StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 52b – An Interview with Ken Ball and Gina Gotsill, co-authors of Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus, part 2 of 2

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Special Edition 52b – An Interview with Ken Ball and Gina Gotsill, co-authors of Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus, part 2 of 2 explores methods for effectively capturing, retaining, and transferring the knowledge of departing workers thereby enabling those who remain to continue to use this hard-won information to the benefit of the organization. During our discussion, Ken Ball and Gina Gotsill, co-authors of Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus: Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y Employees, share with us their insights and illustrative examples regarding:

  • the characteristics of a good knowledge retention program
  • how to identify those individuals whose knowledge should be captured and retained
  • how to identify when someone is likely to retire, including the legal and ethical restrictions surrounding such activities
  • overcoming employees’ fear of personal value loss when sharing their hard-won knowledge
  • actions leaders should take to ensure captured knowledge reaches those who need it in a way and at a time that makes it useful to them
  • how a knowledge retention program’s return on investment and overall programmatic success can be measured

Additional Information

Ken and Gina’s book, Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus: Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y Employees (Course Technology PTR, Cengage Learning 2010), can be purchased by clicking here.

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About the Author

Ken Ball is a Baby Boomer and has been tracking issues relating to aging in the workplace for several years. At TechProse, he drives business development for the consulting firm that specializes in knowledge/content management, training, and documentation for major U.S. clients. He has more than 30 years of experience in corporate sales and marketing, including years in book publishing business, working for IDG Books, publishers of the …For Dummies computer and general reference books. He has a marketing communications degree from Bradley University.

Gina Gotsill is a Gen X writer who has studied journalism at San Francisco State University and University of California, Berkeley. She is also a fellow of the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Gina has covered a wide range of business topics that include keeping Boomer skills in the workplace, teaching finance to non-finance professionals, and growth and change in urban and suburban business clients.

For more information about Ken Ball and Gina Gotsill and Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus (Course Technology PTR, Cengage Learning 2010), please visit their website

StrategyDriven Decision-Making Best Practice Article

Decision-Making Best Practice 11 – Evaluate the Front Page Headline

StrategyDriven Decision Making ArticleTransparency motivates. Transparency shapes. Transparency drives. Decisions made in full view of those who would provide critical judgment – shareholders, regulators, employees, and the public – provides a powerfully strong guiding force that demands decision-makers fully vet the business and ethical implications of each option and soundly support their ultimate selection. Not every decision can or should be made in the public view. However, every decision-maker can challenge their team and themselves with the question, How would this decision read as a New York Times front page headline?

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Selfless Leadership: Putting Our Cause First

In the fourth couplet of his poem ‘If-,’ Rudyard Kipling wrote:

Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

Kipling is telling us that as leaders, we must be willing to put our cause or beliefs ahead of our personal gain. He is reminding us that true leadership requires a degree of selflessness. It requires us to put our cause and those we lead ahead of ourselves.

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About the Author

Doug Moran has more than twenty-five years of leadership experience in a variety of industries. Doug is the author of the forthcoming book, If You Will Lead: Enduring Wisdom for 21st-Century Leaders. He founded IF YOU WILL LEAD, LLC to help leaders and organizations reach their fullest potential. The firm focuses on leadership development, organization excellence and information technology. His book, speaking, and consulting leverage the power of story-telling and enduring wisdom to help leaders and their organizations excel and grow.

Refusing to Hire the Unemployed

Wendy Powell, author of Management Experience Acquired, was a recent guest on NBC’s Daytime; sharing her insights on:

  • why employers are refusing to hire the unemployed
  • what unemployed individuals can do to overcome this obstacle
  • how unemployed individuals should handle questions about their previous employer during an interview

Wendy Powell on the StrategyDriven Podcast

Earlier this month, we were privileged to talk with Wendy about her new book, Management Experience Acquired, on the StrategyDriven Podcast. Listen as we explore the techniques managers need to know in order to effectively deal with the diverse employee issues that occur in today’s workplace environment.

Leadership Inspirations – Communications Excellence

“To improve communications, work not on the utterer, but the recipient.”

Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005)

‘Father of Modern Management’ and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 2002