Worried About Safety? Make Armed Security Your Priority

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |Armed Security|Worried About Safety? Make Armed Security Your PriorityIt is natural for humans to worry about people and things they love. It can be your business, employees, customers, and of course, your own life. But sadly, it’s not possible to protect all of these on your own. You need to take the help of someone.

But, who can you trust to protect your most prized possessions? Well, the accurate answer would be ‘professional security, particularly armed security.’

Armed security guards are best for protecting you and your business from all kinds of threats and dangers. They are an incredible deterrent to criminals. Besides, they also offer you a sense of security and peace of mind, which is essential in the hectic work environment. Impressive right?

However, you’ll be shocked to know that many people hesitate to hire security guards. The reason being that they are not sure if their business needs ‘armed security.’ Are you also worried about the same? If yes, then keep reading to find out.

Type of business that needs armed security

  • Health care: On an everyday basis, numerous people visit hospitals, clinics, and medical stores. Therefore they must pay attention to the security of every person. And, armed security guards are the best for this job.
  • Retail: Needless to say that the security guards will help the retailers in keeping an eye on the fraudsters and employees for any suspicious activity.
  • Schools: The protection of students and teachers is of utmost importance, and only armed security can do it well.
  • Politician: Politicians work on making the future of the country. That is why you need armed security for politicians to protect the nation ultimately.
  • Banks and financial institutions: Anything related to money undoubtedly needs protection. They can monitor security electronics and workplace violence protection.

In addition to these, other businesses can also use armed security services for the overall protection from threats.

Benefits of armed security

Now that you know which businesses generally need armed security let’s understand why one must focus on hiring armed security guards.

More trained: As armed guards have weapons with them for your protection, they are more trained than unarmed guards. Besides, they have to pass all the state tests and standards before they are allowed to use them.

Employed after the background check: Think about it: you can’t give weapons to the people who have the potential to harm you. Simply put, security guards need permits for using weapons. They have to go through a proper background check and fulfill other legal requirements to complete the licensing process.

In a few scenarios, they have to do biometric verification or investigation from the FBI.

High-end protection: The presence of security guards will become a barrier to lawbreakers. There will be a significant decline in criminal activity inside or nearby the business premises. Armed security will provide high-end protection to the employees, customers as well as clients.

To Sum Up,

With the rising crime and fraudulent activities globally, it is now crucial to safeguard your business more than ever. By hiring armed security guards, you can leave the protection of your business in their responsible and trustable hands.

Overall we can say that- Armed security has got you all covered.

3 Things You Should Know About Comprehensive Background Checks

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | 3 Things You Should Know About Comprehensive Background ChecksIf you’re an employer or you’ve recently been offered a contingent job, you may have heard about comprehensive background checks. While the name may sound intimidating, background checks are a useful tool that essentially provide accurate information about a potential applicant. They help businesses make informed decisions about who they hire while minimizing their risks. If you’re curious about how comprehensive background checks work and what they cover, there are a few key things you should know.

1. It Helps Verify Your Identity

One of the main components of a comprehensive background check is the verification of your identity. In other words, it helps a prospective employer check that you actually are who you say you are in your application. This is important in helping employers avoid cases of employment fraud or identity theft. These checks will usually verify your full name, date of birth and social security number. Some checks may also reveal any other names you’ve been known under and your address history for the last ten to fifteen years.

2. It Details Criminal History

Another important factor that background checks reveal is an applicant’s criminal history. Many reports will go beyond local records to check multi-state records and sometimes even global terrorism records. Registries like most-wanted lists or sex offender lists are typically included, and results are usually cross checked to ensure accuracy. This helps employers avoid potential harm to themselves, their customers and their business.

3. It May Include Credentials and Credit History

While not covered in all background checks, a truly comprehensive background check will often include a check on an applicant’s credentials and credit history. The credentials check covers things like state licenses, institutional degrees and certifications, diplomas and more. This helps employers ensure that you have the credentials you’ve stated and you’re eligible and qualified for the job. The credit history check isn’t done by all employers, but those employers that carry it out may see your history of handling finances as an indicator of your responsibility. However, there are some states in which employers are banned from including credit history in your background check, so your location may make a difference in this area.

In today’s increasingly competitive business world, comprehensive background checks are becoming a standard part of the hiring process. It allows employers to verify information about prospective employees to make truly informed hiring decisions. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, a comprehensive background check plays a key role in helping keep business operations accurate and honest.