Saving Cash in 2020: Your Quick Guide

StrategyDriven Managing Your Finances Article |Saving Cash|Saving Cash in 2020: Your Quick GuideThis year is looking like a difficult one for individuals and families across the world. With millions out of work – and still more on a reduced salary, or on reduced hours – it can become difficult to make ends meet. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the ways in which you can save you, and your family, some cash – ensuring that you’re not eating into your savings during this difficult financial period. With the right preparation, you’ll be able to reduce many of your monthly costs – as you’ll see below.

Your Subscriptions

When you check through your bank statement each month, you may come to find a few recurring payments that you feel are above and beyond what you can cover at the moment. These might include exorbitant phone bills, fees for membership organizations, or subscriptions to software or services. Look up how to cancel Adobe subscriptions, and how to shut-down direct debits you’re paying in order to reduce your total expenditure every month.

Food and Drink

Next up is the cash you spend on food and drink for your family. While it’s always nice to splash out on a takeaway meal, or expensive food from restaurants and cafes, it can sometimes be a little irresponsible to do so when you’re not earning a great deal of cash. Cutting down on what you spend on food and drink – and this includes alcohol, which can be expensive – will help you save for the future in a responsible fashion.


Many families across the US pay their bills in relation to how much electricity and heating, or air conditioning, they use. In these summer months, there’s less reason than usual to use your energy up in your home: it’s warm outside without being stifling, and it’s light for most of the waking day. If you can cut down on your energy usage in your home, your bills will reduce dramatically as a result.


How much are you driving at the moment? Are you able to cut down the amount that you drive, replacing some journeys with public transport, walking, or cycling? The amount of cash you spend on gas and vehicle repairs each year can really add up, leaving you with costs of over $100 each month. If you can, attempt to leave behind some of your driving so that you’re saving this cash to put towards more valuable investments.


Finally, if you’re beginning to worry about your cash flow in the future, it’s best to begin thinking shrewdly about what you spend your cash on, and where you decide to spend your expendable income. Everyone is different, with unique luxuries and a unique spending pattern. It’s up to you to see what’s essential and what’s a luxury, and to cut out the latter in your monthly spending. You can return to that luxury spending when you’ve found financial stability once again.

Use the tips outlined in this short article to cut out a good deal of your monthly spending, helping you to achieve financial stability for yourself or for your family.