5 Tactics For Maximizing Business Productivity

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Business Productivity|5 Tactics For Maximizing Business ProductivityDisaster! That is what happens when a business is unproductive. This is because whatever product or service your business outputs takes money to create. Therefore, if you are doing this in an inefficiently, it will be costing you money, the very lifeblood of your company. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you maximize the productivity of your company. A topic you can find out more about in the post below.

Improve employee wellbeing

Now, you may expect an article all about boosting productivity to take about rationalization and process flows, and that is to come, but your employee’s wellbeing and happiness is essential here too. The reason being that morale is crucial to maintain a high level of productivity, as well as to avoid slow down when valued staff leave.

To that end, it’s essential that you care, not only about the work your employees do but their wellbeing as well. Luckily there are some relatively small changes you can make in your business to improve wellbeing that will allow you to reap the associated reward in productivity.

The first is to offer flexible working hours and locations, something that can help your staff achieve a better work-life balance, and so be more productive and motivated when they are working.

Additionally, instituting a wellbeing program in work can have a significant effect. Of course, the exact form of these will differ from one workspace to another, but many companies find that providing exercise classes, meditation sessions, and even healthy snacks to be very useful in upping morale.

Deal with issues before they become problems

Next, if you want to boost productivity in your business, you need to change the way that your entire company operates. In fact, you need to move from being reactive when problems occur to being proactive instead.

This means that you need to put systems in place that monitor what is happening in your business, and will pick up any issues that have the potential to become something more damaging. The idea being that you can then deal with and resolve them before they ever blow up to be a significant obstacle. Then you can avoid downtime and the bottlenecking of tasks that are associated with a major crisis.

In fact, this is a philosophy that you can use across many different aspects of your business to improve productivity. One example of this being managed IT services.

Of course, you may be asking what is managed IT services, and how can they help my business be more productive? Well, don’t panic because it’s actually a straightforward question to answer. Managed IT services are where you outsource your IT provision to an organization that takes over the proactive monitoring side of things for you. Something that can help your business because it means a vast reduction in network downtime and the associated hold-ups in working, communications, and even hits on your website. Thus ensuring maximum productivity.


Another way that you can maximize your business’s productive it to take a long hard look at the type of tasks that your employees do day in day out. In fact, when you do, so it’s likely that you will find many repetitive jobs that are done over and over again, and it is with these that you can begum automating things.

Yes, that right, you can easily free up your workers to focus on more important things, by automating some of the most basic tasks that need to be done in your business. Something that should help to improve productivity because you have more person-power to give to the jobs that genuinely need it.

In fact, automation can be done in a range of situation from the factory floor, to the stockroom, and even in the office with specialized software. Something that makes it a fanatics way of maximizing your company’s productivity.

Minimize distractions / maximize focus

Of course, we humans don’t do as well as physical robots or AI at being 100% focused all the time. In fact, focus and being distracted from it can be a major issue in many businesses that contributes to time wasted and reduced productivity. That is why it’s crucial that you change the way your organization deals with these opposing forces.

Now, to do this, it is essential to acknowledge that as humans, we need distraction as well as focus to work efficiently and retain the quality of the work we are producing. With that in mind, encouraging a time-batching system like the Pomodoro Method can be incredibly helpful, as they allow for small restorative distraction breaks, but also keep most people on task for the majority of the time.

However, that doesn’t mean that unnecessary distraction cannot be abolished, and in particular constant email access and use can be a real time and focus drain in the office. Something that may mean scheduling emails time into the am and pm is a much better way of managing such a task and so boosting productivity.

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Business Productivity|5 Tactics For Maximizing Business ProductivityReview Processes

Finally, when it comes to maximizing productivity, reviewing and improving the processes that you use in your business is always helpful. The idea here being to remove any redundant actions and so streamline what you are doing.

Of course, this is often easiest to do when it comes to things like a production line of the factory floor, but that doesn’t mean that you can take a rationalized perspective to other business related tasks as well. In fact, it is entirely possible to make things more efficient in places like the office or even a store by realizing what time is being wasted and changing things to rectify this.

In particular, an example of this that nearly every type of business can benefit from is to reduce the volume and frequency of meetings that they have. In fact, instead of spending days rushing from one meeting to another, it can work well to hold a short stand up briefing at the beginning of the day. This being something that will save time, and prevent distraction from the critical tasks in hand and so maximize productivity in your business.

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