The 86400 Concept: Manage Purpose, Not Time

As a former time-management trainer, I have intimate knowledge of the folly of depending on lists, planners and other such tools. Ive tried many different kinds but found that something was missing in my strategy. It’s not that those tools are bad – far from it – but over time, I learned that they miss the mark. Organizers, calendars, and the latest apps all focus on managing time a finite entity. Hence, time management is a futile exercise in juggling a limited resource the 86,400 seconds we have in each day.

It is common for leaders in businesses, schools, churches and even households to get so busy mastering their schedules for efficiency that they greatly diminish the efficacy of their end product their purpose. This is the trap door of time management.

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About the Author

Lavaille Lavette has worked as a schoolteacher, school district administrator, speechwriter, international business development specialist, and radio host. She is co-founder of Every Child an Author, an organization on a mission to make every child in America a published author, one grade level at a time. As part of Lavaille’s 86400 Movement, Making a Difference, Being the Difference, she formed the 86400 Book Club for the homeless in partnership with The Bread of Life Ministry. The 86400 Book Clubs goal is to encourage men and women to read for enjoyment, enlightenment, and self-improvement.

Lavaille has served on the board of directors of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Foxshire Foundation, the Just Help Foundation, and Aspiring Youth Foundation. Beyond her work in community engagement, nonprofit, and education spheres, she is also the creator and author of the childrens book series The Adventures of Roopster Roux. Lavaille’s previous book is with Grammy Award-winning singer Yolanda Adams, entitled Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose.