4 Signs It’s Time To Find A New Job

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Time to find a new job|4 Signs It's Time To Find A New JobSometimes, there comes a moment in your life where you realize that your current job isn’t right for you. Moreso than that, you realize your whole career just isn’t right for you at all. It’s time to make a big change and find a new job. The key is learning how to identify when this time is right. As a result, you’ll avoid wasting months of your life working a job that you will eventually leave. Instead, you can spot the warning signs early, leave as soon as possible, and use that extra time to train or find a new job right away.

With that in mind, what are the telltale signs it’s time to find a new job?

You’re not appreciated by your employer

Arguably the biggest sign it’s time to leave your job is if your employer pays you no attention. Ironically, so many people remain in jobs when they’re underappreciated. Why? Because you convince yourself that it’s greedy or selfish to want some attention from your boss. In reality, you deserve it! If you do a good job, you deserve to get a slap on the back and a well done now and then. More than that, you deserve a bonus, a raise, or a promotion. Have you ever got any of these or know anyone in your business that has? If not, the employer doesn’t value their employees, so why bother working for them? You can find the same job in a different company and enjoy much better benefits and appreciation, with room to grow and earn more money or gain promotions.

You’re on an awful benefits program

Benefits were mentioned in the previous sentence, and they play a big role in deciding if you should quit your job or not. As an employee, you deserve certain employee benefits. The very least of which should be a pension of sorts. Your employer should set up a fund for you and pay some of your wages into it every month. Alongside this, they should make a monthly contribution, helping you save for retirement. If you don’t have one of these at your job, it’s a big sign to find a new one that offers a good pension.

Furthermore, the more benefits a job can provide, the better. Some careers will have better benefits plans than others. For instance, a lot of healthcare jobs come with lots of good benefits that you wouldn’t find in an office job. Likewise, teaching jobs come with loads of days of holiday and great pensions. If you currently receive very little in terms of employment benefits, it could be time to look elsewhere.

Your job is too dangerous

Does every day present significant risks to your health & wellbeing? You’ll be amazed at how many jobs out there are just really dangerous. Even simple ones, like being a truck driver, can be bad for your health. You spend a lot of time driving a massive vehicle that can easily cause accidents on the roads. And good luck getting legal help when injured in a truck accident as the courts usually favor the drivers of smaller cars. Construction workers are another common example of people doing dangerous or high-risk jobs. There are so many ways to hurt yourself on a construction site; every day could be the day you end up in hospital.

Put it this way: you shouldn’t have to worry about your health when at work. If it’s got to a point where you’re tired and sore every day, you may consider leaving. Find a job that’s safer and less dangerous to your health for a better work/life balance.

You feel unfulfilled

Lastly, look at how you feel when you think about work every day. When you leave your job and go to sleep at night, do you feel fulfilled? Does your job excite you – do you enjoy it? If you hate your job and believe it brings you nothing but a paycheck, it could be time to look for something new.

This is something that indicates if you should change careers. A sense of unfulfillment can be down to the job you perform; it just might not be the right one for you. Instead, you can change careers and embark on a journey to find a job that leaves you fulfilled. Even if it pays a little less, you’ll feel so much happier doing something that brings you joy.

If you notice any of these signs, you should reassess whether or not this job is right for you. It might mean quitting and finding the same job at a different company. Or, it could mean you pack in this career and find a better and more rewarding one.