Building A Strong And Successful Retail Brand Image

StrategyDriven Marketing and Sales Article |Brand|Building A Strong And Successful Retail Brand ImageWhen it comes to attracting customers to your retail business, again and again, there are several areas that you could focus on to make a real difference. Having good levels of a varied choice of popular products will help you to a broad extent. However, having a recognizable and memorable brand will make sure that your company sticks in the mind of your customers and will help them to remember and choose you in the future.

A Visually Recognizable Store

A recognizable storefront help to create a lasting impression in the memories of your customers. This means having a bold logo that represents what your brand is all about. While you don’t need to have anything literal in your logo that shouts about the type of products you sell, if you’re a new company or your name gives no indication of the type of products you sell, this may be a helpful option.

Hire a graphic designer to create a logo and signage for the front of your store. Having well-designed branding will make a big a big difference when it comes to creating a lasting and professional impression.

But branding should not just be on the front of your store, you need to remind your customers where they are when they are inside your store. Branded signage can be used around till points, shelve-edge graphics, branded point-of-sale, posters, and if possible, on your product packaging. Using branded carrier-bags, till receipts, and promotional material will also help.

A Team That Meets Your Brand Standards

Branding is not just about your logos, store fit, and promotional material though. Your team should also represent your brand in both their appearance and how they approach your customers.

Having a distinctive image for your team is crucial as it will make your team identifiable. Whether you want your staff to wear a uniform is up to you, however, if you choose to allow your team to wear their own items of clothing then you should set some standards to ensure that they meet your brand expectations. Consider getting custom lanyards to let your customers know who is a team member.

Setting out your customer service expectations is crucial. This means working out how you want your customers to view the service experience. Instilling your ethos in everything that you do is important. If your brand wants to stand for value, quality, great service, or its ethical stance, then you need to pick the message that you want to put across in your branding.

Social Media

Your business needs to think about how the brand is represented on social media. Having a presence on the major social media sites is crucial if you want your business to thrive. When you use these sites, you should make sure that you are maintaining a standard of communication that is in keeping with the message that you want to put across to your customers. This will mean deciding the type of tone that you want to communicate using, as well as the types of posts and interactions that you will be providing.

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