5 Simple Ways to Ecommerce Business Growth

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Ecommerce Business Growth|5 Simple Ways to Ecommerce Business GrowthAmong many ways to improve your online business and stand out from the crowd, some can be very pricey and difficult. That’s why we prepared a list of simple tasks you could implement on your eCommerce site without investing too much money and time. In this article, we will present 5 easy and relatively inexpensive ways to increase traffic and increase income from eCommerce.

By running an eCommerce business, you probably have realized how difficult it is to break through the crowd of your competitors.

Among many ways to improve your online business and stand out from the crowd, some can be very pricey and difficult. That’s why we prepared a list of simple tasks you could implement on your eCommerce site without investing too much money and time.

In this article, we will present 5 easy and relatively inexpensive ways to increase traffic and increase income from eCommerce.

1. Fix UX (User Experience) Mistakes

You can’t imagine how much income e-commerce platforms are losing, simply because somewhere at some stage there are UX (User Experience) mistakes that prevent customers from smoothly browsing products or even shopping! Although most online stores currently use platforms such as Magento or Shopify, it does not mean that your store is always intuitive and hassle-free.

Sometimes you wonder if changing the eCommerce platform, re-design, or some UX solutions in your online store will increase your sales. The answer is yes, but only if they are based on analytics and research, not just your own intuition. What managers may consider to be the right direction must always be verified in analytical data. Most stores use tools such as Google Analytics or HotJar to analyze the behavior of their customers. The analysis of such studies can really tell you a lot.

However, rather than engaging in costly changes, simply listen to your clients and pay attention to the problems they encounter. Focus on the checkout experience first: how smooth it is, how much time it takes, does it fails on some devices. Remember that the majority of your client will use mobile devices and not desktops. Never ignore what your clients say. Fix these problems so that the sale in your store is always as intuitive as possible!

2. Optimize Your Website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While major changes to your platform can be costly and time-consuming, there is nevertheless something you can implement quickly and with much less effort. This is the optimization of your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Never miss an opportunity to analyze and correct errors that lead to poor visibility of your content in search engines like Google. When necessary, hire an SEO specialized agency to analyze your website and carefully analyze the report. Implement their recommendations quickly, remembering that time is against you. SEO errors can be fixed quickly but their effects disappear slowly from the search engines. The sooner you fix them, the better.

3. Add Good Photos and Descriptions.

Good photos are essential for e-commerce sales. Remember that they should be of very good quality, they must show the product in a clear and descriptive way and should look attractive. Customers buy your products by looking at their photos. Do not forget about it!

In a world focused on images, we used to forget how important the word is. Make sure that the text information, namely descriptions on your website is correct, clear, and interesting for the readers. Good descriptions are not only a pleasure to read and drive the reader’s attention but are also unique content in search engines. Both your SEO and your customers will benefit from it.

4. Run Promotions and Giveaways.

Promotions are an easy and inexpensive way to increase your sales. It’s just like the best way to get your existing customers to spend a few dollars more. Why? Because they use the element of luring customers with the charm of getting something special, so important for our psyche.

There are many types of promotions that you can apply on your platform, and since you are already running your business, you must know a lot of them. Use promo codes, do not forget about specific occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mother’s Day, or others when everyone is shopping and looking for some great deals.

Consider organizing sweepstakes or giveaways with prizes for new or existing customers. Goods from your online store will be the excellent prizes themselves but consider also giving away something unique. Customized promo sets with some personalized touch will grab even more attention!

You can use the Socialman giveaway app to organize a contest on any platform of your store. Socialman can be installed on any website and works as a widget. This application runs competitions like quizzes or polls but also uses users’ activities on the most popular social media as entry methods. It will give you an additional boost in the form of a viral effect for your brand

5. Grow from Referrals and Affiliate Marketing

To increase your sales, you should also consider participating in partnerships, partnering with social media influencers, and the use of affiliate marketing tools. Particularly 2022 has seen the incredible rise of cashback platforms, which also give a lot of opportunities for eCommerce businesses.

Did you ever use any of them? Not yet? Then it’s a great time to check whether they work for your brand and increase your sales. I bet they will!

Wrap it Up

Like any activity, eCommerce is subject to trends. Being at the forefront of trends is not only an option, it is simply necessary. But among many trends, these five simple ways to grow your e-commerce business should never be ignored. Go ahead and boost your sales!

How to Start Your Own Online Business?

StrategyDriven Starting Your Business Article |Start your online business|How to Start Your Own Online Business?It is never too late to start afresh! Considering the experience your business has, this time leaves no space for mistake. Online business requires strong determination, as there are certain risk factors. The completion is tough. Among almost 1 billion websites, if you want to set an example, you must be organized, disciplined, and strategic. When you are sure about your business domain, consult the best eCommerce development service to get your job done.

We, at StrategyDriven, help you to adopt the pre-eminent format and objectives to guide you through your journey. The foundation of your business is the website you conduct. Best eCommerce development company caters you a list of advancement like:

  • Advance technology Suppor
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Enhance conversion rate
  • Promote brands and services online
  • Focuses user experience
  • Agile networking
  • Smooth functionalities
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Online marketing
  • SEO optimization

Before you dive into the market, get a detailed analysis of the present market trends. Keep an eye on the contemporary business propensities to have a clear idea about how to start your journey? Success needs a lot of dedication and persistent effort if you are ready to endure all the ups and downs, let’s not waste any more time and give it a try. Take a glance at the steps to earn a long time success!

A Consolidate Business Idea

Entrepreneurs leap towards branding and web development first before having a healthy business plan. Sit with some experienced business personalities or go through the portfolios of a top business tycoon. It is equally important to know your potential before you start mapping the boundaries. Ask yourself, can your business run solely online? Online learning or other SAAS business do not require to have the physical infrastructure, but, eCommerce platforms requires shipping and physical setups.

Validation is essential

When you are confident about your business goals and infrastructure, get validation from an expert hand. The initial days of your business might not be too hectic, as you would not have enough customers. At this stage focus your attention to gauge the comments of potential visitors of your landing page. If the business concept neglects the primary pitfalls, you will lose your place in the long run. Organize a digital survey to acknowledge your loopholes. Try to enlarge the email list and send them questions. This feedbacks can do wonder to introduce new possibilities on your websites.

Understand Technologies Suits Your Business

You are going step in a tech-oriented world. Running an online business demands you to know specific technical jargon at least from the surface. You know your potential and successfully mapped up the objectives. It’s time to understand with technology, that can do wonder in your business. There is no doubt in saying that the best eCommerce service takes this responsibility; however, there is no harm to know on your own.
For an eCommerce business, it is best to choose Shopify, for content management WordPress. Investing in a web designing firm is a good option, but it is better to build out the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) site first, it might not be perfect, but you can test your hypothesis.

  • Build a cross-platform mobile-friendly website.
  • Do not trap your website with terrible stock photos that can hinder performance. The 1997-esque image would not do any favor.
  • A blog page is essential for all industry types. Publish informative blog weekly-basis that serves the queries of a broad audience.
  • FAQs are essential for a better understanding of your brand and services.
  • Keep the ‘contact and email us’ part visible, so that customers find it easy to reach you. Using ‘pop-ups’ is also a good choice.

Set Up Your Website

Once you are done with the previous steps, you are ready to move forward. This is the most crucial stage of your online business. Never compromise with quality over expense and time. It takes a few days of effort to develop a website; this choice can make or break your business. All website development company promises you quality and efficiency. Be wise to go for the one who can serve better service according to your business domain. If you are looking for an online eCommerce platform, it is better to for expertise which meets your goal.

  • Do market research and examine the companies portfolios then choose the right one
  • Spend a fair amount of time with the management and explain to them what features are trending in the market that suits your budget.
  • Confirm how efficient they are to support our platform.
  • Make sure to have a straightforward UX design for better customer experience.
  • Focus on the content and graphic, especially on the landing page.
  • Try not to put complex features for online payment options.
  • The website should be storefront and customer-friendly.

Spend on SEO

Here comes the competition! No matter how advanced your website is, how coveted your brand or service is, if you cannot go with SEO, there is no success. Success comes with mastering the technicalities of search engine optimization. There is no point to appear at the fifth or sixth page of the search result. No customer spares a time to navigate your site. Either you stand at the first page, or you forget optimization. It requires high skills and deliberate research.

  • Google change their SEO rules and regulations frequently, so stay updated with that.
  • The content of your website should be clear to the audience and try out keyword-based meta titles and descriptions for your website.
  • Do not compromise with speed. It reduces half of the burden of SEO. Google never rank a website having 2.05 secs or more loading time.

Many established business owners struggling hard to keep up their position in a search result. Industries invest vast capital in digital marketing agencies, and some choose to acquire their strategies on their own. Remember, SEO helps your business to generate more traffic; therefore, it increases the conversion rate.

Maintaining Your Business

Shift your focus now from the foundation to legal matters. Go through online business laws. It generally comprises of the security of the customers’ data and securing your business position. Decide how would you set up the legal structure. You can register your business through an LLC form. There are specific state-related requirements that may vary. Visit the local secretary of state office’s website for detailed information.

Now, you are ready to go ahead. In every online business, setting up sounds relatively easy, then maintaining it with real dedication. You can take the help of experts. Visit our website to check the business plan at small, medium, and big budgets. A professional business plan helps you to reframe the loopholes of strategies

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