Language Barrier: Solving Communication Problems As An International Business

StrategyDriven Business Communications Article |Communication Problems|Language Barrier: Solving Communication Problems As An International BusinessEffective communication has always been an essential element of a business. If you’re unable to communicate properly, it can be impossible to get your work done, making it incredibly hard to run a successful company when you can’t talk to those around you. Of course, though, when you work internationally, issues like language barriers can make this issue even harder to overcome. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the work that can go into ensuring that you can always convey the right information to the people you work with and serve.

Website Translations

Your website is going to be one of the first places people visit when they want to learn more about your business. While web browsers like Chrome have built-in translation tools, these are rarely good enough to make your website work perfectly in every language. This can make it worth paying for a dedicated translation service that can make your website readable in every country you work in. Automated tools will never be as accurate as a human translator, even if you have to pay for them.

The Phone 

Talking on the phone will be just about impossible if you don’t speak the same language as the person on the other end. Of course, though, you need to make sure that you’re able to do this if you’re working in different countries. Hiring bilingual team members will cost a small fortune, and it will be hard to find people with skills like this who are willing to settle for jobs in call centres. A bilingual answering service could easily solve this for you, providing you with the means to talk to people across the world.

Social Media & Marketing

There wouldn’t be much point in working across different countries and regions if you’re not going to tailor your marketing efforts to them. A big part of this will mean changing the languages of your posts to make sure that as many of your customers as possible can read them. It’s becoming increasingly common to see businesses with more than one social media channel to sell themselves, opting to use multiple accounts so that they can post in different languages.


Buying a complex product and struggling to understand the instructions that come with it can be very frustrating. Packaging should always be tailored to the country it will be sold in, with the language on the box reflecting the person who has bought it. This can be hard to achieve when you work across the world, and some companies opt to have more than one language on their boxes to make the whole thing easier.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of communicating with people across the world. Running an international business will always come with challenges, but you can often overcome them by simply using the tools you have available to you. Of course, though, you still need to figure out exactly where your business will be operating.