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Your Missing Power: Master Mind

Perhaps the most powerful principle Napoleon Hill wrote about, and certainly the most enduring, is the 9th step towards riches: Power of the Master Mind. The idea of a Master Mind group was created, put forth, and expounded upon by Napoleon Hill in his two classic books, Think and Grow Rich, written in 1937, and “How to […]

Thought dedication. You decide what to think, and how to react.

What is the importance of attitude? Every person, you included, wants to achieve more, earn more, find happiness, be successful, and be fulfilled. At the root of all these elements is attitude. Positive attitude. Your positive attitude. Every person, you included, instinctively knows that. Yet most people, you included, don’t really possess a positive attitude. […]

The 5 Key Pieces Of Your Digital Marketing Puzzle. Are You Missing One?

Digital marketing is a vast and complicated web of interlinking strategies. A full marketing plan should incorporate many different elements, and ensure they work together. If your link building services don’t correspond with your core services or brand strategy – you may be missing conversion opportunities and wasting your spend. If it sounds tricky, that’s […]

Speaker or Listener: Who’s Responsible For Misunderstandings?

There’s been an age-old argument in the communication field: who’s at fault if a misunderstanding occurs – the Speaker communicating badly, or the Listener misunderstanding? Let’s look at some facts: Speaking is an act of translating what’s going on internally into communication that enables others to understand an intent – choosing the most appropriate words […]