visibility on the web and its navigability to funnel visitors to the point of sale.

In order to maximize your website’s design capability to attract new custom through additional visitors, you’ll want to hire web designers who’re aware of all the tricks of the trade when it comes to making a website more professional. Not only professional to Google’s complex algorithms, which examine the coding behind websites to decide the ranking of your site in search engine results, but the average web user also. It’s technical for the layman, but if you put the time in with research, you too may be able to make minor adjustments to your website to increase its visibility.


The second tip for drawing traffic to your site (perhaps the most important) is creating content. Content can take the form of the written word, a video, pictures, infographics or any other media you see fit to publish under your site’s URL. Content publication has many benefits for your site, including the simple appearance that your site is active and regularly maintained and updated, which increases user trust and confidence in your brand. It’s also a great way to draw in further Google search results to your specific URL. By publishing different titles and themes and keywords, you can grab the attention of users searching for a wider variety of items related to your brand and product.

An excellent place to start if you’re thinking about upping your content output is to post an FAQ-style list of questions and answers. This way, you’re tapping into the mass of questions asked on Google every day. Readers will be happy you’ve provided relevant answers and may continue to navigate the material on your site searching for your product or service. There’s plenty of other methods, which you’ll be able to run on your own after conducting content marketing research or outsource to professionals in marketing companies to help get your content drawing in a higher hit rate on your site.

Social Media

Aligned with content creation but based elsewhere; on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, what you publish on your free social media pages should always link back to your website. With so many people using social media every day, it’s absolutely essential that you utilize this huge opportunity to market your site and your brand, though posts that target your current user base in the hopes that they’ll share your content with their list of friends or followers.

It’s in this way that brands expertly draw in a large following to their social media channels and their websites. There are some wonderfully successful examples of viral advertisement campaigns driven by meme-creation and other content that taps into contemporary trends, gossip, and current affairs in order to achieve the virality that constitutes the most successful kind of social media marketing. You should employ a social media savvy marketer to help you manage your social media platforms, creating innovative posts to gain attention for your brand, all of which will boost your website’s traffic.


In the non-digital world, businesses working together tend to boost one another’s customer base with mutual recommendations and guarantees. In the digital world of websites, social media and multimedia content posting, businesses can do so here too. Establishing partners on the world wide web offers one key benefit: the links between your sites help your website ascend those all-important Google search result rankings, with your company finishing higher up the more trusted and relevant links it possesses on its unique URL.

One of the easiest and most practical ways to partner up is by creating a mixture of posts to offer the websites that you wish to collaborate with you. Writing a guest post takes little time but, with the link to your website at the bottom of your post, it diverts interested readers straight to your site while also establishing a data link between your two sites which is mutually beneficial for your partnership. Research the best ways of achieving healthy and mutually productive partnerships before taking the guest post plunge.


There’s nothing like a little bit of traditional advertising to get a little bit more traffic flowing into your site, especially traffic that is perhaps rarely on social media and rarely consuming other content on their smartphones or devices. This demographic is best-accessed through more traditional methods of advertising, such as the business card, the television advert, the newspaper listing or the radio shout-out.

With internet-based marketing becoming the norm, traditional, non-digital marketing techniques are becoming ever-cheaper. It means that your expenditure on this type of marketing may well be minimal when compared with the results it yields. Remember to keep whatever message you’re delivering brief, with your website’s URL displayed as simply as possible so that people can recall your site’s address when they require your product or service.

A barren webpage can feel like a failure to a business looking to establish some sales and interest in the digital world, and so the tips listed above should be of value to those looking to increase web traffic to their website, whether it be a blog or an online store.

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