No More Mr Night Guy: how to secure your office before you leave in the evening

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article |Secure your Office|No More Mr Night Guy: how to secure your office before you leave in the eveningUnfortunately, we’ve all heard stories of offices being burgled. This can mean the loss of important equipment or worse, data. If you’re a small business these losses can be even more devastating. If you’re a victim of burglary, you’ll be forced to experience a long and arduous process of filing police reports and waiting for insurance settlements.

At best, this can be extremely stressful and time consuming. At worst, there could be exemptions that prevent you from claiming for all your lost property. To help avoid this outcome, it’s best to prepare. Here are some ways you can secure your office before you leave for the night:

Fit an Alarm System

Alarms can be extremely useful for various reasons. Firstly, they can notify people in the surrounding area if your business is being robbed. With a higher end Police Response Alarm, you’re even able to notify a receiving centre, that will either investigate the issue or call the police.

Alarms also act as excellent deterrents. Properties that prominently display an alarm, fall much lower on the target list of thieves.


The words ‘Smile you’re on CCTV’ are likely familiar to you. There’s a reason so many businesses and other properties use CCTV. Whilst a burglar alarm can be a great determent, it can’t tell you exactly who has broken into your property.

With CCTV you have a record of your burglary and images of those that have broken in. These images can then be passed onto the police, helping you to find your stolen items more quickly. Like burglar alarms CCTV also acts as a useful deterrent.

If you’re looking at finding a new office, and worried about security, a serviced office From BE Offices is a fantastic option. These state-of-the-art offices come with CCTV and other security features. This ensures maximum security and a comfortable and pleasant office environment.

Protect your important documents

Your office will likely contain many important documents that relate to your business. Losing these documents can almost be as devastating as losing equipment and other items. It’s best to put these documents in a safe place before anything happens to them.

Keeping your documents in a locked cabinet can be a useful option. The average burglar takes no more than 12 minutes inside of your property. Anything that slows the thief down is likely to be a much lower priority.

Of course, today many important documents are stored electronically. These too, must be accounted for. A laptop lock can be useful for securing your devices. These metal cables attach your device to a non-movable object, making them much more difficult to steal.

Use British Standard Locks

Obviously, it’s absolutely crucial that you have proper locks on the doors and windows of your property. Although obvious, this is a factor that some businesses overlook. To make sure that you’re utilizing the best locks, you should ensure that they comply with British Standard Regulations. In fact, this is a general requirement for office insurance policy.

Make sure your office is secure and compliant with the policy of your landlord, by using British Standard Locks.

Essential Security Systems That Protect The Business & Employees

StrategyDriven Risk Management Article |Security Systems|Essential Security Systems That Protect The Business & EmployeesBuilding a business is a challenging job; it needs a lot of investment and not only in the process but also for infrastructure. Thus, maintaining a security system for your business is a must. This will save you from any theft or loss of business or valuable stuff.

Yes! We know that you have already invested a lot in the business setup and completing other formalities to run it. But what’s the use of investing in every step of a company’s development and growth when you can’t protect it, right? So save yourself from any regret and invest a bit in the security system because it will pay you off the investment you have made on it. Here we are sharing types of security system you need in your business:

Closed-Circuit Television

Video surveillance systems are the device that offers the ability to monitor your business from inside and outside. CCTV is not only beneficial to monitor the office but also allows you to check the operation. You can easily track staff, customers and what all is happening on the premises. Cameras even help in finding out the would-be criminal activity and even helps in prosecuting criminals. They become the best evidence when there is mishappening in your business or any theft or misconduct.

The system that detects the Fire

Yes! We are talking about fire alarms here. For any business, detecting smoke and alerts that can create a problem and mishap is very necessary, thus investing in automated fire alarms and suppression systems can prevent you from losing business. In this, you need to make sure that you get it from a reputable company that can help meet the company’s requirements and satisfy all the needed state and federal fire code standards.

Panic Button

This device is safely featured and is in high demand for many companies. Silent panic buttons for businesses are designed to create a safer place for employees. Therefore, the device for businesses has become mandatory in various organizations. It reduces the time between the start of an incident and when responders are on the scene. The key aim of this device is to notify the responders swiftly.

Access Control Systems

Welcome to the new era where you can have the access control system as the security system. This system controls the entry and exit to the office, as every person that is a member of the office will have access, and any non-invited person will not be able to get inside the office. Now this one offers massive security to the employees and other members of the office.

Wireless Sensors

This device collects sensory information and detects any sort of change in the local environment. It helps in protecting the employees and office from gases like carbon monoxide or related toxic gases. Remember, you are protecting the ones who are helping you in the growth process of your business.

Final Words

Protecting employees and businesses should be the priority of any company. As they plan to invest in the infrastructure, legal matters of the business, and employees’ hiring process, they should even invest in security systems. This will protect the employees and the entire business from any mishap.