How Much do Software Developers Make in 2019?

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | How Much do Software Developers Make in 2019?
Software developers have always been in high demand, but in 2019 the appetite for developers has just increased as new innovations and applications emerge. With this high demand comes a corresponding rise in salary expectations.

So how much can a software developer expect to make in 2019?

It’s not a simple answer. Not all software development jobs are alike; some are more specialized than others, which is reflected in their pay. But there are so many different types of software development specializations these days that it’s a challenge to keep track of them all and how much they pay.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy table below, with the most common types of software developer roles as of 2019 and what they earn.

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | How Much do Software Developers Make in 2019?

*All figures based on Ziprecruiter estimates

Notice how in the above chart that the more specialized roles are able to receive a much higher average salary than the more general roles as they get more experience. The outlier seems to be blockchain developers, who receive disproportionately higher starting salaries due to both their rarity, the difficulty of the subject matter, and the current hype surrounding blockchain development.

AI and machine learning developers have similarly high salary prospects. The starting salaries mentioned in the chart are misleading. Actually, only a small percentage of jobs pay at this low range. Salary ranges begin to spike at $78,500 – $91,000 for AI developers (19% of jobs) and $70,500 – $100,499 for machine learning developers (17% of jobs).

The starting salary of cyber security engineers is also misleading. 30% of surveyed cyber security engineer jobs actually begin at the $83,000 to $108,499 range. This reflects cyber security’s vital role in an increasingly digital world, especially in large-scale enterprises with massive amounts of data.

Video game developer salaries in 2019 are also higher than in more general developer roles, however, there is a culture of overwork inherent in the industry which is a definite trade-off for anyone seeking a position in that field.

Note that engineering roles have slight but significant job differences from your standard developer: engineers don’t just code. Software engineers help develop processes and apply engineering principles to solve client needs, which means understanding the big picture and taking a strategic approach. It requires an additional skill set beyond mere programming and is reflected in the salary. The right software engineer will help ensure your development projects don’t fail, which attributes to their high demand and salary requirements.

So there you have it. We hope this chart will be helpful in either choosing a career in software development or switching to a different specialization in mid-career.

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Benefits of Private Yacht Charter – Exclusive for On-The-Water Cruising Experience

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Benefits of Private Yacht Charter - Exclusive for On-The-Water Cruising ExperienceYou desire an undocked, strategic customer social engagement or executive team building event on a yacht charter with private crew and explore the South of France. Antibes is popular for yachting. As it is near Nice airport, embarking and disembarking charter yacht is easy for tourists cruising towards the South. Therefore, to book a private yacht charter Antibes look for a reliable charter broker. They will even offer expert advice about the key attractions you must see, while cruising.

A private yacht charter Antibes with a whole crew offers a lot of benefits, which you will not enjoy on commercial cruise line. It will offer an exclusive and memorable relationship building meetings on-the-water.

Leave concerns on the land

Before departure, you will need to discuss meal and activities with the crew. Everything from fully stocked bad, food and beverage selection and onboard water equipment [snorkeling gear, kayaks, paddleboards, fishing tolls, etc. will be taken care of prior you arrive.


There will be no itinerary dates or durations pre-planned. The time you go island hopping and come back will depend on you. It does not matter where you desire to undock, take the pleasure in cruising personalized itinerary according to your comfort and convenience. With every sunrise new story needs to be revealed and with every sunset extraordinary memory to be created.

All access passes

With a private yacht, you can easily gain access to pristine beaches and intimate coves, which commercial cruise ships cannot. Moreover, crewed charters can access secluded anchorages and hidden harbors, which self-skippered yachts cannot. It is an all access pass enabling you to enjoy unfiltered views, fresh air and minimal distractions. You can get closer to nature in a very personal way.

No stress of packing

You are accompanied with near and dear people, so there is no concern about dressing, so all-inclusive private charter meeting becomes less stressful in terms of packing. Moreover, you will dine most of the time onboard, so you get a chance to determine the dress code.

Customized menu

With personal gourmet chef to prepare meals onboard as per your preselected menu offers the freedom to dine without any concern about picky eaters, allergies, and dietary restrictions accompanying your meeting cruise. Moreover, all the spirits and meals are selected by you in advance, so you don’t need to struggle with choosing a menu. Just relax as reservation is also not needed.

No boating experience is needed

Fortunately, with private yacht charter you get a trained crew. You don’t need any boating experience because the crew does all the tasks onboard. You enjoy the cruise and VIP services offered.

Unlimited activities

While it is warm, you can go snorkeling and explore the underwater. Take spouses and significant others kayaking or you can even enjoy a cooking class from onboard gourmet chef. The yacht will also be equipped with latest technology for entertainment. You can even plan a wild night on the shore in some foreign city and return back but let the captain and crew know about your whim. They will cooperate happily!

With private yacht charter, indulge and relish a dream meeting!

Employee Benefits and Perks that Help Productivity

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Productivity|Employee Benefits and Perks that Help ProductivityKeeping your employees efficient and productive is quite possibly one of the most important parts of running a business. If your workers are happy then they will be more loyal to your company and they will also be able to yield a much higher ROI too. One way for you to keep your team happy and productive would be for you to offer them a huge range of benefits and perks, some of which can be found below.


Flexitime gives you the chance to get rid of the 9-5 workday. Not all employees are the same and some will work better at certain times of the day. For example, early-risers may do their work much more efficiently in the morning. If you are able to give your team more flexibility, then they will experience less stress, and this can have a huge impact on their productivity. If you want to take things to that next level, then you may also want to give them the chance to work from home. Working from home once carried some degree of stigma, because bosses often saw it as their employees taking a day off. This is no longer the case, and your team might actually be more productive if you give them the chance to do this once a week. If you want to get the best result out of this then invest in some wholesale cell phones, as this can help you to keep them connected even when they are not in the office.

Team Events

Team events can include a night out or even a catered lunch. When you host a team event, you have to make sure that it brings the team together in a non-working environment. If you host an event, just to talk business the whole time then this won’t help your team and it will be seen as another business meeting. Try and keep things as fun as possible and also try and help them to feel rewarded for their hard work. This will help them to establish new connections between their co-workers and it will also help them to forge new connections. Team building exercises are also brilliant ways for you to encourage your team to work harder and it also gives them the chance to unwind after a hard day.

Learning Opportunities

Offering your team the chance to learn new skills is always a win-win. Your team will be grateful for the chance to learn and it also gives you the chance to make your team stronger as a result. The type of learning opportunities you offer is completely up to you at the end of the day, but it does help to make sure that your team are actually interested in the course. For example, if one of your team members is interested in working in management then it helps to give them a course that will better their leadership. This course might not be suited to another member of your team however, so do keep that in mind when you plan out your opportunities.

5 Things to Look Out for in a Business Executive

Hiring the right executive can help catapult your business forward and impact your bottom line. The role of the business executive varies depending on the organisation but there are some underlying traits that every executive should possess. We have created a list of the top five things you should look out for when hiring a new executive:

Communication skills

This is a key skill that every executive search firm looks for in their candidates. They should be highly developed communicators both verbally and written with the ability to communicate to all levels particularly senior level. As part of the role, the business executive will be required to interact with a wide variety of individuals from different departments and also with people from outside the organization so they need to be able to adapt their tone and language to each audience. The business executive will also be required to make presentations and take part in board meetings so they need to have bags of confidence.

Ability to inspire and motivate those around them

Executive recruiters look for candidates who are self-motivated and also possess the ability to inspire and motivate those around them. As well as results, and the all-important bottom line, a good business executive will also boost staff morale which will ultimately lead to higher productivity. As Andrew Carnegie would say “there is little success where there is little laughter.”

Negotiation skills

The business executive should also possess the ability to build positive relationships and negotiate with a variety of individuals and achieve objectives through these relationships.

Strategic thinking

The role of the business executive varies depending on the organization but almost certainly they will be expected to set more effective strategies. Therefore, the executive needs to be a strategic thinker who can see the big picture and understand the specific paths that will lead there. They should be able to act on the big and small picture at the same time – helping the organization achieve long-term growth and sustainability while delivering short-term goals.

Commercial acumen

Another thing that you should look for in a business executive, and something an executive search firm will lookout for is commercial acumen. It’s important that they have an awareness of how their role and department impacts the wider organisation and the external forces that affect the business.

When recruiting for a business executive you need to make sure they tick all the right boxes, which is why some companies benefit from enlisting the help of professional executive recruiters who can find the right candidate for you. They can develop a clear understanding of what you need and connect you with the right person who’s going to be able to live up to that expectation.

A business executive plays a vital role in the organisation so the stakes are high. It’s essentially a leadership role – get it right and the results can be amazing but get it wrong and it can have a catastrophic effect on the entire organization and your bottom line.

How to Choose the Best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles for Your Green Card

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article |Immigration Law| How to Choose the Best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles for Your Green CardIt can be quite a tumultuous experience to go through the United States’ visa journey. You have to engage with several authorities and fill a lot of paperwork before you are through. One of the things that you will need to do is take the immigration medical examination. This step is necessary and mandatory in the whole ladder of immigrating to the United States. The other critical stage is that of the visa. It is a wise move to employ the services of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles if you want to succeed. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you to find a lawyer who will meet your immigration needs with the highest level of precision.

Check Prominent Attorney Websites

Several online sites can give you referrals for reputable immigration lawyers. Some of the popular websites that you come across provide ranking to the lawyers for green card visas and immigration. You need to choose a lawyer who has a high success rate in this field. These websites also have a lot of valuable data that will help you to get useful information about each lawyer. The best way to arrive at a decision is to leaf through peer ratings of the attorneys that you wish to engage their services.

Customer Reviews

Once you narrow to a particular attorney firm or lawyer, you can check the ratings and Google for more information. Previous clients leave behind objective reviews that will help you to understand how the firm works. Don’t just count the number of reviews and then make a decision. Take your time and go through every review keenly. The options matter because they have a lot of insights about the performance of the lawyer.

Go Through the Firm’s Website

Check whether the website is entirely professional. Search for links to the recognition and awards that the law firm has received and customer reviews. It will tell you that the lawyer will work hard on your case because he has been doing so to other customers. Therefore, it is vital to scrutinize the website of the law firm for you to make an educated decision.

The Level of Knowledge of the Lawyer

The last thing you need to look at is how much does the attorney know? You will gain these insights by looking at where his or her expertise lies. You need someone who specializes in immigration law and not the whole sphere of civil law. The best way forward is to engage the services of a firm or lawyer that has a proficiency in immigration law. The in-depth knowledge and experience on the subject will make sure that you stand in good stead. The lawyer will also assist you to go through the medical examination process that is mandatory.

The tips in this article will make sure that you are getting the best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. You cannot choose the wrong legal professional and expect to get the best representation. Do your homework well so that you don’t regret afterward.