How To Celebrate A Business Birthday

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Business Anniversary|How To Celebrate A Business BirthdayFrom time to time, a business will celebrate its anniversary. Of course, perhaps celebrating three years of being open is not something you will celebrate outside of the office, even though it is somewhat of an amazing achievement. But five years? Ten years? Twenty? These are large milestones that show you have the staying power you once felt impossible, and this is worth celebrating.

There are many methods of celebrating a business birthday. You could finally loosen that tie a little and enjoy a drink with your employees after hours. You might decide to hire a couple of new people for the interesting and exciting year ahead. Or, you could celebrate your business birthday with something truly memorable, something that adds an additional sense of occasion to the entire affair, giving you and your staff an amazing memory to remember.

This may also be a great opportunity to drum up further press for you and your business, as we often see the age of certain companies plastered all over social media once a business passes that threshold. Here’s how you can celebrate in style:

Limited Edition Products

Why not curate a wonderful set of limited edition products? You needn’t go overboard with this, of course. Sometimes, a different set of packaging, sometimes a smaller measure such as a combination of two items into one, or perhaps a collaboration with another company can give you a great means in which to sell a few products and also celebrate your firm. Perhaps if those in your office are a great fan of horror, you might opt for a spooky edition of your flagship product, even if that’s only related to its packaging. You’ll be sure to draw attention.

Office Prizes

You may wish to celebrate the staff that have helped you build your firm thus far, from morning to night. Running a staff award ceremony, running a competition, or perhaps investing in a worthwhile gift can give many the willingness to interact with and feel respect within your business events. Why not offer first prize as something quite amazing, such as flight school lessons or paid vacation? The opportunities are endless. After all, a little reinvestment in your team can be appreciated more than you may expect.

A Huge Unveil

Why not use this time to add weight to a marketing proposition you have? For example, unveiling a new product line, a new marketing campaign, or perhaps a new recruitment drive can help add a sense of value to things. For example, consider two product launches, perhaps two bottles of Whisky. Inside, they are the exact same. However, one is titled ‘Whisky Company’s Own Scotch!’ while the other is titled ‘Whisky Company’s 10th Year Own Scotch!’ – which sounds more premium? Which adds that sense of intrigue as you shout this from the rooftops? This ethos can help aid many of your other birthday plans.

With this in mind, we hope you can celebrate your business birthday effectively.

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