How to Write Your Business Mission Statement

StrategyDriven Strategic Planning Development Article |Mission Statement|How to Write Your Business Mission StatementBefore businesses launch their products and services, they need to think about the mission statement for their company. What type of message do they want to convey to their clients?

Company mission statements are therefore an instrumental part of a company’s business plan or proposed integrations for development and growth. Without a mission statement in place, it’s like trying to paddle upstream without a paddle.

So, how do you write a mission statement? What should be its main focus?

What Is the Reason for Your Business?

A mission statement is synonymous with a company’s purpose. You are declaring to the world why your company operates. It solidifies your business’s stance. The statement expresses your company’s values

How a Mission Statement Is Used

Basically, a mission statement does 3 main things:

  1. Tells people what your company does – sells food products, offers HVAC services, supports people’s training or educational needs, etc.
  2. Tells people how you operate.
  3. Includes why your business does what it does.

Examples of Mission Statements

1. Say you sell athletic wear and shoes. Your mission statement might take the following form:

My company’s purpose is to:

Sell athletic apparel and shoes that cover the needs of customers who will use the products in sports, such as baseball, basketball, football, running, and tennis.

2. Maybe you have set up a nursery. You might create the following mission statement.

My company’s reason for operating is to:

Offer lush and healthy flowers and plants, gardening tools, and seeds of the highest quality so people can rely on my business for all their plant and garden needs.

How Mission Statements Can Be Used

You can use a mission statement to support your business’s ad campaigns or include it on your company’s website and in social media. If people are not familiar with your company, they can refer to your business’s mission statement for direction.

A Foundation for Your Business’s Plans and Objectives

When you have a mission statement in place, it is much easier to create and outline a business plan. Doing so will allow you to follow a principled approach to conducting business. Use a mission statement to promote your business and gain trust from your customers. You can also employ it to support your needs for venture capital and funding.

Remember: Company mission statements are not just slogans. They represent a company”s values and purposes in business. The influence of a mission statement enables you to create a company that will live up to specific standards so it can build customer trust and loyalty.

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