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Resource Management Warning Flag 1 – Frequent, Inaccurate Resource Needs Estimation

All organizations face the dilemma of limited resources. Some organizations, through the use of deliberate work prioritization and sound resource needs estimation, ensure their resources are appropriately allocated to maximize the organization’s overall value. In other organizations, however, there exists an adversarial relationship between seniors and subordinates that results in inaccurate resource estimation and subsequently diminishes the overall value the organization is capable of producing.

Resource Management Best Practice 2 – Categorical Activity Prioritization

An organization’s mission defines its purpose for being. Making the mission measurable and then prioritizing those measures helps create a sense of where the organization should focus its efforts. However, prioritization at this level does not create the clarity needed for individuals making resource allocation choices between their day-to-day activities, especially if the activities all serve the same mission measure.

Resource Management Best Practice 1 – Attract the Best with Accountability

In today’s competitive environment, it is no longer good enough to offer employees a good place to work. Rather, it is imperative a company creates a work environment where the best want to work. Only when such an environment exists will a company attract and retain the most knowledgeable, skilled, and accomplished employees; who in-turn will effectively execute its activities and make it a viable competitor in an increasingly aggressive marketplace.

StrategyDriven Organizational Performance Measures Forum

Performance measures serve to align an organization’s efforts to the achievement of its mission. As part of a company’s evaluation and control program, they quantifiably monitor important characteristics of the company’s products and services and the performance of the individuals and processes creating them. Performance measures support managerial decision-making by providing useful information regarding: how […]