Worn out at Work? Twelve Common Workplace Behaviors that Drain Everyone’s Energy – and How to Purge Them in 2011, part 2 of 2

7. The Unclear Communiqué

DON’T: Assume others have all the information they need, or that something you know isn’t really all that important. These hastily drawn conclusions that result from chronic poor communication can lead to serious mistakes and major missed opportunities. Plus, lack of clarity is incredibly frustrating to those who must work with you. When employees, coworkers, or supervisors have to spend their time tracking you down for clarification, rather than getting the communication from you that they need, productivity falls and creativity is stifled.

DO: Make a concerted and proactive effort to make sure that the right people are in the know. Whether it’s letting your boss know that a client’s daughter is getting married (so he can call in congratulations) or telling a coworker that a vendor prefers to be contacted only via email, be sure to tell the appropriate people. You’ll set your entire team up for success and ensure that your clients get the service they deserve. Also, make sure you copy the right people on emails, promptly return voicemails, and are clear about directions and expectations. And if you say you are going to do something, mean it.

A big part of a successful culture is having a relationship between employees and managers that is built on trust and collaboration. And that can happen only if a clear line of communication is established so that inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and coaching can take place.

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About the Author

Jon Gordon is a consultant, keynote speaker, and the international bestselling author of Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture, The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy, The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work, and Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else. Jon and his books have been featured on CNN and NBC’s Today show, as well as in Forbes, Fast Company, O, The Oprah Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Jon’s principles have been put to the test by NFL football teams and Fortune 500 companies alike. He has worked with such clients as the Atlanta Falcons, the PGA Tour, Northwestern Mutual, JPMorgan Chase, and Publix Supermarkets. To read Jon’s complete biography, click here.

StrategyDriven Alternative Selection Article

Alternative Selection – Forgotten Productivity Related Challenges to Process Reengineering’s Value Creation

Estimating any initiative’s return on investment is extremely challenging and often suspect. This article addresses the frequently forgotten and unanticipated factors diminishing the return on process reengineering projects.

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Social Media Marketing and the Strategic Shift from Destination to Audience

Social media marketing has transitioned from being an ancillary marketing strategy to become a strategic business imperative. All businesses and brands need a social Web presence for a single, fundamental reason – that’s where the customers are. Brands that aren’t represented on the social Web are missing a significant opportunity that another business is more than happy to seize.

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About the Author

Susan Gunelius is a 20-year veteran of the marketing field and has authored numerous books about marketing, branding, and social media. Her marketing-related articles can be found on Entrepreneur.com, Forbes.com, MSNBC.com, FoxBusiness.com, WashingtonPost.com, BusinessWeek.com, and more. She is President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., a marketing communications company, and speaks about marketing at events around the world. To read Susan’s complete biography, click here.

Leadership Inspirations – Attaining Excellence

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

Vince Lombardi (1913 – 1970)
Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers (1959 – 1967); winning five league championships. The National Football League’s Super Bowl trophy is named in his honor

Capabilities Driven Mergers & Acquisitions – The New Meaning of Scale, part 1 of 5

What role do capabilities play in successful mergers?

Too big to fail has proven to be a flawed notion. In The New Meaning of Scale, Booz & Company partners Gerald Adolph and Paul Leinwand begin their discussion on the role of capabilities in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and explain why pursuing a capabilities-driven M&A strategy produces more successful companies that enjoy a right to win.

The New Meaning of Scale is the first of a series of five interviews focusing on capabilities-driven mergers and acquisitions. Editions to follow include:

About the Authors

Gerald Adolph is a New York-based Senior Partner with Booz & Company with a specialty in strategy and operations for technology-driven businesses. His work primarily focuses on assisting clients with growth strategy, new business development, and industry restructuring. He has led numerous assignments in corporate and portfolio strategy as well as business unit strategy. In addition, he deals with value chain and industry restructuring driven by technology changes, and how companies respond to these disruptions and opportunities. Gerald is the co-author of Merge Ahead: Mastering the Five Enduring Trends of Artful M&A with Justin Pettit. To read Gerald’s complete biography, click here.

Paul Leinwand is a Booz & Company partner based in Chicago. He works in the consumer, media, and digital practice and focuses on capabilities-driven strategy for consumer products companies. Paul is the co-author of The Essential Advantage: How to Win with a Capabilities-Driven Strategy. To read Paul’s complete biography, click here.