How You Can Make Money From Your Love Of Travel

StrategyDriven Entrepreneurship Article |Love of Travel|How You Can Make Money From Your Love Of TravelImagine how amazing it would be to get paid to travel or share your love of travel by assisting others with their trips. The Internet and digital technologies have made it possible to build a business around your lifestyle, including travel, from anywhere you can get online.

So, pack your belongings and set out into the sunset with these ways of making money from your love of travel.

Become a travel photographer

You do not need to be the next David Bailey to make money with travel photography these days. As long as you have a good eye and an interest in photography, you can probably make some money. Even with a decent smartphone, you can capture professional images suitable for online sales. There are even stock photography firms that specialize in smartphone photography. There are numerous ways to monetize your travel photographs, including:

  • Offering your photography services in a variety of locations. A private vacation photographer is a highly sought-after service.
  • Selling travel image downloads or licensing them for use directly from your website.
  • Selling images to stock photo agencies such as Adobe Stock or Getty Images. It is a good idea to look at their sites to see what kind of imagery sells well and use that as a benchmark.

Develop language courses and tutorials

For a long time, teaching English as a second language has been a popular way to earn money while traveling. It is an industry that has not only withstood the test of time but also continues to thrive. The internet’s brilliance is that courses can be taught online to students all over the world. You can not only offer live online classes, but you can also provide language practice and video tutorials on your website. You might even have other languages in addition to English that you could teach to ex-pats in a particular location.

For example, let’s assume that you are visiting France, and are already fluent in the language. It is somewhere that you love, so you decided to stay there for a while. It is a great opportunity to not only explore the area and immerse yourself thoroughly in the culture but also enable you to make connections with the local ex-pat community. You could offer classes in conversational language while you are there, allowing you to earn some money. Many ex-pats are not just looking to learn in a formal sense, but want to develop their conversational skills.

Social media is an excellent tool for connecting with locals and offering your services. You can continue to provide your services after you leave by offering online classes, practice videos, and virtual social gatherings.

Sell travel-related products

Because you enjoy traveling, one of the best ways to profit from your hobby is to sell items that make travel more convenient for the traveler. Dropshipping is one of the simplest ways for the traveler to accomplish this. You might want to narrow your focus and decide on the type of traveler you want to target. Once you have determined your market, select products that meet their travel requirements.

While there are many different types of travelers, they can generally be divided into three categories: business travel, leisure travel, and adventure travel. Full-time travelers have created their own culture and often have their own ways of doing things. You could sell neck pillows for airplanes, suitcase organizers, travel laptop cases, and other items to business and leisure travelers. Backpacks, head torches, and hiking boots are common items for adventurers.

The greatest feature about this particular travel commercial venture is that dropshipping allows you to sell products without having to physically have them, allowing you to continue with your own travel adventures and dealing with orders from your smartphone or internet device. Dropshipping companies will ship your products to your customers directly. All you need to do is promote them online.

Become a travel agent or consultant

Over the last few years, major travel agencies have struggled to keep their heads above the water, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that does not mean there are not customers out there who could use some assistance in planning their vacations and finding the best deals. If you are a seasoned traveler, you are likely to have some valuable knowledge to share with other travelers. As a result, you could offer those services as a travel consultant. Alternatively, train as an independent travel agent and make money by booking travel for people. Your own personal recommendations and advice will be a valuable asset.

Become a translator

You might be able to start a business as a translator if you have had the opportunity to travel to different countries and learn other languages. In a variety of languages, you can translate anything from books to documents. And that is often something you can do remotely, allowing you to work from anywhere.

Look at public speaking gigs

If you have valuable expertise in a particular field and the ability to share that expertise at various conferences and events, public speaking can be a lucrative job. You can offer your speaking services to people all over the world and then use those encounters to travel to new and exciting places.

Start a travel blog

If you want to be a travel blogger, having a passion for travel is a must. You can start your own blog about all of your travel adventures or put together guides and tips based on your experiences to start a travel blogging business.

Become a freelance travel writer

Travel writing and blogging are alike in many aspects. The distinction is that in travel writing, your articles are sold to another magazine or blog. There are numerous magazines, both online and offline, that will not only pay for your piece but may even cover the cost of your trip. In addition, some publishers hire writers to write travel books. The most difficult aspect of becoming a freelance travel writer is finding work. Because this job, like most freelance writing jobs, has peaks and troughs, you may well have to adjust to a feast or famine lifestyle. In addition, you must follow the wishes of the editors, which may differ from your own.

Work on a cruise ship

Working on a cruise ship is a dream job for anyone who enjoys traveling. You make a living by traveling the world while receiving free food and lodging. There are opportunities for people of all backgrounds to work on one of these floating resorts, whether you work in the restaurants, a shop assistant, a cleaner, or a performer in the cruise’s entertainment squad. It is a great way to see lots of the world, get paid, make friends and have lots of fun.

Become a tour guide

You should live in or near a tourist destination if you want to work as a tour guide from home. However, your tour service does not have to be limited to history. Ghost tours are available in many historic towns. Alternatively, if you have beautiful outdoor areas, you can organize spectacular scenery hikes or bird tours. Food tours can be organized if you know the best places to eat.

Set up online courses

You can use the internet to teach people almost anything anywhere. You can create online courses in departments such as business and social media. You could also get more specific and teach people how to save money on travel. Even if your chosen topic has nothing to do with travel, you can set up and manage your online courses from virtually anywhere that you can get an internet connection.

House or pet sitting

Many people would rather have someone look after their homes or pets while they are away. So, if you want to travel while earning money, you could offer your services as a housesitter in all of the places you want to visit.

Online freelancing

Do you want to live as a digital nomad, traveling around the world and working? It is much easier than you think, kudos to freelancing systems like Upwork, People Per Hour, and Fiverr, where you can apply for jobs from clients across the globe. All you need to start is a provable skill in a coveted area. Winning projects can be difficult, especially if you do not have a solid history, but after a few jobs and positive reviews on your profile, you should be able to find a continuous trickle of work. Web design and development, internet research, data entry, graphic design, content writing, and translation and editing are some of the most financially rewarding freelancing fields.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can make money and capitalize on your love of travel. A sense of adventure, the wherewithal to take risks, and an internet connection can mean the world is quite literally your oyster.

Do you have any ideas to add to this list?

The Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Travel Jobs|The Best Jobs For People Who Love To TravelBeing trapped behind a desk or in a cubicle every single day can be incredibly tedious, especially when you’re dreaming of adventures in far off places. Most people get a break from this monotony for only a few weeks a year when they head off on vacation. They spend the rest of their days getting work done and wishing they had the opportunity to explore those foreign places better. If you’re not happy with this life, then don’t settle for it. Instead, find a way to turn traveling into a career. With that in mind, here are thirteen of the best jobs for people who love to travel.

1. Pilot

Everywhere you go, people will give you reasons not to become a pilot. They’re quick to list the hardships and misfortunes that pilots have to face, as well as the dangers of the role. However, deep down, everyone knows that being able to fly is incredibly cool. What’s more, you’ll earn a good income from it. The training required to become a pilot is extensive, but the benefits are clear. Along with the money and cool points, you’ll get to explore new places almost every day.

2. Flight Attendant

Not everyone is cut out for the life of a pilot. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still work on airplanes. As a flight attendant, you will be responsible for the comfort and safety of every passenger onboard your flight. This means checking that the emergency equipment is working and that you have plenty of food and beverages. The requirements for being a flight attendant do vary between airlines, but you must be able to stand for long hours and reach the overhead bins.

3. Cruise Ship Worker

Being scared of flying shouldn’t hold you back from traveling or making money from it. If the air isn’t for you, then you could see the world from the water instead. Cruise ship jobs have a reputation for being some of the best in the world. There aren’t many careers that offer free room and board, as well as a competitive salary and the opportunity to see the world and meet new people every day. This might seem a perfect job, but it does require long hours and hard work.

4. Travel Agent

For a long time, the travel agency industry declined, as people began going online to book their own vacations. Over the past few years, however, it has made a comeback, mostly thanks to its expertise and solid reputation. The requirements to become a travel agent aren’t as strict as many travel-related careers. However, there is training that you must undergo. As a travel agent, you might receive discounts on travel, as well as opportunities to travel abroad for work.

5. Writer

Writing is a job that isn’t restricted to any one place. You can write from anywhere in the world, and travel as you do so. Some people even choose to use travel as inspiration for their writing. You could write a non-fiction book about a destination, for example, or a novel set in the country you’re exploring. Alternatively, you could create a travel blog. It can take time to make money from blogging, but quality posts and a blogging schedule will help you to grow your audience.

6. Tour Guide

Imagine roaming the streets of Paris or canals of Venice while making money by sharing your love of travel with like-minded people. As a tour guide, you can travel wherever you want to, sharing your passion for wanderlust with others on vacation. All you need for this job is local knowledge, and the confidence to share it with a large group of people. A lot of tour guides work as freelancers, but there are companies out there that hire guides to run their travel programs.

StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Travel Jobs|The Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel 7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do administrative work for small businesses and start-up companies. While this is typically done at home, there’s no reason why you can’t work from wherever you choose to. As long as you have a laptop, reliable internet, and phone connection, you even can do this job while you travel. Many businesses will allow you to set your own hours, but others expect you to be available during certain times of the day, so bear this in mind when you start.

8. Truck Driver

Fans of road trips should consider a career as a truck driver. When working as a long-haul driver, you will deliver cargo from one destination to another. Depending on the company that you work for, this might mean traveling to other countries. From mountain peaks to shorelines and everything in between, you will see plenty of landscapes as you travel, as well as architectural gems. You might not have much time to explore, but you won’t be stuck behind a desk.

9. Photographer

As important as it may be to remain in the moment, we all take photographs when we’re on vacation. Rather than keeping these to yourself, you could upload them to stock photo websites. Once approved on these sites, you will earn a sum of money every time someone uses one of your pictures. The trouble is, this is unlikely to make you enough not to work elsewhere. Rather than take up an unrelated job, you could work as a photographer for destination weddings too.

10. English Teacher

We all have knowledge or a skill that we can teach to someone else. When your first language is English, and you are familiar with basic teaching skills, you can teach English abroad. To be able to do so, however, you will need a degree and some teaching experience. As long as you meet these requirements, finding work should be relatively easy. Those that would prefer not to spend all day in a classroom can opt for a part-time position or teach over the internet.

11. International Aid Worker

Although it can be, travel doesn’t just have to be about having fun. No matter where you are in the world, you can make a positive difference in people’s lives too. All over the globe, there are people in dire need of help, due to famines, wars, and natural disasters. As an international aid worker, you would be able to assist these people. While there are lots of volunteer options out there, some organizations offer housing and a full salary for those that work for them.

12. Au Pair

While most common in European countries, like France, there are jobs for au pairs all over the world. Being similar to the responsibilities of a nanny, as an au pair, you would have to take care of the children of the family that you work for. You might have to prepare their meals, help them with their homework, and take them on days out. In exchange, the family would give you a free room and board. Some au pairs earn a small salary too, as well as other perks, like vacations.StrategyDriven Professional Development Article |Travel Jobs|The Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

13. Bartender

You can find bars, nightclubs, and restaurants all over the world, with the job descriptions for bartenders being the same nearly everywhere you go. You’ll find it much easier to secure a work opportunity in popular tourist spots, regardless of your experience. That being said, the more experience you have under your belt, the more opportunities will open up to you. Speaking the language will come in handy too, so you might want to attend a few language classes.

If you dream of exploring the world, then ditch your desk job and make a career out of traveling.