How to Ensure a Great Turn Out at Your Brand’s Next Event

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article | How to Ensure a Great Turn Out at Your Brand's Next EventAre you planning a big event for your business and wondering how to go about promoting it effectively in order to see a decent turn out? Here are some helpful tips to aid you in generating the highest amount of interest at the lowest possible price.

Leverage social media

R. Couri Hay Creative Public Relations company insists that your most powerful tool when it comes to promoting an event is social media. Even if you do not have a sizeable following to start off with, fear not. The majority of social media platforms offer paid advertising opportunities that will allow you to maximize your reach and hone in on your target market with extremely detailed targeting. The paid advertising can be customized to suit your budget and offers accurate, interesting metrics to assist you in tracking your progress.

Focus on multifaceted marketing

While social media is your most powerful tool, it isn’t your only tool. In order to see the results that you are hoping for, you will need to create a multifaceted marketing plan which outlines how you intend to use each available tool to promote the event. Fix up your website and ensure that the event information is front and center, have a large sign made for outside your business premises, have flyers made, send out a mass emailer, and contact a PR company to help you spread the word even further.

Consider hiring an influencer

Ultimately, it does not matter how well marketed your event is if the event itself does not come across as appealing to your target market. Go the extra mile to truly give them a reason to attend. Aside from freebies and epic entertainment, a great way in which to do this is to hire a relevant influencer to host the event or to announce their attendance. For instance, if you own a shoe brand and are launching a new design, invite a popular fashion blogger to promote and attend the event, and perhaps to give the opening address. His or her fans will be keen to see them in public, and will trust their opinion, therefore making it more likely for them to come (and bring their friends!).

Report back

It is absolutely essential that you provide an insider’s look into how your event went down and just how successful it was – even if it wasn’t. If you can make it look as though it was unmissable and that everyone who was there had a wonderful time, people are much more likely to show an interest in attending the next event that you host. Also be sure to encourage all attendees to speak about their event experience on social media using a specific hashtag. You may even wish to run a competition in order to amp up the engagement even further, such as a competition for ‘best dressed’ at the event via Instagram.

Now that you know how to effectively promote your event, it is time to get working on making it the success that it was always destined to be.

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