The HR Guide: How To Find & Support Entry-Level SEO Talent

StrategyDriven Talent Management. Article |Entry-Level SEO Talent|The HR Guide: How To Find & Support Entry-Level SEO TalentWhen given a choice between an experienced professional and a complete newbie fresh out of the university, most HR managers would pick the former. However, finding a well-qualified employee can be a real challenge — especially in the SEO industry. For this reason, many C-suits decide to pick a different route, hiring inexperienced individuals and turning them into SEO experts themselves.

There are many successful stories centered around developing in-house talent and transforming a bunch of motivated young people into a skilled and well-functioning team. For instance, one may think about the Husky Hamster company when presenting examples of such a case.

Nevertheless, finding and supporting entry-level SEO talent also requires some time and effort. Searching for people with the right traits, providing mentorship, and creating an inclusive work environment are only a few of the things business owners have to address.

If you want to learn more, keep reading! Here are some of the most crucial steps to building a high-level SEO team from the ground up!

Search for People With the Right Traits

While the process of hiring entry-level SEO talent is not as complex as searching for a professional with many years of experience under their belt, it is something more than just snatching up candidates right out of college. The main factor to focus on here is potential.

People hired by the company should be willing to learn and be passionate about the world of SEO. Moreover, they need to have a good combination of soft skills and basic knowledge of the internet. This way, both the company and new workers can benefit from the arrangement.

Here is a list of some of the most in-demand soft skills in today’s market:

  • Focus — In today’s day and age, more and more people have problems focusing on the task at hand. Consequently, the ability to see a project through from start to completion became highly valued among CEOs and HR professionals.
  • Communication — Both written and verbal communication is essential to ensure an organization’s success. Without it, chaos takes the wheel. As such, it is one of the most sought-after skills for all positions.
  • Curiosity — A person who lacks curiosity may still find success at the workplace, but they will not be as successful as a curious one. Curious people make for better learners and can reach new heights faster than others.
  • Flexibility — The ability to find alternative solutions to different problems on the fly is one of the most valuable skills out there. It is especially vital when things do not go as planned.

Organizations can consult search experts or work with universities to learn which people they should hire. Besides, they can try outsourcing the recruitment of SEO talent, limiting their role to only making a few suggestions.

Write an Exceptional Entry-Level Job Description

Both internship postings and entry-level job descriptions require different kinds of treatment than regular job offers. Even though some practices remain the same no matter what kind of person one is looking for, there are a few unique elements that every SEO company that is looking for entry-level applicants should consider.

To resonate with young and talented people, the organization should explain what it expects from candidates and why it is a good place for young people to start their careers. Instead of sticking to a dull outline, making it more inclusive or simply more enjoyable to read might be a better approach. Additionally, the job posting should mention features that differentiate it from other brands.

The main aim is to help applicants visualize the experience of current employees. If the job description can engage a person, it fulfills its purpose perfectly!

Provide Mentorship

As mistakes are an intrinsic part of the learning process, entry-level hires are bound to make them as well. It can be frustrating not only for those who mucked up the job but also those in charge of the whole project. However, how can someone be angry at students’ errors if no one teaches them what to do?

Even newly created SEO companies should have a few more experienced staff members on board who are willing to take on a mentorship role. Otherwise, the enterprise runs the risk of collapsing right after beginning its operations. An alternative approach features making use of places that offer SEO mentorship.

Plus, there are lots of valuable SEO resources online. And while a good portion of them requires payment, paying for these materials is a small price considering how much money the company might lose because of rookie mistakes of its employees.

Create an Inclusive Work Environment

Another critical step in helping new hires to succeed is creating an inclusive work environment. Business owners should ensure that the atmosphere in their companies is as welcoming as possible. This way, they can attract talented individuals to become new team members and strengthen the bonds between their current employees.

Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Hiring people from different backgrounds.
  • Providing plenty of get-to-know-you opportunities.
  • Offering flexible work hours.
  • Encouraging more employee feedback.
  • Providing more feedback and recognition.
  • Implementing a buddy system in the workplace.
  • Organizing team-building events.

Relationships play as big of a role as other factors that determine business success. As such, employee assimilation should be on the top of the priorities list of every business — no matter in which niche it operates.

The Bottom Line

Even though it may not seem like it, talented people are everywhere — one must only know where to look. The same holds for the SEO industry, where companies can find many people with untapped potential.

By searching for people with the right traits and writing exceptional entry-level job descriptions, SEO organizations can fulfill their staffing needs with motivated people who are willing to learn. Next, all that is left is creating an inclusive work environment where entry-level hires can prosper and learn from the best. If more companies do just that — the future of SEO will look brighter than ever!

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