Be Good to Your Employees and They Will be Good to You

The recession we have been experiencing over the past few years has created a strong upper hand for employers across many industries. Because getting a job has been very difficult, many employers have taken advantage of the climate and chosen to offer their employees less in the way of income and benefits.

In my experience, this strategy is a short-term solution and a short-sighted approach that will lead to reduced profits and poor company morale.

Companies show how much they care about their employees when they offer and pay for a part of every employee’s health, dental and vision coverage.

For example, we had an employee whose husband was going through cancer treatment at the time our company was searching for a new insurance policy. At the time, we employed over 550 people and could save tens of thousands of dollars on new healthcare. The only problem we had was that most insurance carriers wanted to exclude our employee’s husband from the new policy, thus leaving him with COBRA or no healthcare at all. This was unacceptable to us, so we kept the policy we had and paid the additional premium until the cancer treatment was complete.

This example is part selfless and part selfish. All of our employees knew why we had made the choice to stay with our healthcare provider, and that helped to improve our corporate culture and further showed how much we care about our employees.

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Daryl Wizelman is a leadership, corporate culture, emotional intelligence, life planning and work/life balance visionary. Daryl combines his inspiring story with some practical tools which can be implemented immediately to improve the lives, careers and companies that he touches. Daryl spends his time speaking, consulting and motivating companies, associations, professional athletes, sports teams and individuals all over the world. To read Daryl’s complete biography, click here.