Ten Tips For Improving Your Online Presence This Year

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Improve Online Presence|Ten Tips For Improving Your Online Presence This YearOnline presence is a big thing for many businesses nowadays and it often contributes to the amount of success the business has, as well as helping sustain the organization for as long as possible. When you’re willing to adapt and change with the times, your company is likely to flourish and grow even more so.

If you haven’t already thought about improving your online presence this year, then now is the time to do so. Here are ten tips that will help boost your online presence.

Figure Out Who And Where Your Audience Are

Firstly, figuring out your audience is the main objective when it comes to improving your online presence. You need to figure out who it is that your audience is and where your audience is in order to properly connect with them and promote your business and its products or services.

There are some great tools and software that you can utilize in order to understand who your audience are, the behavior of your audience and where they’re likely to be. That way, you can direct your content and the right type of content to those that will engage with it the most.

Get On Social Media

Social media is the place to be when it comes to generating more of a reputation and awareness for your business, particularly when it comes to your brand. If you’re not already on some form of social media platform, then it’s better to do so now than to do so later.

There are lots of social media platforms so you may find that it’s useful to experiment with one or two until you find the right ones that suit your intentions as a business.

Hire The Experts

There are tasks and responsibilities that are important to outsource where you can. When growing your social media presence and online presence in general, you may not have all the knowledge available to do it successfully. For some, it might be that you need to hire the experts in order to make it happen.

That’s why having a digital marketing agency for example, is a great opportunity to pull in those resources that you need for certain parts of your online presence that need expert knowledge.

Focus On SEO

SEO is a big part of boosting your presence online as a business. It’s all about knowing the best forms of content, what keywords perform well to rank you higher on the search results, etc. SEO is also changing and evolving as the internet do so too.

It’s therefore useful to have a team member or outsourced agency to help with SEO and making sure it’s being done right. The use of search engine optimization is one that’s becoming increasingly focused on.

Try Out Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is something worth giving a go, especially as these influencers often have a bigger influence on their audience than some celebrities do. From micro-influencers with less than ten thousand followers to those with hundreds and thousands to millions of followers, it’s worth making use of this growing industry.

It’s also a fairly new domain for marketers to utilize and therefore it can be an affordable option for all businesses looking to promote their brand through other influential figures. As with any type of marketing, it’s good to do your research. Whilst some influencer marketing will prove plenty of ROI, others might not.

You want to find influencers who match your target audience, they post regularly and receive plenty of engagement on their posts regardless of whether they’re sponsored posts or not. The more you do your research, the more success you’re likely to have because you end up picking the right influencers for the campaign.

Maintain Your Branding

Branding is an essential part of any business because when you’re consistent with branding, more people will end up recognizing you online.

Maintaining your brand image is important and when you’re building your brand, it’s good to stay consistent. That means knowing what your brand image is from the start and sticking with it. Not many brands have rebranded and when they do, it’s usually very slight differences, especially when they’ve been operating for years. After all, you don’t want your customers to become confused or forget who you are.

Branding is critical to maintain and to continue promoting across all your platforms and channels where possible.

Interact With Your Followers

Followers are your biggest advantage when growing your online presence. The more you’re interacting with them, the more they’ll likely spread the word about your business to others that will also convert to customers. Make an effort to interact whether it’s through the comments section of your social media or from direct messages or enquiries you receive.

Create A Mailing List

A mailing list is another avenue of communication that you want to develop with your audience. There’s an exclusivity that comes with a mailing list and if you can create one and start adding to it now, who knows where it will be in a year down the line. It could become a great source of information for those who are looking for more on your business. It’s also a data source for you as a business to look at ways of interacting and nurturing these leads.

Collaborate & Promote

Collaboration and promoting yourself as a business is a big tick. When you’re working with other businesses instead of seeing them as a threat, you’re going to end up thriving! Network and get out there to help inspire and create connections that could open doors for your business.

Roll Out The Content

Finally – roll out the content. There’s no limit to how much you can be churning out on a daily business and it’s important to do so. There’s so much noise and activity online that it can be hard to stay above it all and to get noticed yourself. Generate content and don’t be afraid of putting too much out there.

What You Need To Run a Successful Marketing Campaign In Business

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Successful Marketing Campaign|What You Need To Run a Successful Marketing Campaign In BusinessSetting up and establishing your business is just one aspect of running a successful marketing campaign, when you are a business owner. Maintaining it so that you are continually successful is also necessary. You need to be able to run an efficient promotional campaign to keep your business afloat. So here are some areas in which you can use to boost your business brand.

Strong Online Presence

When a customer wants to do a quick internet search, they will type in keywords that relate to the topic or industry in which they are seeking. Google is prolific in this search as it is one of the key online search engines in which customers will use to find out more information. Therefore as an independent business you want to be at the forefront and ahead of your competitors.

Utilising the best SEO agency is a good way to get ahead of the game and ensure that your business brand is the one that clients find. The higher up the search engine list you are, the more likely a consumer will click on your business website link. With the help of the SEO experts they will endeavour to make a positive difference to your online presence.

Prominent on Social Media

Social media marketing has grown in popularity, particularly within the last ten years. If your business is not visible on at least one social media platform then it is certainly going to harm your business success. Practically everyone has a smartphone now and various social media platforms in which they are members. So in their free time they have the opportunity to scroll through these websites and are drawn to those that provide vibrant and memorable promotional campaigns.

Using social media as a marketing tool is an effective way to draw in your target audience with keywords and enticing offers. You can effectively use a social media platform as a great base to communicate with your chosen market and ensure they are aware of your business brand and ethos. With the ability to connect to such an extensive worldwide audience online, you would be foolish not to want to be present on social media.

Excellent Customer Service

Again, with a quick online search, consumers are able to detect whether your business has featured favourably amongst other clients. With many websites linking directly to Google Maps, consumers are able to write a quick review about your customer service skills and the products or services that you offer.

If you are not on top of your customer queries this can certainly work against you. All it takes is one disgruntled client to write a negative review about your business which could then influence others not to do business with you, or purchase a product. In order to prevent such a scenario you need to be efficient with providing the best customer service you can possibly provide.

7 Growth strategies to improve your bottom line

StrategyDriven Strategic Planning Article |Growth Strategy|7 Growth strategies to improve your bottom lineIn business, it’s all about profit and loss. The numbers are important.

A top line and bottom line is a form of that financial analysis. These names are quite easy to form an idea of their understanding for anyone. The top must mean something positive and the bottom must be some bad news. This presumption is not half wrong.

The top line refers to business growth. It’s a measure of a company’s ability to market and sell its products against its competitors. More revenue means that the company has more to spend on advertising, marketing and new product development.

The bottom line, on the other hand, is a company’s net income, displayed at the bottom, hence the name. It is an important indicator of overall conditions in the company’s target markets. However, mainly businesses want to improve these numbers. And by that they mean, they want to decrease the bottom line which is referencing the operational and overhead costs for the business.

Growing revenues and reducing overhead expenses is the simplest way to improve the bottom line. But a lot can be included in this one statement.

Here are some strategies that can help:

1. Adjust Pricing

A customer wants the cheapest product they can find at peak quality and businesses need revenue. There is always a place for compromise.

Re-evaluate your pricing strategy. If sales are high but revenue is low then increase the prices of products where it is fair to both the business and the consumer. If sales are low then try to analyse the reasons that can be changed and decrease the pricing where there is room.

Analyze the price margins and evaluate if the current prices are truly covering the costs of the overhead. Do periodic research on both, the product and business competitors, to keep the pricing optimum with change.

Stay competitive and aware.

2. Market Smarter, Not Harder

There are various digital marketing services today that help regulate better marketing strategies for the business. Incorporate them.

This is one way that businesses can increase both the top line and bottom line at the same time. Focus on acquiring only the best customers through social media campaigns, and stop spending money on low-value customers. Do some research, think about who is most likely to benefit from your product or service, and then consider how to reach out to that group of people. Market to those customers that will surely invest in the business, not the masses.

Segmented marketing campaigns have a better chance at bringing in customers to the business rather than untargeted trials. Marketing should always be targeted towards people who are most likely to buy the product or services and generate more sales at less cost.

3. Create Conversions

Once the digital marketing campaigns are drawing traffic to the website, the next main thing to do is to regulate the conversion rates for bottom-line growth. Not all the investment should be done on getting traffic to the page, if there is no conversion then the visits are wasted.

Make the landing pages easy to understand and engaging and cover the same points as the campaign that brought the visitor there. Ensure some or the other form of data or commitment from the visitors so that better campaigns can be channelled to them again.

Do not focus alone on getting traffic on the page, after a point those efforts should be shifted towards conversion. Know the shift, and accordingly, change.

4. Upselling and Cross-selling

Cross-selling and upselling are surely very time-consuming practices but they bring significant improvement to the bottom line. Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items.

While finalizing a deal with a new customer, suggest other products or services that the company offers that would go well with what they’ve purchased. Upselling is a little harder to do without seeming greedy so make sure to keep the main goal of providing the best value to the customers clear in mind. Customers should never feel like they’re being sold to.

Cross-selling options are a great way to bring the customer’s attention towards other products that usually complement the one in question. Showing statistics like “usually brought together” or “x% of viewers of this product also looked at this” helps convince them of the purchase subtly and also gives them a sense of community.

5. Tighten Credit terms

Credit terms are simply the time limits businesses set for the customers to pay for their merchandise or services received. These are important because cash flow is very important for a business to sustain. Longer credit terms mean the business will have to wait longer for the cash inflows.

This is why the credit terms of the business should be designed to improve cash flow. Having multiple delinquent client accounts is a sign that a company’s credit terms are too loose. This can seriously affect the bottom line and create cash flow problems.

Try revising the general terms and charging late fees or interest on unpaid invoices. Many businesses try to give customers special discounts and coupon options if they choose prepaid options or pay within a specified period through affordable instalment plans. This provides the customer with an incentive to pay quickly which in turn improves cash flow.
can also encourage clients to reliably send in a check for services rendered.

6. Automation

Sure, robots aren’t taking over yet. There are various steps in business that need improvisation so automation isn’t going to replace manual labour. But that is not to say that automation doesn’t still have many benefits that should all be taken advantage of.

It brings efficient work, integrated systems, and better processes. It reduces errors, reduces delays in the business process, improves the speed of customer service processes and helps provide the rest of the team valuable time to focus on other strategic tasks.

Whatever can be automated or outsourced to a trusted service for less money than the cost of the company’s own time should be automated. Initially, an investment in the technologies that enable automation will look like another expense, but the benefits are cumulative and businesses who embrace workflow automation can see big results in their bottom line.

7. Employee Training

With budgetary restraints, most of the time the first thing to move to the bottom of the list, if not completely off it, is employee training. An underrated protocol that businesses usually overlook. But, it has many long-term benefits that go unnoticed due to ignorance.

Having trained professional employees who know what the scope of their jobs are and who are held accountable for their productivity can save companies thousands of dollars each year. Any employee is a part of the team and should be an enthusiastic brand representative, whether in office or not. A strong training program focuses on developing functional skills, improving company processes and streamlining strategic goals.

It assists in ensuring savvy customer service representatives and productive team members. This also helps businesses to understand and track the employees that excel from the ones that may be underperforming.


Scheduling time to closely examine all company expenses and business costs can truly help realise where money can be better invested. Always calculating the return on investment for every action can truly make a difference in cutting costs and improving the bottom line.

How Social Media Benefits Your Business

When it comes to designing a fully comprehensive marketing strategy, you have to include social media. Social media has given companies a level of access into human behavior unparalleled in the world before. It also gives companies huge scope to widen their reach and attract new customers. There is also scope to use the insights you gather to create better marking material going forwards and connect with your potential customer base in a more meaningful manner. Therefore it is a vital tool for showcasing your brand and increasing awareness.

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | How Social Media Benefits Your Business

Align Messages with Core Values

Whenever you post something meaningful on social media, ensure that it relates in some way to your core values. Core values represent the underlying ethical principles of the organization. It helps if these values are present across all your campaign material and website. By using social media, you will express your key messages and communicate and connect with people from all walks of life. When people visit your website as a result of this material, they can see that you are exactly what you say you are. Having a coherent strategy is essential in order to get your messages out there and appear genuine. This builds trust, and therefore loyalty and social media is a huge asset in this way.

Boosting Brand Awareness

When you upload a post on social media, you don’t really know where it will end up. What that means is that the reach social media gives to your material is extremely large. Users have the chance to share, comment, and likes which keeps the posts relevant. You need to have a great social media strategy to keep people interested; you need images and stories to share. You need to post regularly up to three times a day to become recognizable. It takes at least seven viewings of your brand name to become a recognized brand, so you need to keep posting. But social media is a way to get your brand out there and in people’s heads.

Customer Engagement

One of the major advantages of social media is the scope it gives you to embrace customer engagement. Never has it been so easy to communicate with your potential customer base. You can talk directly to people in a fun and social way, which engenders meaningful chat. It is through this type of engagement that valuable insights can be gathered. Arguably the most important aspect is that you will really come to know your key customer type. You are likely to be engaging with people who have a stake in what you are offering, so you will be able to create an ideal customer profile through this. With this information, you can create better products and services which suit your customer’s needs better, and you can create better marketing material that powerfully speaks to these people. Customer engagement offers a whale range of other benefits, too, such as humanizing your brand and having that emotional connection. If you want more help with building this sort of engagement, why not try some community software.

GetInsta Changes the Way You Live on Instagram

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, GetInsta Changes the Way You Live on InstagramToday you can find a brand new world of influencers come out of Instagram. Every person holding an account on Instagram believes that it covers all their needs concerning information, interactions, and sales.

However, it’s becoming more and more difficult today to attract new followers, not to say free Instagram followers or likes. People start to find new ways to increase their fans. That’s why Instagram followers apps such as GetInsta have become one of the world’s most renowned applications that work in all smartphones.

In this article, we will discuss the Instagram platform deeper and also give you some fresh ideas about how you can become more popular on it. Let’s dive right in.

How Instagram Interacts With Our Need for Information?

People used to need information ever since the first newspaper has been invented and introduced to primary societies. That information should be as objective as it can to ensure that all people enjoy the same level of joy and happiness. Even after the TV era, Instagram has been one of the most popular social media to interact with others and learn about what is going on in the world.

Most Instagram users are reluctant to check their news feed on other sites due to biased results. The need for an objective source of information that bases its culture on the image is what Instagrammers are looking for. People who have seen Instagram influencers before state that the power of images and videos overcomes any difficulty in language and location.

There is also a covered need on the part of the influencers to promote new services and goods. That is included in the mainstream marketing abilities and gives us more incentives to attract followers online. Having an application like the GetInsta to offer you increased value information about the location and preferences of your audience places you in a dominant position.

More Instagram Likes Mean More Money?

Likes are what make the world turn around on Instagram. There is no way to have a successful Instagram account when you have fewer free Instagram likes and interactions throughout the day. That’s why you need to be always on top of things and run surveys about your audience’s needs and preferences. Marketers always like to invest their money on Instagram account with a wide followers’ base and many likes.

Like is the well-known heart symbol that makes the Instagram experience a lot more fascinating. People like to give hearts to the images and videos Instagram influencers upload, which is the fuel for growth. More followers can give you extended satisfaction and an increased money flow to your account.

How Can Applications Like GetInsta Charge You Less for More?

The GetInsta application is easy to download to any smartphone or tablet. It gets on well with all operating systems, especially the popular Android and IOS. You also need less memory space to store the application and start using its friendly interface. You only need to identify the logo of this app and always paste it as wallpaper to the main operating screen of your smartphone.

The basic features of the application are always offered for free. Besides offering you the ability to get Instagram followers free, It also takes you millions of interactions before you actually start paying for these services. The return on your investment would then become massive and give you more incentives to start spending on these apps. As a paid member, you will have access to metrics and analytics about your Instagram account and its potential to penetrate different markets. After all, it’s worth paying for an application that shows you the daily trends and gives you more weapons to be competitive in the world market. That’s why the applications are now becoming more organized and well-structured to serve the upraise in local and global demand.

GetInsta Is Your Guide to Instagram Supremacy

Have you ever thought about why some Instagram accounts fail? They usually belong to the ones that have no connection to the Instagram applications like the GetInsta. There is no way to become profitable when you don’t use the right applications. Having your followers loyal is more important than attracting dozens of new ones throughout the day. It would be best to see fewer unfollow messages, which could only happen when you know what to serve your followers.

With GetInsta, you can proactively monitor all your followers and find the right way to interact with them on a stable and permanent basis. People who look at your account daily do so because they like your content. If you lack fresh ideas, then you should rely on the information coming from the GetInsta application that has taken the market by storm. It would help if you had a correct idea of your audience’s needs and how you will make your pics and videos more appealing for those people. It’s the application that makes you more profitable in the long run!