Ways to get your business off the ground this year

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Get your business off the ground|Ways to get your business off the ground this yearGetting your business to a point where you feel completely comfortable with its level of success can be quite difficult. Establishing a consistent turnover is a relief for any business owner, and it can be particularly hard to achieve at the start of your business’ life. Getting your company off the ground takes a business plan that is carefully thought through and is flexible enough to change as you hit bumps in the road along the way.


The reality for many businesses is that some big investments will require a business loan. New machinery or facilities that would aid your company’s growth can be incredibly pricey, and sometimes it is just more effective to pay off the full cost in gradual instalments. Loan brokers such as ONYX Finance, which specialize in financing commercial businesses are always the best institutions as they come armed with plenty of expertise.


You may be surprised by how many local business services there are for companies who are just starting out. Contacting an agency that supports local businesses, particularly start-ups, could give you some much-needed advice. It’s not always easy to contact other like-minded businesses, and local resources and fairs are a great way to network and find information.


If your marketing and promotional strategies are lacking, then now is the time to have a bit of a reformation. Unfortunately, when you’re starting out, there’s no room for retiring and shy wallflowers. As well as social media, a website and a recognizable brand, you must promote your company effectively. You can even try quirky ways of promoting yourself, such as having a company car that has your business logo wrapped on it. These somewhat guerrilla methods of promoting your company are sometimes surprisingly effective.


If you have ever been out for dinner, and the waiting staff have asked you if you are interested in purchasing a deal that gets you slightly more for your buck, then this is upselling. It’s possible to do this in any business: you’re just making customers aware of what other products you have to offer. This encourages customers to purchase more, which is ultimately what you need to get your business up and running. Be careful not to cross the line into pushy territory, as this could put customers off.


Incentives for customers to come back and use you again is key for encouraging loyalty. It’s this loyalty that will inspire word of mouth and help to aid the promotion of your company. It’s a competitive world in business, and you will need something appealing to hook in clients. Give them a reason to return to you again: a discount or freebee is the most common route.

If you want to get your business off the ground, then the safest route is to get advice. The best way to know how to succeed is to know what not to do. You can find this out by chatting to other companies and working with local business support services.

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