Are You Giving Your Customers What They Deserve?

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customers|Are You Giving Your Customers What They Deserve?Your customers are the backbone of your business. They make sure profit is trailing in and out of your company, and they help to make sure your website is ranked at the top of google, with the amount of traffic that flows in and out of your ecommerce option day by day. Indeed, you start a business with the sole aim of finding and obtaining customer loyalty, to find the market that your product suits the best, and to guarantee they come back again and again.

And if you feel that customer loyalty is in short supply around here, it’s time to look into one of the most potential reasons why: your customers feel they aren’t getting what they deserve. They come to you for a good experience and a great product, and a couple of their expectations are falling short. But why? Well, let’s examine the idea below.

Are Your Prices Right?

Your customers may feel they’re getting a better deal elsewhere, or they feel they have the potential to from taking just one look at the prices lining your shelves. They might feel you’re overselling your products, and they’re not getting value for money, and they might just hate you for it!

So it’s key to research the market you’re operating in as well as the local area you’ll be selling from. If you’re an online only store, you need to know your niche, and the common prices across it; you’ll need to try and match them, as closely as possible. And if you’ve got a physical location as well, make sure your prices don’t stick out like a sore thumb on the high street.

Are You Shipping on Time?

Your customers may feel they aren’t being treated right in the delivery process. They might feel it takes way too long to receive their packages, or they might feel that it costs a lot of money for something they’ve bought to be shipped out to them. Of course, unless you’re offering international delivery, your customers will likely find it steep for you to be charging more than $3 for national shipping.

You can get quite a nice discount deal with various shippers, if you’re worried about not being able to get costs down. Even using third party logistics companies could work well for you – navigating away from the mainstream delivery has a high chance of saving you some pennies, so don’t be afraid to use a different shipment company to get your products out there.

Are You Offering the Right Rewards?

Finally, your customers may feel their loyalty is unrewarded, and thus, they stop shopping with you and go somewhere they feel appreciated. And this could be solved with a simple rewards program! Money off coupons, free products upon collecting enough stamps, etc. These are all viable options to keep your market interested.

Make sure your customers are getting what they deserve from you. Guarantee a good experience and they’ll come back for more.

Ways That You Can Improve Your Customer Care With Technology

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Care|Ways That You Can Improve Your Customer Care With TechnologyWhen it comes to technology, there are a number of ways that it can benefit your company. You can use less paper – good for the environment and also for the state of your office! – and you can make a lot of processes within your office run a whole lot more efficiently. But it can also benefit your customers, thereby raising your standard of customer care. Here are a few tips on how you can do that…

You Can Provide Information Easily

Thankfully, technology has made it super easy to provide information to your customers. Your website is supposed to be your first online port of call, so make it a good one. It should be instantly clear what your product is and what it should be used for: don’t provide too much information on the first page, because people will zone out, but go into a more in depth explanation on your ‘About Us’ page. You should also make sure that you should use your site to show customers how they can easily get in contact with you through phone, email, and social media. You could also consider providing a postal address on there, although remember that if you don’t have a physical premises yet, a PO box is just fine.

You Can Give Them What They Actually Want

Using analytics software, it’s extremely easy to see what your customers want. You can see how they interact with your company through emails and newsletters that you send out, through your social media feeds, through your app, through your website, through your blog… the list is endless. You can use the data that you collect to analyse what your customers prefer, meaning that you can provide more of that to them instead of irrelevant and boring information that will annoy and frustrate them. Figuring out what the customers want means that you can provide this information to your sales team, who will be able to target them and provide them with the exact services and products that they actually desire.

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Care|Ways That You Can Improve Your Customer Care With TechnologyYou Can Connect With Them Over Social Media

Social media has made building a relationship with your clients easier than it ever has been before. You need to consider exactly what sort of company voice you want to use: a lot of businesses settle on a business-like but friendly tone, but if you’re aiming at a younger market then you could also look into hiring a social media expert who speaks the language of memes and emojis in a way that can connect to younger people. You can demonstrate through your social media that you answer questions, that you’re always available, and that you provide simple solutions to any problems that people might have. Keep calm, don’t interact with trolls, and make sure that you post regularly.

You Can Keep Their Data Secure

Security is something that is hugely important to everyone, and technology can thankfully help to make sure that data is stored in a secure way, rather than on paper in filing cabinets in your office. You can encrypt data, password protect it, and make sure that only certain people can access it. This is particularly important when it comes to personal information like contact addresses and numbers, and even more so, payment methods.

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Care|Ways That You Can Improve Your Customer Care With TechnologyYou Can Outsource To Speciality Companies

Not everyone is completely adept at using technology, and if that sounds familiar, remember there’s absolutely no shame in outsourcing. A copywriter for your website blog is a great idea, a social media expert for your Twitter feed, and an IT company to run your IT services. It’s a good idea to hire a company that’s specific to the field that you work in: for example, a healthcare IT expert will have different skills from a company that’s used to running small online stores. Outsourcing can be difficult if you’re used to running a company mostly by yourself, but remember that you didn’t start your business to struggle with computers, with payroll, with other aspects of the business that you can’t quite get your head around – there’s no shame in enlisting experts to make those aspects of your company as good as possible.

You Can Ask For Their Opinions

Technology makes it incredibly easy to ask your customers for their opinions. You can post polls on Instagram to see what lipstick shade you could bring out, or you could make it more serious and send out surveys to see how your customer service is rated after people buy products and services from you.

It’s never been easier to build great relationships with your customers – technology has made it incredibly fast and simple to reach out to people and to provide them with what they need.

Customer Service Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Service|Customer Service Mistakes Your Business Might Be MakingCustomer service is the backbone of any successful business. No matter how great your product may be, it will struggle to sell if your customer service skills are lacking. Treating customers the right way is often the difference between getting good reviews and earning brand loyalty, and consumers avoiding your company altogether. The trouble is, no business is perfect, and mistakes are often made. With that in mind, here are six customer service errors to avoid.

Skimping On Staff Training

You can’t expect your customer service staff to deliver quality service if they have no training. It doesn’t matter whether you have three or three hundred staff members, you must train all of them to do their jobs. This training should be an ongoing and dynamic process to allow your staff to work their very best. If you can’t train your employees yourself, then bring in an expert to do so.

Failing To Keep Promises

When you make a promise to a customer, you must make sure that you deliver on it. For those offering a service, you should check that you have what you need to carry it out, whether that be cleaning products or commercial machine tools. Anyone with a retail business must have plenty of stock. If you break a promise you’ve made, it will damage any relationship that you have built.

Hiding Your Contact Information

Live chat, text messages, and social media have completely transformed the relationship between businesses and consumers. With these tools, you can offer customers a much greater convenience than ever before. The trouble is, many companies forget to display their contact details or purposefully hide them. Doing this will frustrate customers and cause suspicion.

Forgetting Self-Service Options

While it’s essential to be available to customers, you must understand that not all of them will want to contact your business. After all, customer service lines are infamous for their high charges and long wait times. Thankfully, you can help customers help themselves. A FAQ page is a common feature on company websites, as are user manuals, buying guides, and videos.

Ignoring All Customer Feedback

When a customer takes the time to leave you feedback, you must make sure that you read and respond to it. Although no entrepreneur likes to read a negative review, this sort of feedback is beneficial. You wouldn’t know where you needed to improve without it. Listen to all you are told and assure customers that you’ll get back to them if you don’t have a solution right away.

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article |Customer Service|Customer Service Mistakes Your Business Might Be MakingRude Behavior Of Employees

There is no excuse for rude behavior. As frustrating as it can be dealing with a problematic customer, arguing back will only make the situation worse. This is something that all well-trained customer service employees should already know. Customers won’t tolerate rudeness from your staff, so you shouldn’t either. If you believe an employee made a mistake, then tell them that they did.

Without customers, your business has nothing. To treat yours right, make sure that you avoid the mistakes listed above.

Benefits of Private Yacht Charter – Exclusive for On-The-Water Cruising Experience

StrategyDriven Talent Management Article | Benefits of Private Yacht Charter - Exclusive for On-The-Water Cruising ExperienceYou desire an undocked, strategic customer social engagement or executive team building event on a yacht charter with private crew and explore the South of France. Antibes is popular for yachting. As it is near Nice airport, embarking and disembarking charter yacht is easy for tourists cruising towards the South. Therefore, to book a private yacht charter Antibes look for a reliable charter broker. They will even offer expert advice about the key attractions you must see, while cruising.

A private yacht charter Antibes with a whole crew offers a lot of benefits, which you will not enjoy on commercial cruise line. It will offer an exclusive and memorable relationship building meetings on-the-water.

Leave concerns on the land

Before departure, you will need to discuss meal and activities with the crew. Everything from fully stocked bad, food and beverage selection and onboard water equipment [snorkeling gear, kayaks, paddleboards, fishing tolls, etc. will be taken care of prior you arrive.


There will be no itinerary dates or durations pre-planned. The time you go island hopping and come back will depend on you. It does not matter where you desire to undock, take the pleasure in cruising personalized itinerary according to your comfort and convenience. With every sunrise new story needs to be revealed and with every sunset extraordinary memory to be created.

All access passes

With a private yacht, you can easily gain access to pristine beaches and intimate coves, which commercial cruise ships cannot. Moreover, crewed charters can access secluded anchorages and hidden harbors, which self-skippered yachts cannot. It is an all access pass enabling you to enjoy unfiltered views, fresh air and minimal distractions. You can get closer to nature in a very personal way.

No stress of packing

You are accompanied with near and dear people, so there is no concern about dressing, so all-inclusive private charter meeting becomes less stressful in terms of packing. Moreover, you will dine most of the time onboard, so you get a chance to determine the dress code.

Customized menu

With personal gourmet chef to prepare meals onboard as per your preselected menu offers the freedom to dine without any concern about picky eaters, allergies, and dietary restrictions accompanying your meeting cruise. Moreover, all the spirits and meals are selected by you in advance, so you don’t need to struggle with choosing a menu. Just relax as reservation is also not needed.

No boating experience is needed

Fortunately, with private yacht charter you get a trained crew. You don’t need any boating experience because the crew does all the tasks onboard. You enjoy the cruise and VIP services offered.

Unlimited activities

While it is warm, you can go snorkeling and explore the underwater. Take spouses and significant others kayaking or you can even enjoy a cooking class from onboard gourmet chef. The yacht will also be equipped with latest technology for entertainment. You can even plan a wild night on the shore in some foreign city and return back but let the captain and crew know about your whim. They will cooperate happily!

With private yacht charter, indulge and relish a dream meeting!

5 Signs Your Business Needs a CRM Solution

StrategyDriven Customer Relationship Management Article | CRM Software| 5 Signs Your Business Needs a CRM SolutionBuying software and changing your business processes is a major decision. The same is true if you are considering changing software tools such as adopting CRM software. After all, it affects your sales, your marketing and your service workflows. It probably costs money to implement as well. However, you may be losing money if you don’t change when your business is in dire need of Customer Relationship Management software. Here are five signs your business needs a CRM solution.

The Productivity of Your Staff is Falling

Manual processes like filling out forms and filing them or maintaining spreadsheets take a lot of time. What worked when you had a few dozen clients becomes unworkable when you have hundreds or thousands of people, and the productivity of your staff falls as they struggle to scale up inefficient systems. CRM systems replace these manual processes, automating a lot of data entry and repetitive work. The faster access to accurate data increases revenue per salesperson by forty percent. This allows the organization to grow, and CRM systems will scale much better than your paper filing system.

It can improve the productivity of the rest of the team by giving everyone a single, shared interface containing all of the relevant data. One study found that three fifths of employees say they have to search through four or more systems to find information. That’s wasted time in every case, and it can lead to mistakes. Whether your customer is placing an order, calling customer service or talking to the warranty department, all notes about the customer interactions and all of their history is available to whomever is working with them at that moment. Anyone in the organization can see where clients are in the lifecycle and know exactly what they need.

Sometimes the issue is the basic CRM system you have. Hubspot is one of the most widely used CRM tools, but it is easy to end up with it being just another database to maintain. You may need help integrating it with your website or existing databases. This is where consultants like Chief Martech Officer come in. These HubSpot experts can optimize HubSpot, making it easier to administer or create the custom reports you need. Or you may need help training staff in the proper use of Hubspot’s features, so that their productivity will hit the levels you hoped for.

You Don’t Know What Your Sales Team is Doing

If you don’t know what your sales team is doing, you probably need a CRM system. CRM systems give you visibility into the sales process. They create a centralized place where all information about their schedules and clients are, typically in easy to read dashboards. You can see how many appointments each person has and the number of prospects they’re working with. This allows you to ensure that sales leads don’t fall through the cracks, and you can hold salespeople accountable when they didn’t follow up. You’ll reduce the number of missed sales, and that will improve the bottom line.

You Don’t Know How Your Sales Team Is Performing

CRM systems eliminate tedious, manual reporting. The Customer Relationship management system will generate the reports with a few clicks, freeing up your time for the more important task of analyzing it.

CRM systems allow you to compare the performance of sales people relative to their targets. It allows you to see how your team is doing relative to department goals, and you can pull up this information at any time. It gives you the up-to-date information you need to take corrective action instead of being surprised you fell short of your goals this month.

You won’t have to worry about creating reports and trying to figure out what they mean, either. CRM systems have built-in reporting and data analysis to give you an insight into customer demographics, seasonal trends, and preferences for individual customers or entire groups. You can study the buying habits of existing customers and start to work on nurturing existing business relationships.

Customer Service is Inconsistent or Constantly Bad

If customer service is inconsistent, your organization doesn’t have a shared set of information and business processes. This means that one department may have great service but another doesn’t. And a third department may fall short of good customer service because they simply don’t have the information that they need to do the right thing. All of this contributes to low customer satisfaction. A customer relationship management system allows you to give all customer-facing employees access to all prospect and customer information, and it can be used to standardized business processes.

A side benefit of adopting a CRM system is that it ensures accountability. Customers don’t fall through the cracks because no one took responsibility for a prospect or didn’t follow up on a customer’s problems. You must implement a good CRM system to be able to work on customer experience management.

You Don’t Know What You Do and Don’t Know

How many clients do you have? Who are your clients? If you don’t know this, you may let a lead walk out the door because you didn’t take a hot lead seriously. If you are relying on a key person to know everything, you run the risk of losing information because their laptop was infected with a virus or they left the company. With a CRM system, all of the information is stored in a centralized location.

Furthermore, that data can be backed up to a safe, alternate location. You can pull reports to find out anything you need to know, and you don’t have to worry about mistakes made because people lacked the information they needed to make the right decision. You’ll also know that your departing sales team won’t leave with a list of all their customers.

CRM tools allow you to improve the customer experience and improve the bottom line. Once your business reaches a certain point, you can’t afford not to have a CRM system.