4 Innovative Ways to Pitch for New Clients

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Pitch for New Clients|4 Innovative Ways to Pitch for New ClientsOne of the biggest challenges that businesses can face is securing new clients. It can be a long, labour-intensive and costly process, and even with all of that effort, you can still come up short. The key is to find a way to not only appeal and grab the attention of these potential new clients but to set yourself apart from the competition.

You want clients and customers to believe they are getting something unique from your company, something they can’t find elsewhere, and therefore your company is truly the only option for them.

With that in mind, here are four innovative ways you can pitch to new clients.

Use a Sleek High-Tech Presentation

The first thing to consider is the presentation tools and media you use. This will speak volumes about your company, so you want to put forth a presentation that is sleek, high-tech, professional, and is right on brand. This is the perfect time to hire a professional presentation design agency to ensure you hit all the right notes.

Take for example Buffalo 7, presentation designers, animators and storytellers that excel in communicating messages. Buffalo 7 is a PowerPoint company that can effectively identify what your key messages are and then craft them into an engaging story that will appeal to your audience. Having worked with companies such as HSBC, Toyota and Facebook, they have the necessary experience to back them and help ensure your presentation over-delivers.

Focus on the Unique Factors of Your Company and Products

It’s also important you put a lot of focus and emphasis on what makes your company unique, what makes it stand out from the competition. Clients need to feel compelled to contact your company over any other. Unique hooks could be anything from the technology behind the product to the pricing, the variety of inventory, or even your manufacturing guarantee/warranty. There are plenty of ways you can find that hook.

Try Hosting an Industry Gathering or Acting as a Guest Speaker

Another innovative idea is to skip the traditional pitch and instead host your own industry gathering or act as a guest speaker at an industry event. In both of these scenarios, you can position yourself and your company as an expert in the field while providing useful insight, market trends, and information that will capture the attention of the audience.

Don’t Be Afraid to Offer a Free Trial

Then there is the route of free trials. This can be a great way to obtain new clients, especially if these free trials generate positive testimonials and reviews that you can post. That free trial may be all that’s required to push that potential customer over the edge and finally give your business a try. You can also offer a discount or promotion if they decide to sign up or make a purchase after that free trial is finished.

Expand Your Customer Database

By using these tips and staying consistent in your efforts, you’ll find that you are gradually able to expand your customer database and even start reaching segments of the market that you had thought would be impossible to hook.

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