Huge Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Corporate Event

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Corporate Event|Huge Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Corporate EventBeing an entrepreneur means making mistakes. A lot of mistakes. Although it isn’t ideal, these situations allow you to learn and grow as a business owner. That being said, there are some errors that you’re better off avoiding. Corporate events are a very important part of business. They provide an opportunity to get your name out there, impress clients, and make money at the same time. The last thing you want to do when hosting an event, therefore, is make a mistake. With that in mind, here are five huge blunders to avoid when planning your own.

Beginning Planning Too Late

Once you’ve made the decision to host your own event, you should begin the planning process as soon as you can. Far too many entrepreneurs underestimate just how much time, and work must go into organizing an event of this size. Many elements of the day will have to be booked or purchased well in advance. If you fail to do this, you might miss out or could be left with a much larger bill. Don’t put your event at risk by waiting until the last minute to get organized.

Hiring Too Little Help

Never attempt to run a corporate event by yourself. With so much to take care of throughout the day, even trying to do so would make it impossible for you to enjoy yourself. There is also a very big chance of you making a mistake, which could cause chaos for both you and the guests. Instead, you should bring in plenty of help. If you can’t spare any employees from the office, then hire temporary workers for the day. You may want to book an event planner to lend a hand too.

Expecting Guests To Show

Putting time, money, and effort into an event won’t make people show. The only way to guarantee this is to promote it. However, you shouldn’t just advertise the event itself. Many guests will come for the local area too, so make sure you highlight that. If the event is in Geelong, for example, you could mention the quality conference centre accommodation within easy reach of Geelong’s waterfront and the Botanic Gardens. Promoting your event at similar ones is also a good idea.

Offering Nothing To Do

Although many people attending your event will be busy with their own stands, most will have nothing of the sort to keep them occupied. The last thing that you want is for these attendees to be stood around bored all day. This wastes your time, as well as theirs, and could damage your reputation. To avoid this, you should organize activities to keep your guests busy. Speakers, contests, bands, and games are all typical ways to pass the time and entertain guests at events.

Forgetting A Backup Plan

There are so many things that could go wrong on the day of your event. While it might cause you stress to think about these potential issues, you can’t afford to bury your head in the sand. If you ignore these risks, you’ll have no way of resolving them if they do happen. For this reason, you should write a list of all of the issues that you can think of and plans to fix them. If a speaker were to not show up, for example, you should have another one waiting in the wings.

Avoiding these mistakes should ensure that your event is a huge success.

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