Will Contesting for Business Assets

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship ArticleIn regards to leaving behind business assets, this can be a difficult situation in the aftermath of someone’s death if they have not left clear instructions or followed all the necessary steps to pass on said assets in a clear way. In their will, if no trust has been set up or the assets were in only the name of the person who has passed away, or you feel there was something wrong with the will presented, then contesting the will legally is an option you need to explore.

To give you a helping hand at this difficult time, this guide will take you through some of the essential information you need to know in order to move forward and make sure the business assets in question are dealt with and granted correctly to the right people.

Understanding probate

When you first consider taking legal action to contest a will for business assets, you need to know some of the essential information so that you are better able to understand your situation and rights in this scenario. To begin with, you need to learn information about probate and business assets to get a better grasp of what needs to be done, as filing for probate is a little different to contesting.

First of all, what exactly is probate?

  • Probate is a process where the deceased person’s will is taken to court with a petition to investigate the will and, in the end, distribute the business assets to the rightful beneficiaries.

When are business assets subject to probate?

  • If the business in question is solely in the deceased person’s name and they did not set up a trust, then the assets are subject to probate so that the stock can be transferred to an appropriate body.

Standing your ground

Contesting a will is dependent on having the grounds to pursue the legal process. There are several reasons to contest a will that, if you can prove, will give you the precedence to make a claim on the business assets in question:

Lack of capacity – This is where the person in question was not in a fit state to be entering into a legally binding agreement, such as a will, which then renders the document void.

Failure of formality – This is where the signing of the will didn’t comply with state laws, such as not being signed with two valid witnesses.

Under duress – This is where a will is completed, and the testator is pressure or threatening into writing the document.

Professional help with your claim

Finally, now that you know some of the essential information to move forward with you contesting of the will, you need to find lawyers who can help you make progress with your claim. Visiting is a good place to start as this will put you in touch with experts in contesting wills who can help you make a successful claim.

At this difficult time, make sure you take all the proper steps to see that justice is done.

Is It Time To Start Purchasing Your Own Business Assets In Abundance?

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article
Most businesses rely on the use of outsourcing, hiring other businesses, and using connections for niche supplies. This is quite obviously worthwhile. Not every business can be Google, a corporation with seemingly endless reach and a finger in every pie. However, as your business begins to really gain in profitability, and you decide to invest that back into your operation each year, it’s not hard to see how purchasing your own business assets might become a great long-term cost-saving scenario.

Is it time that you did this? There are many reasons for doing so, and if you have the funding to play with, you could potentially benefit in the following ways:

Transport & Delivery

Could it be that it’s time to branch out into your own logistics solutions? Purchasing your own vans and hiring your own drivers could help you not only ship your goods in a more competent timeframe but save you money in the long term, as the cost of upkeep often beats the cost of renting a service. This is only worthwhile if you ship many, many products nationally. However, if you do, your vans may serve as free marketing as they drive on public highways to get to the destination, and can often pass tens of thousands of cars in the process, effectively serving as a mobile billboard.


It might be that you own large plots of land, and purchasing your own equipment to help you retrofit this area for your own purposes can help you save plenty of money in the long terms. Simply looking online in the direction of cranes for sale, generators and hired construction services to come to a B2B relationship with could slash the cost of your construction, allowing you to extend offices, generate new lots or custom fit current property to your requirements.


Merchandising is, of course, one of the best methods of natural marketing. Having many pens made, or perhaps a set of mugs for distribution throughout your office can help your name and contact information travel. Merchandising can also become a larger investment opportunity. It might be that you print clothing designs, or decide to have more significant, long-term items made featuring your company names, such as mousemats or even skins for phones. These assets not only help you outfit your office with a personal touch, but often travel wide and far, and can be used as free and mass produced marketing. You’d be surprised how far these merchandising efforts can travel, sometimes around the world.


Purchasing property can serve as a long form use of tying up cash in tangible assets. You may decide to profit from these properties, or generally utilize them to help your business expansion. Property is perhaps one of the most reliable assets you can purchase owner. It’s certainly good to keep in your business inventory.

With these simple investments, purchasing your own business assets in abundance is sure to reward you in the long term.