The 4 Best Ways To Save Money On Your Printing

StrategyDriven Managing Your Business Article | The 4 Best Ways To Save Money On Your PrintingThere are a lot of ways to save money for your business but one that is often overlooked is printing. It seems like a given that your printing costs a certain amount of money that is more or less fixed. When looking to cut wasteful spending on expenses, printing is rarely considered.

Yet, there are a lot of ways to get your printing done in a much more economical way. Cutting these expenses down will go a long way toward keeping your company in the black. In this article, we will go over several ways to save money on your printing needs.

1 – Enterprise printing

Having specialized printers for your company can be quite expensive. They are expensive to buy and to maintain. For instance, if you have printing needs for perforated paper then it can be quite costly to buy the printer, the paper and have people specially trained to use them.

Instead, outsource your printing to a specialist enterprise printer. These companies have a full range of printers and paper so they can handle whatever your orders are. Their staff are properly trained and they keep the printers fully maintained at all times.

You will never have any printing downtime and you won’t be paying for printer repairs when they inevitably break down.

2 – Go monochrome

Colored ink is very costly. When you print papers that have colors that are not necessary to the document it costs far more money than you should be spending on ink. For instance, if the paper has headers in another color or there are logos on the document that will be copied.

These are items that have nothing to do with the purpose of the document and can be eliminated. Use a monochrome, or black and white printer, and it will save you money since black ink costs far more than colored.

3 – Go paperless

While no business can go 100% paperless, there are a lot of things that don’t need to be printed. If you go paperless then you are stripping down your printing needs to the bare essentials.

For instance, many documents can be scanned and then shared via the cloud. Even documents that need to be signed can be done electronically so there is no point in which they need to have a physical copy made.

One issue is that to be 100% paperless would require every employee to have a smartphone or tablet to be able to properly share documents at any time. However, there will still be some printing that needs to be done so you can just pay for those few documents.

4 – Use tracking software

One way to save on printing is to know how much you are doing. Install some tracking software that will register every print job from type of paper to how much ink is used. This way you can analyse the data at the end of the month and see where there are opportunities to save money.