Little Things Go a Long Way: 10 Ways Great Employers Set Themselves Apart From the Rest

StrategyDriven Managing Your People Article |Great Employers |Little Things Go a Long Way: 10 Ways Great Employers Set Themselves Apart From the RestReally quick now, how well do you treat your employees? How happy are they working for your business? Guess what, if they’re not happy, how well do you think they’ll perform? How much attention to detail will they give to their work? How long are they going to hang around?

It’s so important nowadays for businesses to care about their employees and treat them right, but if you’re left scratching your head for ideas, here are ten ways you can set yourself apart from the rest of the employers out there.

1. Be Honest

When you’re talking to employees, it’s something easy to not speak the truth, whether you’re distorting facts or flat-out lying. Instead, be honest. All great leaders can be trusted because they know the truth is what matters, and people respect that.

2. You Connect with Them

Whether you’re merely asking whether your employees are okay as they come into work in the morning, or you’re communicating with them as human beings, talking and connecting with your employees is essential for making your place of work the best place it can be.

3. Avoid Micromanaging

This point speaks for itself, but just as a reminder, you employed your staff because they are capable of doing what you employed them to do. Delegation is essential. Micromanaging is crippling.

4. Stay Cool Under Pressure

There are going to be times when things heat up, and how you deal with them defines you as a leader and a good business. Instead of passing the buck or pointing fingers, a good business stands up and aims to get things sorted. No throwing anyone under the bus; you’re a team!

5. Make Your Employees Feel Valued

There’s nothing worse than working for a company where you’re treated as though you’re nothing. It’s like the work you do doesn’t matter and the time you’re spending there could be done by anyone. Even if that’s the case, appreciating your employees for working for you will make them feel as though they’re spending their life on something that matters, and this will dramatically increase satisfaction rates.

6. Looking for the Best

When you look for the best in others, people are more likely to want to show it to you, so actively seek it out. Try to find what the best your team has to offer is, and encourage people to share what they have.

7. Credit Where Credit is Due

Just like taking the heat when the going gets tough when things are done well, it’s important to remember that everything was a team effort, not just ‘oh, the business is doing really well right now,’ because it’s your employees making that happen. Share the praise with them.

8. Invest

Whether you’re providing promotional opportunities, training courses, or even just giving your staff the time of day, if you’re not investing something, you won’t have happy employees. You can use services like ServiceNow HR for employee experience to highlight the best ways to do this.

9. Create a Team Spirit

Few businesses run with just one employee, which means you’re working as a team. Just because you’re delegating the team and telling them what to do, that doesn’t make you better than them; you simply just have more responsibility to help guide the team in the right direction. Everyone is in this together.

10. Inspire Your Staff

There’s nothing more demoralizing than going to work for a company that feels like a dead-end job. A good business will inspire their staff to encourage them to want to be the best versions of themselves, no matter what that version may look like.


There’s no denying there are endless ways to make your company stand out from the rest when it comes to how you treat your employees and creating a work environment that people actually want to be in. Be proactive with a growth mindset, and you’ll see beautiful things start to happen.

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