How Has Ai Revolutionised Our Daily Lives For The Better?

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective Article|AI|How Has Ai Revolutionised Our Daily Lives For The Better?Ai and its capabilities have rapidly increased in recent years with at-home devices and mobile devices using their own Ai to increase performance. But how else has it revolutionised the way that we go about our daily routines? Whether this is in business for the use of artificial intelligence in sales, or at home to turn on and off the heating and other electrical appliances, there are a number of ways that Ai has become incredibly useful. In this article, we will be looking at the implementation of Ai and how this has revolutionised the way we conduct daily activities.

The Rise In Digital Assistances

One of the biggest ways that Artificial Intelligence has affect our daily routine is through the use of Assistances. Whether this is Amazons Alexa, Google or Siri, each of these use an Ai software to revolutionise our daily lives and make jobs easier to complete. Whether this is searching on the internet, placing directions in maps or looking for videos on Google, this ai algorithm helps to streamline the daily process and learn your daily preferences for a fully personalised experience.

Product Recommendations

Another way that Ai has helped to better people’s lives is through the use of product recommendations. Whether this is shopping on Amazon or even taking advantage of Google shopping capabilities, Ai will recommend products to you based off of your search history as well as other items that you have been looking at. This is the same with Google ads as it implements cookies that track your spending and search behaviour. This not only makes repurchasing items much easier for those of us that regularly shop online, but it also helps businesses to see more of a return of investment from their remarketing campaigns.

Tv And Music Recommendations

In addition to product recommendations, Ai is also used on some of our favourite platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube streaming services. Ai is used to not only recommend programs or channels for you to watch, but they also send you notifications for up to date content that may interest you. This has revolutionised our daily lives as many of us now opt for media of this form rather than watching traditional television as there is much more variety for anyone looking to watch new content from some of their favourite actors.

Googles Algorithm

The final way that Ai has revolutionised our daily routine is through the websites that we choose. Not only does Google’s algorithm provide us with reliable information quickly, but it also encourages us to find reliable sources with new and refreshed content every day. Whether it is a website search for a specific key term or a recommended video on YouTube, this all makes our lives much easier when using the digital space. Though it does take time for the Google algorithm to get it right, this will help you to organise your life as well as enjoy media in a brand-new way.

Though this is still in the early stages, the implementation of Ai in our everyday lives is only set to make our lives easier than ever before whether this is online or in the home. Only time will tell where this will go.

Marketing Your Restaurant: 4 Strategy Driven Tips that are Guaranteed to Work

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Marketing|Marketing Your Restaurant: 4 Strategy Driven Tips that are Guaranteed to WorkThe restaurant business fulfills a need that has to be refilled on a continuous basis, so it is no wonder that it’s a flourishing trade to get involved in. As is common to any lucrative field of business, it’s also an extremely crowded and seemingly saturated market. “Seemingly” being the key word, there is still ample room to have a successful restaurant business anywhere in the US, as long as you fulfil certain criteria.

The most important of those criteria is of course the knowledge and resources necessary to run such an establishment. As you probably have that part covered, we are going to concentrate on the second most important aspect of running a successful business in this sector, which would be marketing.

Utilizing the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Drive Traffic from Social Media

While AI is still in its initial stages, the machine learning process has progressed to a level already, where its application in marketing is beyond what anyone could have ever imagined even just three to five years ago.

So, how do you capitalize on the infinite data collection, organization and targeting abilities of artificial intelligence in marketing? Just visit the Targetable website and they will help you to build AI-driven restaurant ad campaigns in a matter of minutes, which essentially removes the digital ad agencies from the picture altogether.

Targetable offers a one-step solution for almost every aspect of a restaurant’s social media marketing needs with the help of their automated platform, that only requires access to your restaurant’s data and answers to a few relevant questions to better tune the ad campaign.

Facebook and Instagram marketing are a must for the restaurant business these days, and Targetable makes it a superfast and easy process, not to mention, not a single second is wasted as the artificial intelligence eliminates guesswork. Every step you take with them is a strategized one, designed to promote your restaurant to the target audience on social media with pinpoint accuracy.

Get Acquainted with the Popular Food Bloggers in Your Locality

People believe more in what social influencers suggest, than what a highly paid celebrity might endorse. There might still be a few people following only celebrities in everything they do, but the majority of the consumers have become aware and intelligent enough to rely on actual, real life people who have made a reputation for themselves by honestly reviewing restaurants and food in general.
Seek out those social influencers (particularly YouTubers and Instagrammers) and invite them to enjoy food at your restaurant so that they can review it for you. However, as they are not paid endorsements, be prepared for honest reviews. It helps immensely if you make sure that everything is on point before sending them an invitation of course!

Sometimes, it’s just better to ask them in for a free meal, rather than a full-on review of course; you get them to post pictures of themselves, your place and the food they ordered, without too much critical judgement!

Even mediocre ratings by a popular social influencer are part of the strategy we have here, as it will get your business in front of people and provide you with the limelight that the restaurant needs to promote itself.

SEO is Still All-Important

The number of people that search for “good restaurant near me” on Google is pretty huge, so unless your restaurant is search engine optimized properly to show up whenever geographically relevant and potential customers search for a restaurant, you are missing out big time.

Alongside the usual steps for successful SEO which are necessary for the strategy driven marketing campaign we are discussing here, be sure to sign up your business with Google as well. It’s a free process but its importance cannot be stressed enough. When someone looks up your business’s name after seeing a few targeted ads on social media, it should come up registered as a restaurant on top of their SERPs.

Stress on Customer Reception and Experience to Create a Great Reputation

There is no better or more powerful way to promote your restaurant and build a strong following of loyal customers than to treat them well. Concentrate on providing an experience to your customers that they would actually want to have again. Now, this is trickier said than done, because depending on the customer group which you are trying to attract, the approach, menu and theme of the restaurant will have to vary.

For example, family restaurants will likely have customers who will want attention from the waiters almost constantly, while a romantic place will benefit if the waiters give couples as much space as they need in order to feel comfortable. Sports bars on the other hand, are supposed to let people yell, drink, eat and have a great time in general.

The food is an important part of the restaurant business and it has to be at least average to even be considered by anyone, but most people come back to a place because of the reception and service they receive there, more than anything else. They will bring their friends the next time around and post photos on social media too. The list and the chain goes on, with everything working in your favor.
There is actually an online aspect to a restaurant’s reputation as well these days, and it mostly comes down to how you interact with your customer base on social media. The contests, ads and promotions are all fine, but did you tend to that one-star review on Facebook by asking about the issue which the customer had?

It is impossible to please everyone, and some people complain about things that are beyond anyone’s control, but if there are genuine grievances, they need to be addressed in order to save your online and offline reputation.

All of this may seem like a lot, but there’s no getting around it! The restaurant business is a highly profitable trade that you are delving into and as a result, the competition is immense. Nonetheless, as long as you serve good food and keep promoting your restaurant, you are almost guaranteed to break even, sooner rather than later.

Why AI-Driven Sales CRM is Leading the Way in Customer Relations

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article | Artificial Intelligence | Why AI-Driven Sales CRM is Leading the Way in Customer RelationsOver the last several years, AI has become a popular trend for enhancing all areas of business. With the ability of the machine to learn how to perform tasks like forecasting, clustering, text and speech recognition, error corrections, database filling, and other activities that involve human intelligence, AI has become an invaluable tool for sales teams to understand and interpret the behaviours of customers and suggest products for these customers. One of the critical factors, according to SuperOffice, behind the growth of CRM software is its ability to allow businesses to access customer data in real-time. Here are several ways that AI-driven sales CRM is leading the way in customer relations.

Collecting and Filling Data

It is no secret that marketing and various CRM applications require substantial sets of qualified data. Many of today’s new AI-driven sales applications have made it much easier to capture the corporate data that allows users to create and fill in the new information to solutions, as well as cleaning the existing lists. With this new technology, the need for data entry is eliminated with Spiro.

Clustering Contact Details

With AI applications you can structure, clean, and analyze the sales data you collect. After a series of algorithmic executions and iterations, the application can effectively provide you with the best model along with a pattern, which will allow you to group your customers. After the data has been clustered, it can give you a list of all the customers included in each of the groups. It will consider new sales and provide updated reports to improve marketing strategies.

Suggest Products

When a specific product is considered, the AI-driven application will provide you with a list of the various products purchased in the past by the customer. An excellent example of this in action is Amazon. When a customer is shopping at the online retail shop, it provides them with a list of suggested products that they might want to purchase. For B2B companies, the product basket of all their customers is carefully analyzed to interpret details like business sectors, employee’s numbers, address, and the revenues. All of this increases customer relations because the company doesn’t have to waste time suggesting products that the customer won’t be interested in purchasing.

Forecasting and Pattern Recognition

AI-driven solutions play a critical role in the process of the forecasting of sales, regarding production. Through pattern recognition, the trends of the purchase of a product over the years can be determined. Also, the success rate of the product can also be predicted, which can save companies thousands in unused and unsold inventory and can help increase revenue by nearly 41%, according to the site, Big Contacts.

Highlight Inconsistencies

The ability of a sales team to close sales is dependent on the accuracy of the sales pipeline. An AI-drive CRM application can effortlessly highlight any inconsistencies within the sales pipeline so that it can quickly be addressed. With accurate reports and sales forecasts, companies won’t have to worry about the sales process being slowed down or stopped because of inaccuracies.

The most prominent advantage of AI-driven CRM solutions is the ability to efficiently analyze the data of the company, which can lead to an increase in sales, better customer satisfaction, and better responses to customers’ needs.