How You Can Protect Yourself as a Business Owner

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |Protect your Business|How You Can Protect Yourself as a Business OwnerRunning a business is challenging and can be extremely stressful at times. Many things can go wrong, from losing a client or a slump in sales to an employee threatening legal action against you. This is why you must have things put in place to protect your business and yourself as the business owner. Here are some ways that you can do this.


Every business needs insurance, and it is illegal to being trading without it. There are many different covers you can have included in your policy, but things like errors and omissions, business interruption, general liability, and worker’s comp cover are the most common. Your insurance policy will help protect you financially and legally for things that are included in the policy. Even if you think certain events are unlikely to happen, it’s better to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances that could potentially ruin your business.

Employment Law

If you’re going to hire employees to work for your company, which is most likely, it’s worth becoming familiar with the employment laws. It’s better than you have at least some basic understanding of what your rights are as an employer and what your obligations are to your staff. If you are struggling to comprehend the employment law, seek the advice of an attorney who can explain this to you in terms that you understand.


Your business finances are essential. Without a healthy revenue stream coming in, your business will struggle to stay afloat and could potentially go bankrupt. It can be challenging to control your finances effectively, especially if your sales are taking a hit. However, you still need to make regular outgoing payments for this like rent on office space, employee wages, bills, and so forth. Hiring the help of a professional accountant could help you protect your business’s financial health by advising you on areas where you can save money and how to make the best reinvestments into the business. They can also monitor any suspicious activity that appears in your accounts, which could save you from legal issues and financial ruin.

Human Resources

Smaller businesses might not be able to hire a specific HR team, but every business should have an HR representative to protect both the company and the staff. HR is responsible for mediating and taking record of conversations regarding grievances in the workplace, whether that be between two staff members or an employee and the employer. They will try to resolve the issue at work to avoid it escalating to legal action; however, if this does happen, they will also be there to help with the situation along with the hired legal time.


Finally, you should always have contracts drawn up for anyone you are doing business with. From employees to suppliers, having these contracts in place will be proof that you have agreed on specific terms of service. They will also make the other party more comfortable and hold you accountable for your end of the agreement.

You must protect yourself as a business owner. Many things could go wrong, therefore, don’t allow yourself to get caught out by not thinking about these basic things that you should have in place.

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